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Summary: Beautiful, superficial, searching

Lillian Foster (AKA The Rose of The French Quarter)

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Gender: Female

Age: 24 at time of embrace. 120 years old

Group: Toreador


American. Her ancestry she doesn't get into thinking it no longer matters.


Alluring: she is not just beautiful but extremely good at faking interests. She commands a presence in a room. She though has no real interest in being in charge or political things, she mostly uses it to get humans to come home with her or vampires to come to her parties.
Wealthy: She has a high level of assets and owns a large old plantation house.
High status: She is not just of an upper-level clan but she has the parties where the elite congregate. She also knows humans of the upper crust who invite her to parties as she is somewhat known in those circles as well. She makes an excellent go-between with humans and vampires.
Eat Food: She can eat food. She gains no nutrients from doing so but it comes in handy when being around humans to keep the Masquerade in place. However, she can not digest the food so she is careful to not eat very much, even with this the food has to be thrown up after a certain amount of time.
Believable Backstory: She had a backstory for humans that us easily believed.
Negotiation: She is good at negotiating prices for things and because she has a varied collection of things this has come in handy.
Appraisal: She is very skilled at knowing what something is worth and whether or not something is fake. Whether or not she calls out a fake depends upon the status the other vampire has and whether or not she likes them. She does use this ability more to not be sold fakes.
Sculpting, drawing, photography, fashion design, dancing, modeling: All things she's good at and has done at various points in her life.
Auspex: (Advanced) Grants the vampire supernatural senses
Celerity: ( Advanced) This allows the vampire to move at supernatural speed.
Obfuscate: (average) This allows vampires to conceal themselves
Presence: (Advanced) supernatural allure and emotional manipulation which allows Kindred to attract, sway, and control crowds.


The Toreador have no formal overarching hierarchy. Ad-hoc gatherings called "affairs of the clan" are called, with no mandatory attendance though most turn out for them. These can range from parties, dinners, art showing, or actual meetings.

The Toreador of a city organizes themselves into Guilds. While this has something of an artistic ring to it, most Toreador in the city are members, whether they are Poseurs or Artistes (see below). The head of the Guild is typically the oldest and most influential Toreador within the city, with the other members forming a complicated stratified social system, the rules of which boggle many an outsider.

The clan itself has two divisions. The Artistes consist of the sculptors, the painters, the musicians, and the writers. They consider themselves to be the "real" Toreador as inheritors of the Clan's original values and goals. The Poseurs make up the other faction – they can include the failed artists (or those that happened to be Embraced while their sire was riding a particular fad), as well as the professional critics and those who consider their bodies to be their life's masterpiece. It should be noticed that neither group has a nickname for themselves – they tend to be only flung at the opposing faction as a derisive epithet.


Flaws: She only finds things of beauty worth her time. She won't even feed from people she doesn't consider beautiful.
Driving goal: she wants to possess the ultimate in beautiful in all forms of art, poetry, music, people, it's an obsession which has led to her house being full of various collections.
Aesthetic Fixation: The Toreador exemplify the old saying that art in the blood takes strange forms. They desire beauty so intensely that they suffer in its absence. While your character finds themselves in less than beautiful surroundings, lose the equivalent of their Bane Severity in dice from dice pools to use Disciplines.

Obsession: enraptured by beauty, the vampire becomes temporarily obsessed with a singular gorgeous thing, able to think of nothing else. Pick one feature, such as a person, a song, an artwork, blood spatter, or even a sunrise. Enraptured, the vampire can hardly take their attention from it, and if spoken to, they only talk about that subject. Any other actions receive a two-dice penalty. This Compulsion lasts until they can no longer perceive the beloved object or the scene ends.

Physical Appearance

Dark hair, piercing dark eyes, her body is an hourglass. Standing at about 5'9". She looks like a model that stepped off the runway. Even her casual clothes are always at the height of fashion not that she's seen out often in casual clothes.

Personality and interests

Lillian (Lily) has a variety of hobbies and skills which she has used various times depending on what her interest is at that moment. Many of her skills have been in the art world of various forms. She likes to stay busy doing things that bring more beauty into her life or the world. She is known for holding elaborate and exclusive parties at her home. Some parties she only invites vampires though she takes her cue from the Prince and his court on who to invite; the more welcoming the prince the more likely she is to invite lower clans. She also holds the occasional party for humans or both groups just for her own sense of pleasure.
She is interested in all forms of art but her own skills are more in the visual arts though she has a pleasant singing voice and was a dancer for a time.
She is superficial in her outlook and finds things not of her standing to not be worth her time.

Collecting various things. Her house is full of collections or things she considers beautiful. She doesn't have just one collection but many all organized depending on the room. Her house is huge though so it's not cramped.
She always has human ghouls with her, they are always attractive. She's had as many as four at one time but currently has two, one male and one female.


Lillian was raised in the small town of Pine Bush, NY her father, whom she was close to, died when she was 10, of tuberculous. Her mother fell into a deep depression and took to the bottle as a form of self-medication. Her mother wasn't a mean drunk but she was drunk all the time and therefore couldn't support her and her daughter. It was hard enough being a single mother in the early 1900s but being one without a job was impossible and at the age of 14, Lillian was sent to live with her aunt and uncle.
They were a childless couple and while her aunt, who was her mother's sister, was nice. 'The uncle was fairly mean to her; he was very strict and thought girls, if not displined a lot, would grow up to be "wild". It wasn't that uncommon in that time but Lillian hated it, especially, after being in charge of herself.
She asked to go back to live with her mother and her aunt and uncle were willing to let this happen except then the call came saying her mother had died. "Drunk herself to death" was what Lillian was told. She was 16.
Her aunt and uncle wanted to marry her off; she was beautiful after all and should have no problem finding a husband. They weren't wrong in that last part as most of the boys in town wanted to know Lillian.
Lillian though had other ideas. She wanted to study art, maybe work her way through art school as a dancer or art model. Her uncle would just punish her whenever she brought up the idea and so when she turned seventeen she ran away, figuring she would just be on her own if that's what it took.
She took to New York and easily found a job as a dancer in a club. They were far more interested in her beauty than her dancing skills but having both didn't hurt.
For a few years, she worked with no issues in this club, however, then the 18th amendment passed and Prohibition started in January of 1920. The club she was working at shut down. Fortunately, for her, an artist had taken a liking to her and asked her to be his model.
His name was Raphel and she was drawn to his artistic talent. For the first few years, they lived as one would suspect struggling artists would. She would model for him, he would teach her more about art and about other things. They quickly became lovers. About the third year of their relationship, after rejection after rejection of his artwork Raphel found solace in the bottle, then to drugs heron was a particular favorite of his. Lillian stayed with Raphel through that but when he started bringing home other women that were the last straw and she left him, thankful she had never married him.
She went to Atlantic City, NJ, after hearing about the many speakeasies and all the artists that seemed to be going there. She, once again, got a job as a dancer in one of the more established speakeasies. She was 23 at this point. She spent the next few months with her days spent doing art, time at the beach, her night working as a dancer, and flirting with men and the occasional woman. Until her 24th birthday, that was when she invited by a man she had met a few times back to his home. She had been intrigued by this man for some time; he was classy and exquisite to look, at, he easily had money and there was something else about him. Something she couldn't describe. Lillian easily said yes.
The man's name was Charles Livingston and he was a Toreador. He embraced her that first night without Lillian really understanding what was going on but he also explained it to her.
Charles was a dabbler of all sorts of artistic ventures. He not only taught her to be a Toreador but also helped her with various art ventures. He comes and goes out of town but currently, he is on an art-buying trip throughout Asia.

Favourite Sayings

"I must have that."
"I wouldn't even buy that for the rats."
"Beauty above all."

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Image of Lillian Foster  (AKA The Rose of The French Quarter)
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