Asking Erykah

JP with Jaxx and Cindy

Leon contacted Erkyah via text

Leon: Are you able to meet with me? The sooner the better.

Erykah Badu aka Queen Mousette was in the middle of checking in on her clan who were still working for Leon's request. She picked up her cell phone and saw the text.

Erykah: Ahh its Mr. Leon.

Then she texted back that she could make time for the meeting. Oddly enough her accent and her texting didn't match.

Leon made his way to Erykah's office; flyer in hand. He really didn't know if she'd have any insight but it was worth a shot.

He arrived and went inside then waited for the Trimere to be ready for him

Eyrkah saw Leon enter as she was arriving a moment behind him. She opened the door and smiled as she greeted him.

Erykah: Welcome Mr. Leon. Ow may I be of service to ya?

"Bonjour," Leon greeted her. "I have something that might be related to the particular abilities your clan is known for but I'm unsure. I was wondering if you could look at it and see if it looks, at all, familiar."

Erykah: An wut would tat be?

Leon showed her the strange flyer on red paper with the weird symbol and writing.

"Apparently, these have been found all over the arts district. The people hanging them always go East to West. And humans don't seem to notice them."

Erykah looked at the flyer and looked puzzled by it as she rotated it a bit. Then looked at Leon and replied, "I am at a loss. Perhaps if you left this wit me.... I could do sum research in it?" Erykah was not sure if she could solve this puzzle in a timely manner as Leon was hoping for since her masters had yet to pass on all their knowledge to her.

"Merci. Any information you can find would be good." Leon paused. "I understand it might be hard to find out anything about it."

At least it was a start.

It was now early in the morning and the night had been long. Leon stood.

"I should get going, as I need to get home. Thank you for your help."

With that the Nosfaratu left, knowing that this investigation was, likely, going to take a long time.

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