New kid in town..

Erykah: Hello Mira. I hear good things about you. So what have you been up to these last few days?

Mira: Seeing the smile from her Primogen, Mira again bowed her head this time acknowledging her place. “Primogen, I have been setting up a new business near Saint Patrick’s. A spa for our kind and mortals,” she said with a bit of pride.
She continued, “It will have a restaurant, a salon, and an area for a shop.”

Erykah looked at Mira to see how confident she was in her words then pondered the idea of a spa for kindred and mortals. The idea did have merit since kindred were stuck with the same look unless magic was involved and mortals spent a ton of money to look good and get pampered. Granted she to could use some R&R at a spa considering her long nights of work with the Voodoo show and making sure the restaurants were running well, on top of managing a new clan and the magic tools. It was enough to drain the vitae out of her. Then she spoke up to Mira.

Erykah: Splendid. I look forward to seeing it for myself. Perhaps we can send some business your way.

Mira: I am in need of a little help. I have no ghouls to help run it or to keep it safe and I need permission to make some. Maybe the prince has media connections he might be able to use to help with marketing?

Mira jokingly said, “I was thinking Naval Aviators.”

Erykah looked at Mira with disbelieve she would suggest such a thing when there was a shortage of resources and people after the flooding that occurred a few years ago. Sadly Louisiana was prone to flooding during hurricanes which seemed to come often. Then she rubbed her chin as she considered the other options she had and realized it would be best to ask the Prince for temporary support till they could get approved for new ghouls.

Erykah: I will take this matta up wit Mr. Williams an see what wisdom he will give us.

Mira continued her joke, "Tom Cruse would be a nice ghoul and would definitely bring some business in." She wanted to see if her Primogen had a sense of humor.

Erykah chuckled at Mira as she shook her head at the girl.

Erykah: Gud luck getten em away from de Scientologist fellas. I er de are like de Giovanni dees days.

Then Erykah sipped her blood from her wine glass.

Mira smiled a warm smile and laughed. “I was thinking more about the two cosmetology schools in the area. A couple young attractive stylists that want to make something of themselves, a young chef from the culinary institute, and some sorority girls and maybe a few of the seniors from the school to run the store….” She said planting ideas.

Erykah nodded at the ideas as they did seem plausible, however she would need permission from the Prince before she could agree to turn or ghoul anyone. Of course it would be easier if they someone who could organize staff with little issues. Hiring humans meant paying an income and they needed to be picky in case they saw something they should not. Erykah remembered how much of a pain it was to staff her restaurants and Voodoo Show. Luckily she was able to use the poor homeless locals to fill that void, but since they already had the basic skills to cook and act it was not hard to fill that void. However to fill the void for Mira it would require higher skilled staff members. A Spa required several licenses to operate and that was the trick. Then Erykah spoke up to answer Mira.

Erykah: Gud ideas. Owevea wut we need is a gud manager. One fer da day and one fer the night if you see wut I'm sayin. Then dey can do de staffin for ya.

Mira nodded in agreement. She was liking the Primogen.

Then Erykah told Mira of the troubles that the Tremere have been facing such as low incomes, not enough skilled staff, plenty of unskilled staff, small territory and limited business opportunities. After the last Kindred war they lost all of their strong members and most of their money and resources. Erykah was forced to take charge and begin rebuilding her turf but it will take time. So far she created a few small Cajun restaurants, her haunted Voodoo tour on the bus and her Voodoo show which was still being improved. Then for the kindred she and the others made magical tools to sell to the other clans however their income paled in comparison to the Toreador, Nosferatu and Ventrue. So she was glade Mira was bringing in the spa to increase business. They discussed using coupons for each other to share with their customers to drum up business. However the still needed to get some good management into Mira's shop.

Mira listened. What she was being told was more than she was told when she was being sent here. It felt like someone was trying to get rid of her or maybe she was a strange blend of tradition and modern that they did not like. she kept that card hidden.

She took a flute of blood and sipped it.
“Who would you have me talk to?” She asked politely.
She knew she need to meet the hostess as well.

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