the next night

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Alex slowly opened his eyes to see and feel he and Aurora were wrapped up in one another. She was still asleep he did not move not wanting to wake her. Staring at her and her beauty a lot of thoughts ran through his mind. It had been a very long time since he had done this with someone that he did not bite or use his vampiric powers. Alex wondered what the others would think. Not that he really cared. But how would this change his life and the others around him? Alex leaned in and hissed her forehead. To see if she would awake. (edited)

She blinked looking at him her vision blurry for the moment. For Alex it would look as if she were not really awake. She blinked several more times."Good morning Alex" She muttered snuggling closer to him and closing her eyes again.

" Is it morning already?" She asked sleepily her eyes still closed.

" Can we eat breakfast in here im not ready to move" She asked sweetly.

Alex chucked "morning? I hope we are past that the sun should be setting." joked Alex. "Besides didn't your mother teach you not to eat in bed?" Alex asked with a sly smile then kissed her again. "Sure we can," said Alex. (edited)

" my parents did not teach me crap they were always working. Honestly, my skating coach may as well have been me dad" She said with a smile. She blinked a few more times befor kissing him.

" What do we have to do today. Also, Lia is not going to walk in a freak out if it's too early for that nonsense " She asked. Wondering what the schedule was for the day.

Alex had a feeling Aurora would ask that question. He did not want to disappoint her but he had duties to perform. "I must do some work this morning. As Prince I have many responsibilities. Things I can not neglect. Then there is the business side of things I must read the reports and take action as needed. One day you will have to do the same when you are ready." Alex said wishing he could just do nothing. "I hope you understand. Now, Lia should be walking at any time now." Alex said looking at a door.

" Can I just stay with you today please I want to see what you do" She asked.

Aurora looked a little bothered by that stamens. " Have you two ever ummm" She asked wondering what the history was between the two of them. She was however uncomfortable asking the question.
June 21, 2022

Alex was silent thinking. "Yes, but you must dress apriority. There are times I might have to clear the room so I can talk privately. Even Lia leaves at times." He said with a reinsuring smile.

There was a knock at the door. "enter" said Alex loudly. a servant walked in the woman was dressed in a uniform with two goblets of blood. "Good evening Mr. Williams, Good evening Ms. Aurora," she said walking up. Handing each of them a goblet of blood. Alex sat up a little surprised. "How did you know?" The woman smiled "everyone knows Sir." Replied the woman. Ms. Aurora did not return to her room in the morning. Her staff got worried. They inquired with Ms. Lia. She said not to worry and bring two goblets of blood one for you and one for Ms. Aurora sir.

Alex let out a small laugh. "OK thank you," He replied. Alex turned to Aurora "So much for a secret." He said with a smile. (edited)

" of course," She said with a smile.

Aurora turned bright red. * oh how embarrassing* she thought. She took a deep breath and smiled. " Thank you" She said.

The last to come into the room was Lia. He had a puzzled look on her face. "Good evening Mr. Williams, Aurora I hope you slept well?" said Lia in a kind of smug tone. "Mr. Williams, we need you in the office in half an hour." Lia requested.

Alex sipped his goblet of blood. "Lia" He was cut off by Lia. "No explanation Sir. You are free to act as you want. Who you chose to.... spend your time with is up to you Mr. Williams." Lia said in a sharp tone but respcful.

Alex smiled He knew this was all new to Lia Alex had had plenty of women around but none like Aurora. Alex has always had a close relationship with Lia but it might have to change some now. He would always consider Lia a close friend. "Thank you, Lia. Know this does not change your position in my staff you are my chief of staff and will be until you leave or die," he said.

He looked at Aurora and gave her a reinsuring smile. Then turned back to Lia. "Aurora will be joining us today make sure her attendant knows and she is ready. Get her an Ipad and any thing she may need." requested Alex.

"Yes sir, is there anything else Mr. Williams?" asked Lia. Alex smiled. "I think that is all Lia thank you," replied Alex.

Aurora caught the tone and glared at Lia. this is my place you will back off she thought. She was not going to have Lia being a pain in her backside that was for sure.

Aurora looked at Alex a little confused. Attendant? I'm not some kind of nobility She thought and smiled to herself. As she was dating the prince so I guess that explained some of the pamperings.

" Thank you miss Lia" Aurora echoed.

Lia looked at Aurora and did not seem fazed by the look. "Good evening to the bother of you," Lia said and walk out.

"Servant Attendant all the same thing. Now go get ready I will see you soon," Alex said then gave her a kiss.

Aurora kissed him back. She stayed with him for a few moments longer as she drank her breakfast she did not want to walk around with a cup of blood.

Then she kissed him befor heading off to her room to get ready. The Attendant helped her pick a dress that was to her liking. It was lightweight a dark blue the dress was a few inches shy of being floor length. The fabric had a nice flow to it as she move. Her hair done in a half up half down style with the part of it being put into a complicated brade that circled her head. She thanked the Attendent and headed off to meet Alex.

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