First meeting

Mira had made her way around the room finding her way to the corner of a couch. This modern Jazz was about 300 years out of her taste. It was nice and she did enjoy the flavor of it. She watched the game being played and all the moving parts of it.

She watched as Quinn came over. Dark hair, dark eyes, attitude of a predator, a little bit of
"Hello. Mira, isn't it? I'm Quinn. I suppose I should say I'm Primogen Quinn of the Brujah but it seems very formal." She paused. "So, how are liking your first party here?"

Mira bowed slightly and said in her Russian accent, “Turfanova Mira Inanovana, and I do go by Mira.”
She sipped blood from the glass and smiled.
“It is quite an enjoyable and enlightening party, Primogen,” she said with a polite smile. That being a Tremere way of saying the party was “fine.”
She straightened her dress so it fell just right.

Mira was watching the games - the friendships and rivalries.

“I am looking forward to becoming established here. New Orleans, has such a rich history tied to fashion and so many mystical things,” she said.

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