The ice palace planing for the open.

Jp with littered and lilly

Lilly had been out of town for when everything happened with Aurora, but was glad to hear the young Ventrue had been found and was safe. Then Lilly had gone to Paris for a few weeks to meet up with her sire, she returned to find the Giovanni had begun preparations for their annual party.

Lily avoided hosting a party during carnivale season, she liked her parties to stand out. So, she had them at other times of the year.

Currently, she was trying to plan out her outfits, from among the large amount of clothing that followed her back from her trip, for all the parties she was going to be attending over the next few weeks. When her cell buzzed. She looked down, a slight smile graced her lips. "Lilly Foster here. Hello, Miss Aurora, what can I do for you?"" Hi I need some help construction on the ice palace is almost done and we'll I don't know anyone better to help plan the grand opening you up for the challenge. " She said excitedly

" Hi I need some help construction on the ice palace is almost done and we'll I don't know anyone better to help plan the grand opening you up for the challenge. " She said excitedly

"Of course, why don't we meet and discuss it. Are you available tonight? I can meet you at the Ice Palace and that way get a look at what we're working with." Lilly responded.

"I can be there in an hour." Lilly responded, while her mind was already coming up with ideas.

" great see you soon, have a nice eving" Aurora said hanging up the phone and quickly informing her sacurity that she was expecting a gest.

Lilly arrived right on time, an hour after the phone call. She was led inside and her gaze took in the front lobby, the place looked beautiful from what she had seen so far. One of the guards said, he would inform Aurora she was there.

It did not take long for Aurora to make her appearance. " Lilly it's so nice to see you who was your trip. You left the country right" She asked excited to see Lilly.

"It was wonderful, and yes I was visiting my Sire in Paris. Its a beautiful city You should get Mr. Williams to take you sometime." Lilly stated. "I am glad to see you again. This place looks amazing, I cannot wait to see the rest."

" That's great I will have to ask him to take us there on vacation or sumthing" She said with a smile.

" oh yes you have to see the rest of this place it turned out amazing I wanted this place to be magical" She said with a smile as she lead Lilly further into the building.

" The ice rinks are fantastic" Aurora said with a smile.

The more Lilly saw of the ice palace, the more she realized how much of a fitting name it was. She also took some notes when inspiration took her

The entire lace was made to look as if it was actually made of ice the wall between the ice rinks and the food area had semless transiting from the opake wall to a transparent window. Making it look as if they ice was thin in that section. There were several such windows. Along with cleer crystal pillers and archway that marked doors and transitions to direct rooms. "Oh you just have to see this" she said leading Lilly to Alexis privet viewing area one of them it over looked the ice rink there was a high backed beatific carved chair. It looked as if it were made of ice and the pillows were snow. From here was a good look at one of the ice rinks. And a closer look at one of the crystal scandalous rhat hung over the rink. It coyght light and throw rainbow prisms all over the rink. " Amazing right" She asked.

"This is beautiful," Lilly said, she was captivated enough to be enthralled for a moment, but skating rinks, even one as beautiful as this, weren't her kryptonite when it came to her clan bane, that had more to do with drawing, sculpture and the like, expected those of Monet.

"We should discuss specifics, do have another area you'd like to do that in?" Lilly asked.

" There's my office it's kinda bland compared to the rest of the place" Aurora said and started leadning the way. Her small office had a desk and some chairs a few pickers of her famaly and of her an Alex. " so I'm thinking winter magic type of theam what do you think" she asked?

"Well, first a date should be decided on. The Giovanni have their annual party in three weeks so, your opening should be before or after that." Lilly thought, "I am assuming it'll be vampire only for the guest list?"

" Yes I have a human planing the opening for the human side of things during the day. Let's do the opening befor the Giovanni party maby a week or so from now?" Aurora said.

"A week. It will be a lot of work, but can be done." Lilly was obviously confident in her abilities. "Now, a theme. You said Winter magic? What did you have in mind for that?" Winter magic could mean the beauty of Winter and how magical it is, it could meaning combining Winter with magic in some way. Lily just wanted to be sure.

Aurora thought for a moment." Let's do this our goal is a week be we can extend the time frame if needed. I think The beauty of winter and how magical it is" She final answered.

"So, I'm thinking bare trees, birch are particularly suited to this, with twinkle lights in the front area. Crystals hanging down. " Lily pulled out her cell, and looked through a few things. "There should be a backdrop for photos. Maybe something like this?" Showing Aurora the image on the phone.

" Oh that's beautiful, I would love to do some ice scalpers to some forest animals dear or bunnys perhaps?" Aurora sigested.

"I am aquanted with the most amazing ice artist. I can call him, he would likely be willing to help." Lilly knew all she had to do was throw out that it was for the Prince's progeny and that particular artist would be accommodating. "Is there a room where food can be set up?"

" We could use the food Cort area oh we could " she said excitedly as she started to look thow her own phone. " we could use back drops like these to hide the order counter and kitchen. It would also create a second photo opportunity. " Aurora sigested at a bit of a high pitched squel.

"I like that," Lilly stated, "Will need to get a hold if Quinn and have her supply the blood. She has extensive records on who can drink what."

"I can get some one on that though she might need a gest list. All the pep-ummm shoot what's that word the people in charge of the clans? The will definitely need to be invited and ofcoure you and Alex ummm..." She said as she started ratleing off difrent names and writing them down.

"The Primogens," Lilly reminded Aurora of the word. "When the Primogens go to parties, their seconds always come along as well. So, it's best to include them. I can tell you with the Giovanni, Mario should be invited but he rarely leaves his house. They are such a small clan its unusual not all of them are invited. Quinn doesn't have a second. I can give you all that information, about any clan, if you need it."

" The Giovanni they are al related to echother right maby we should just invite the entire famaly?" Aurora sigested.

"Yes, the clan is all Giovanni and they are all related. It is best to just invite them all." Lilly agreed. "But there is only four of them in New Orleans."

" Ok so the four in New Orleans seams reasonable, are there any prominent vampires you can think of that should also be invited" Aurora asked.

"Mr. Williams is the most prominent vampire in New Orleans. There aren't any elders here. I would only invite an elder if they were already in the city." Lilly tried to explain. "Really don't want to attract their attention because they are quite the bother to deal with."

Lilly thought for a moment, and then gave a few additional names to add to guest list.

Aurora nodded making notes to have invitations sent out. " Ok are we missing anything else? We have decor food and gests along with a tentative date" she said.

"Do you want ghouls to be allowed to come, as guests?" Lilly knew sometimes they were invited but not always

" Of course everyone deserves to enjoy the sport. Even wherewolfs, did you know they are real" came Aurora quick response.

"Yes, I was well aware of werewolves. The areas surrounding New Orleans has a decent sized population of them. It is not a good idea to invite werewolves to a vampire party however, unless you want a fight to break out." Lilly paused. "On the invitations then you'll want to put, plus one ghoul. It's better protocol to allow the vampires to decide if they want to bring their ghoul, and for those with more than one, which one."

" I see also I don't know any and had no clue they lived here" She said with a smile. She nodded her responded to the information about the invites. " The only question with invites is should we use paper or invites. Oh we will need some one who can do music. " Aurora asked.

"I can make a few phone calls. Would you prefer a live band or a dj?" Lilly asked

"DJ it is then." Lilly said. "How do you want parking to be handled? A valet service?"

"What are vampires use to at this kind of event?" She asked knowing Alex did not even drive his own car.

"Depends on the Vampire. For most a valet would work. There are really only a small number that don't drive themselves places." Lilly explained.

Aurora nodded" then Valet it is" She agreed

Lilly thought for a moment, "If your going to have ghouls, they'll need to be food and drinks. I have someone who can do that." Another pause. "Can you think of anything else that needs to be covered?"

" No I can't would it be appropriate to say in the invitations that you will only be alwered to ice skate if you have proper clothing for it" Aurora said.

"Worded differently, it should be fine. I would suggest then having the locker rooms opened." Lilly explained

" Of course the locker rooms will definitely be open, ill get alex and Lias help to word that" Aurora said.

"Is their anything else you can think of, that we need to cover?" Lilly was pretty sure everything had been covered but wanted to be certain.

" No nothing I can think of thank you so much for helping me" She said with a bright grin.

"Then I will get started on getting a hold of my contacts, and I will leave you to getting back to your work. I will be in contact soon." Lilly stood up. "You have a lot to do, so no need to walk me out. Certainly one of the guards can. I look forward to doing this with you." With that Lilly left.

" Thank you again have a nice night" Aurora said as she quickly got to work. One of her guards did show lilly out.

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