Services Offered

Adele smiled at Lilly who was determined to kiss her smooth and sexy backside. However if she really wanted that treatment she would ask Jack or her female minions like Yvette or Elvira. From the sound of it Lily had rehearsed her greeting to Adele to make it perfect.

Adele: Aww you are quite an accomplished hostess Lilly. Right Jack?

Jack: Of course. Adele is lucky to have such talent in her company.

Adele: So Lily, what are your plans in rebuilding New Orleans?

Adele was not testing Lily to see if she was all talk or if she was there to support Adele's plans.

Lilly wasn't sure, for a moment, how to respond. She had never been asked to contribute much beyond her abilities and home. Still, it was Lilly and it didn't take long for her to come up with a response.

Lilly's voice was sweet and graceful as she spoke, "I'm at your disposal, of course." Protocol. "What is it you need from me? I am willing to contribute money. I can offer my services in investing or being among humans. I'd offer my artistic abilities but it's not the right market for such things. My home is always open to clan members or for meetings." She took a brief pause. "If there is anything you need please just ask."

Except for her ability to make money when investing, most of Lilly's abilities in other things tended to lean greatly towards the Toreador range. The one thing that really stood out was her ability to blend with humans and the upper crust of human society.

Lilly now could only wait and see what her Primogen wanted from her.

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