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Lilly, instead, waited for Adele to be done with the Prince and when the other woman was free again she greeted her.

"Greetings Primogen. I hope you are enjoying yourself. I've procured a selection of refreshments (blood) of the finest quality so please ask one of the servants or myself if you need anything in particular." Lilly gave that long, formal greeting to Adele as if she had memorized it (because she had) but it didn't mean she wasn't being sincere.

Adele smiled at Lilly who was determined to kiss her smooth and sexy backside. However if she really wanted that treatment she would ask Jack or her female minions like Yvette or Elvira. From the sound of it Lily had rehearsed her greeting to Adele to make it perfect.

Adele: Aww you are quite an accomplished hostess Lilly. Right Jack?

Jack: Of course. Adele is lucky to have such talent in her company.

Adele: So Lily what are your plans in rebuilding New Orleans?

Adele was not testing Lily to see if she was all talk or if she was there to support Adele's plans.

“My Prince and Primogen, I am Turfanova Mira Inanovana of house Tremere. I offer what service I can provide to my Prince and present myself to the Court of New Orleans and ask to be received for admission,” she said in French.

Mr. Williams looked her over carefully. Lia steps towards Williams. He raises his hand and Lia stops. "It's ok Lia" Mr. Williams pauses he looks at her like looking through her. "Lia, get her information and get her registered," ordered Williams. "Yes sir" replies Lia.

Smiling Mr. Williams says in French fluently "Turfanova Mira, I am happy you came to our city. That you wish to make it a better place. That is the drection I am taking this city to. Your Primogen will be your sponsor follow her directions. if you do good things I Look forward to the next court and indoctrinating you in." Mr. Williams turned to others as they came up dismissing her.

Aster Mira left the Prince, her Primogen Erykah approached her with a charming smile. Though they were of different backgrounds it was nice to have more members for her weakened clan. Erykah was a big fish in her small pond but a small fish in the ocean. Besides Eddie from the Gangrel, she was easy prey to the other clans. Hoping to have a good relationship with Mira she decided to have a chat with her.

Erykah: Hello Mira. I hear good things about you. So what have you been up to these last few days?


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