Checks and Balances


Leon took a bit longer than expected to come but did arrive about back at the room about 15 minutes later with the files.

He passed a sheet to Adele.

"This is Vinny's assets, the vampires he employees. Until we talk to them, we won't really know who he's mistreated. " Leon paused, "Angel, do you if Vinny's mistreated anyone else?"

Angel shrugged. "Mistreated like me?" they asked, "Not like me no. But I don't think he did anymore then any other pimp would. He goes out of his way to not rough anybody but, he knows his strength and doesn't want to 'damage the merchandise."

Adele looked at Leon and spoke.

Adele: This will involve a deeper investigation with his staff. If they want to stay with him it will be up to them but we can offer them other options for work if they want it.

Adele looked at Jack and smiled at him.

Adele: Jack can you talk to Vinny's staff and figure out that situation for us?

Jack: As you wish Adele.

Then Adele looked at Leon with a smile.

Adele: Since this situation may take a while I'll have Jack finish it while you continue your work on the other matter you were working on Leon. Unless you have any loose ends to worry about?

Leon shook his head. "No, I leave the rest of this in your hands. The folders are for you to use. Let me know if you need anything else."

The Nosfaratu stood up, "If that's all then, I have other matters to attend to."

Leon bid them a good evening and left the room.

Later on..........................

After leaving with Jack, Adele got in her limo and sighed as Jack told them head back home. On the way home Jack got on his phone and made a few phone calls and left a lot of messages since no one answered their phone. He was not fazed by this since it was a normal routine he did for Adele. By the time he was done with his phone they had already arrived home. Jack helped Adele out of the limo and escorted her to her room. Jack gave a few orders to the servants and then took Adele upstairs to her room where Yvette was waiting for them in a vinyl/latex kinky maid costume. Adele gave Jack a raised eyebrow as she was pleased by his initiative to relieve her stress. He began to kiss her neck to entice her a bit more. Since Jack had done this before he knew how to push the right buttons as Adele was pleased by his efforts. Once things got heated up they proceeded to discipline Yvette before the three shared each other's passion. It was very heated and went on for many hours till Adele and Yvette were both worn out.

Once Jack was finished he put on his clothes and went outside and walked along the driveway. He stared at the sky as admired the stars. It was not long before he was hugged from behind by Inque. Once again he listened to her insane conversation as he kindly replied to her and asked her to look into a Vincinet "Vinny" Ferrari in town. Jack wanted to know everything about him and everything about the people he worked with and employed. Inque was not pleased that Jack smelled like other women when asking for a favor. Jack reminded her that he still cared for her and he needed her till death, this oddly pleased Inque since she was a sucker for a "tragic love" story. She was oddly like the mermaid character in the "Little Mermaid story", only with a much darker history. Inque hugged Jack hard for a while as he petted her head to clam her down. Then she vanished like the wind and Jack waited for a bit before going back inside.


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