Late Arrival

Lilly had noticed the new vampire in town had come which made her rather pleased. Lilly had actually wanted to greet Adele next being she was her Primogen but Prince trumps all and figured she'd wait until Adele was done speaking with the man in charge.

So, she had briefly greeted the Giovanni and a few lower ranked vampires and then had heard the arrival of Quinn. But she didn't greet Quinn right away. Lilly, instead, waited for Adele to be done with the Prince and when the other woman was free again she greeted her.

"Greetings Primogen. I hope you are enjoying yourself. I've procured a selection of refreshments (blood) of the finest quality so please ask one of the servants or myself if you need anything in particular." Lilly gave that long, formal greeting to Adele as if she had memorized it (because she had) but it didn't mean she wasn't being sincere.

Leon, Colette, Angelica and Giorgio decided to approach the Prince at the same time to take up less of his time.

They waited their turn and heard the newbie in town speak in French. Giorgio couldn't speak French but picked up a word here and there. He knew Italian fluently but French wasn't even that close. Leon, Colette and Angelica all knew French fluently so they caught what was said.

“My Prince and Primogen, I am Turfanova Mira Inanovana of house Tremere. I offer what service I can provide to my Prince and present myself to the Court of New Orleans and ask to be received for admission,” she said in French.

Mr. Williams looked her over carefully. Lia steps towards Williams. He raises his hand and Lia stops. "It's ok Lia" Mr. Williams pauses he looks at her like looking through her. "Lia, get her information and get her registered," ordered Williams. "Yes sir" replies Lia.

Smiling Mr. Williams says in French fluently "Turfanova Mira, I am happy you came to our city. That you wish to make it a better place. That is the drection I am taking this city to. Your Primogen will be your sponsor follow her directions. if you do good things I Look forward to the next court and indoctrinating you in." Mr. Williams turned to others as they came up dismissing her.

Once Mira left, and their group was allowed to approach, Leon being the senior ranking member of the foursome gave a slight bow to the Prince. It was more that it was protocol when introducing were made than anything. Leon got a distinct impression that Mr. Williams might be the type of Prince to tell everyone to quit the bowing for the night.

Leon then spoke up. "Mr. Williams, may I introduce Angelica Giovanni, 2nd to Primogen Mario Giovanni and Giorgio Giovanni, Head Ceo of The Cuore di Venezia, one of the riverboat casinos. And you've met my second Collette."

Angelica had been at the meeting but she like Collette were put on the sides to watch. Collette had met the Prince when her and Leon had taken information to him but Angelica had never been introduced to him.

Each one of them bowed as they were introduced.

Angelica then spoke up, "The Giovanni would like to offer any help or services to you that you might need with....anything."

It was nothing but more formalities the Prince could always order them to give their assistance to whatever but this made it a far more pleasant exchange.


Quinn had spend the day making deliverys with the help of a few extra Brujah. She had been later getting home than what she had planned and came home to find a few of the Brujah fighting each other. She watched it for a few minutes then yelled for them to stop. It took 5 times but eventually the fighting Brujah did just that.

Quinn looked at them, "Just keep it outside and don't kill each other. Oh, keep to the area. I'll try to find out tonight if they need our help with it but the Butcher has struck again. I know you all could take him,"

A chorus of 'yeah', 'let us at him' and 'kill the beast' could be heard from the group.

"Shut up," Quinn said. "Don't do anything. There is plenty of blood and if you're bored plenty of animals near by."

"Party, party, party," the group chanted.

Quinn had better things to do with her time so she walked inside and could hear the sounds of the fight starting again

She got dressed in a two piece black leather gown. Once she was dressed and ready she headed for the party.

Arriving about 30 minutes late, she walked into the party after putting her mask on and glanced around to see who was there. She was just hoping something exciting might happen tonight but seriously doubted it.

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