Interspecies Diplomacy

Leon had gotten home early in the morning, still in the dark. The first thing he did was text Quinn to check in on her. She was fine or at least that is what the Brujah said. Leon wasn't certain but there wasn't much to get done unless things got worse or until they found out why Quinn's sire had decided to show her face.

The flyers were being looked into, not much more he could do there tonight. So, he sipped some blood and planned for tomorrow but lately it seems his nights weren't going exactly as he had thought they would.

Just as he was about to go to bed his phone went off.

It was Wiley, the head of the werewolves, not a text a call.

Leon: Bonjour, Wiley.

Wiley: Leon. Some of my insubordinates (a growl made its way over the phone) told me what happened at the morgue. They said you wanted to hear from me.

Leon: I did.

Wiley: Since when does a Primogen think they have the right to ask The Alpha for anything.

Leon knew Wiley had to be able to show dominance in this particular situation as in the technicalities that governed interspecies relationships, Wiley was at the Prince's rank in werewolf society.

Leon: Forgive me. The matter is of utmost importance or I never would have bothered you.

Wiley: I see, if it's about that Butcher business, it's not my concern.

Leon: You might not live in the city but I know many of your clan have human family here. One of them was already killed.

Wiley: I won't discuss this with you. Your Prince, Al - I'll talk to him about it. In person. The amusement park.

Leon almost laughed at hearing the Prince called "Al" but it was better to refrain, laughing would have made it seem like Leon wasn't on the Vampire side when that clearly wasn't true.

Wiley: Go to your Prince tomorrow and set something up. Then call me or have him do it but I will not speak to one of his assistants.

Leon: Understood

The call was ended and Leon finally got to go to bed, tomorrow was going to be another long night.

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