A New Vampire's Night Out (Part 1)

JP with Lily and Cindy

After Alex left Aurora was so bored she had spent some time on her iPad finding a place called the Gomarrah. It was some kind of neutral place where vampires from every clan could go. She went to her room changing into one of her favorite outfits. It was a simple short dress with a butterfly on it. Along with a pair of black leggings and sneakers. Then she added out to the place following the directions on her iPad. Alex would probably be angry with her when he found out but she was bored and talking to people was an easier way to learn about the different clans.

Once she found the place she walked in and very quickly found herself overwhelmed. She moved quietly and carefully to a wall and just watched people interact with each other. She was so lost and had no clue what to do.

It had been a few days since the Toredor had found herself in Gomarrah. Just been too busy to get there but tonight that's just where Lilly was headed.

The woman dressed in a black dress with a slit up the side and heels. She loved to make an entrance.

Walking into Gomarrah did just that, as she was greeted by a few Toredors. One of whom filled her in on the latest gossip. Colette was out of town. That made Lilly smile, no Colette to deal with. Something about Quinn's sire returning - didn't really care about that. And so on.

Her eyes searched the room and saw Aurora, by herself. Scanning the room again, no the young Ventrue was alone.

Lilly was about 95% certain that Aurora must have snuck out. No sire, in their right mind, would let the new Childe out on there own so early on. Still, Lilly wasn't about to call the Prince not knowing the facts.

She wandered over to Aurora. "Good evening, Aurora. Would you like to sit down? Maybe, get a drink?"

Aurora, startled she had not expected anyone to talk to her. " Oh, Miss Lilly! I would love to. How are you?" She asked with a smile.

"Come with me, then." Lilly quickly found them a booth and invited Aurora to sit down before she sat herself. A waitress came over and Lilly ordered two bloods but then asked Aurora. "Do you have a blood preference?"

The Ventrue should have that figured out by now, or so Lilly thought?

Aurora nodded and followed taking a seat in the booth with Lily. She was thankful lily had found her. This place was overwhelming she was fealing Anxious. She looked around then back at Lilly.

" Yes, I do it's umm... I can only drink blood from strong dominant males" She said, stumbling over her words. She looked at Lilly completely embarrassed.

"I'm sorry this place there's so much going on here. I read about it on my iPad. I thought it may be a good place to see vampire culture" She said in a rush as if she was thinking faster than she could speak.

Lilly looked at the waitress who simply nodded before going off to get the order, it was nothing unusual for a Ventrue.

"Vampire culture? I suppose. I'll see if I see anyone to introduce you to.". Lilly paused. "First time out alone, I gather?"

" Yes, Alexander left me alone at the hotel he had some kind of meeting to go to. So I came here to try and learn. From experience I didn't expect to be ummm..." She poured trying to find the right word. " overwhelmed I think" She said she was definitely unsure. "How has your day been?" She asked.

"Oh, well you'll get used to it. '' As if it was exactly what Lilly expected to hear. "My day - night has just started so I suppose that remains to be seen."

Lilly looked around. "I see someone you should meet. Are you up for that?"

"Umm ok" Aurora said. Then thought better. "It's not one of the pim..prim one of the clan leaders" She added. She hoped Lilly would not hang her for not being able to say the correct name.

Quit freaking out and calm down, she thought to herself.

"Primogens? No. It's not a Primogen though, if I do introduce you to one it'll be one easy to get along with." Lilly said and then waved the man over.

"Aurora, I'd like you to meet Giorgio Giovanni of the Clan Giovanni."

Giorgio gave Aurora a smile that could melt ice. "Pleasure to meet you."

Lilly asked Giorgio, "Are you staying?'

Giorgio nodded. "Yes, mind if I join you?"

Lilly responded, "Not at all."

The waitress came over with the drinks after Giorgio sat down. Apparently she knew his order because she came over with three drinks and then winked at the Giovanni.

"Aurora is getting her bearings." LĂ­lly explained.

"Oh, so whose childe are you?" Giorgio then added. "And don't worry. I snuck out when I was newly made, as well. It was fun."

Though he hoped for Aurora's sake she wasn't going to be given the same kind of punishment he had received from Mario.

Aurora nodded and watched the stranger approach. "Hello, Mr. Giovanni" she said.

Aurora was thankful when the drinks were brought over. She smiled, thanking the waitress. Then she took a sip of her drink.

"I'm Alexander's child, and a bit more." she smiled shyly. If her face could tune red she was sure she had turned three shades of red.

"Please call me Giorgio."

The Giovanni took a sip of his drink. He seemed to be not fazed by anything, even being told that he was sitting next to the childe of the Prince.

"Oh, our Prince." To her comment about it being a bit more. Giorgio nodded. "Well, there are all kinds of Sire- Progeny relationships."

It wasn't the first time a Sire had taken a childe as a lover and it certainly wouldn't be the last though it was a little less common that some relationships and more common than others.

Lilly then asked Aurora, "Have you met anyone else since I saw you last?"

"Well, I learned that was a huge reason why he turned me, last night." She said with a grin.

"Umm Leon LePoint. I believe he is in charge of the Nosfaratu clan," she said.

Giorgio and Lilly smiled at Lilly, they didn't need to linger on the topic of what occured between her and Alexander.

"Leon," Lilly said. "No surprise and he is. The Nosfaratu's are..."

Giorgio stopped Lilly from saying more because he knew where that was headed. "The Nosfaratu's are fairly nice. They do a lot of volunteer work for the humans."

Lilly muttered something under her breath about "at least one good quality. "

Then she said, "Would you excuse me a moment."

Leaving the Giovanni and the Ventrue alone.

Giorgio looked at Aurora, he remembered what it was like to be new but he was also sure his experience was different than hers.

"You haven't been taught much about clan politics, have you?"

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