Mysterious Stranger

The drive had been long and not particularly exciting but as the car hit The Causeway, the long bridge that went over Lake Pontchartrain from Mississippi to the city of New Orleans the woman in the back felt like she was going to a long overdue reunion but it was someone she had never met, only heard of.

The headlights flooded the road, she would first find out the local spots. That took no time as she found a few Nos and paid them to find out where the other vampires hung out. After going to a few of these places she found out the one she sought was at a party.

A party wasn't where she cared to make her entrance. No, this meeting had to be less ... public. Once contact was made things would change, witnesses were never good for such things. Or so was the idea this woman had, she wasn't new to fighting for territory or having others fight for her. If it came to it; she'd do what she had to.

She had heard of the happens in the city; the new Prince, the new Primogens, the Butcher. None of that concerned her very much.

The mysterious woman decided to leave her business for tomorrow, it was soon enough. A message was sent to the vampire the woman was seeking to meet with. Tomorrow would have to do.

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