Terms of the Agreement

Sometime later the abandoned amusement park is the natural ground among the different groups. There was a large room with a table. The Prince and Lia standing behind him some distance back. On the opposite side, a doorway was dark but Prince could somehow sense the Alpha coming.

Leon was waiting outside when Wiley arrived.

"Bonjour Wiley."

"Where is he?"

"The Prince is waiting for your arrival inside."

Wiley was about 6'5", with broad shoulders, with black hair. In wolf form, he was a large black wolf that could hide well in the darkness. However, for this meeting, he was in human form.

Leon led Wiley, who had only brought one guard with him, into the building and then to the room where the Prince awaited.

Once in the room, the introductions were on Leon.

"Mr. Williams, I would like to introduce The Alpha of The Werewolf Pack, The Crescents, Wiley."

A pause then

"Alpha Wiley, I would like to introduce the Prince of New Orleans, Mr. Williams."

All to protocol and a reminder of why Nosfartus hated politics.

Wiley took a seat. He seemed completely disinterested in Lia but still clearly wanted to know who she was.

Leon answered, "That is Ms. Avraham. Mr. William's assistant. "

Wiley snapped his fingers and the wolf he had brought with him came running. "This is Brian, he's my assistant."

Introductions done

Wiley looked over Alex, sizing him up, then said. "So, it appears we have a mutual enemy?"

" It is an honor to meet with you Alpha Wiley." said the prince with a slight bow. "I know there is no love lost between are two kinds but we do have a common enemy we have called the Butcher. I condolences for the loss of the sister in my city. I know we will never be friends but I hope for peace between us." said the prince then sat in a chair across the table.

He waved his hand for Lia to come up and she handed him an Ipad. Then gives the Alpha a respectful bow and then steps back. "Now can we work together on hunting down and killing the Butcher and how do you see us doing that task?" asked the Prince.

Unlike Vampire Princes Alphas tended to be a bit less reserved with their words or at least Wiley was

"Well, you are certainly more diplomatic than your predecessor. He was kind of an ass." The wolf stated. "Thank you for those condolences. I'll pass them on to the wolf who's sister was killed."

The Alpha watched the exchange as Lia approached. "We are willing to help track the Butcher but will need access to the city without retribution until he's found. I also feel a truce - is needed. We won't attack any vamps and you agree to make the rule to not attack any wolves."

"Done, there is a caveat to that. I will have people in the area but they will give you a wide berth. Now that I said that." The prince paused looking at the Ipad.

"The sabbat, a faction of my kind does operate in this city as well. they do not follow my rules and might not honor are agreement. That is another reason why we will be around we will kill them if they interfere with us." adds the Prince.

"Of curse, you have every right to defend yourself if attacked with no retribution. We will have the same stance. but I am sure we can work together on this." said Alexander. He touched the Ipad a few times. "By the way, my first name is Alexander you can call me that if you wish, that is only you," said the Prince.

"I am, unfortunately, familiar with the Sabbat." A low growl came from Wiley. "I do know they aren't part of your faction. It is understandable that you would have people in the area."

A nod came to defending themselves, "Of course."

"Well, then Alexander, I want Leon to remain the point of contact for this and the investigation to be mostly with the Nosfaratu. Despite our agreement, there are some of your kind who hate wolves and some who would continue to deny our existence even if we morphed in front of them. Leon, is it true the Nos all know?"

Leon nodded, "Yes, all the Nosfaratu know about the existence of werewolves.

Wiley added, "If there is nothing else. I think we might have an agreement."

The Prince nodded "we have terms for our agreement. I will let my people know immediately after I leave here. Give until morning to get the word out. Then you have the freedom to move about the city per are agreement. It was nice to meet you Wiley have a good evening and good hunting." said the prince standing as well.

Wiley nodded. "I'll let mine know when I get back to them. By all means, we'll be here tomorrow. Likely evening."

Wiley grinned slightly when Alex said, "Good Hunting." He then left the room with his assistant in tow.

The Prince did the same handing the pad back to Lia. "Get the word out now. Let the Primogens know if someone violates the terms of the agreement. I will deal with them harshly or they could be turned over to the werewolf's Alpha." said the Price as they walk to the cars and drive off.

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