New girl in town

Then behind them, Erykah came in and approached the Prince in a fancy Voodoo robe.
"Greeting Mr. Williams. I am Primnogen Erykah Baduvof the Tremere." said Erykah

Mr. Williams gave a warm smile to Erykah " greeting to you was well Primnogen Baduvof. I is good to see you this fine evaning." said Mr. Williams.

“My Prince and Primogen, I am Turfanova Mira Inanovana of house Tremere. I offer what service I can provide to my Prince and present myself to the Court of New Orleans and ask to be received for admission,” she said in French.

Mr. Williams looked her over carefully. Lia steps towards Williams. He raises his hand and Lia stops. "It's ok Lia" Mr. Williams pauses he looks at her like looking through her. "Lia, get her information and get her registered," ordered Williams. "Yes sir" replies Lia.

Smiling Mr. Williams says in French fluently "Turfanova Mira, I am happy you came to our city. That you wish to make it a better place. That is the drection I am taking this city to. Your Primogen will be your sponsor follow her directions. if you do good things I Look forward to the next court and indoctrinating you in." Mr. Williams turned to others as they came up dismissing her.

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