A night to remember

Joint post with Redsword and Lily

Lia let out a growl "Aurora! How inappropriate, your dress like that in the Prince's presence and in his bed!" said Lia in an angry tone.

Mr. Williams raised his hand stopping Lia. "Aurora is everything ok its is surprising to find you here in my bed. is there something you need to talk to me about?" asked Mr. Williams.

Aurura startled and stared at Lia before bursting into tears. " I...I just wanted to supersize you I did not mean to fall asleep or do something I was not supposed to. " She said her voice was barely a whisper. With Lia here she did not really want to speak further. in fact she did not feel safe so she quickly tried to leave the room and find somewhere as far away from Lia as possible.

Alex reaches out and embases Aurora. "shhh..... It's ok did I not say you could talk to me anytime?" Alex said looking back at Lia with a stern look.

Lia sighed "Aurora, I am sorry I was surprised that all. I'm just not used to this type of thing." said Lia.

"See Lia was not trying to be mean," said Alex still holding her in his arms.

Lia just shook her head "Good night Aurora, Mr. Williams If you need anything I will be in the next room Sir" she said walking out of the room and in through a door on the opposite side.

Aurora practically melted into his arms. " She was too Alex. I don't know how old she is but this is not the dark ages. " Aurora said

" I know you work hard. I just thought you would enjoy sitting a talking befor your went to bed. You were having so much fun when we were skating...and ever since that night, we have not had a moment alone. I don't like nor do I trust Lia she is always Judging me based on rules that I don't understand" she said after Lia left the room and she felt freer to speak.

Alex smiled and lead her to sit on the bed. "Lia is not much older than you when she was embraced. she is almost 100 years old too. I was not the one that embraced her. Lia's clan is made of worriers bodyguards and assistants. let's just say she is all of that for me. Lis is one to enforce our way of life and the rules we live by. I will assure you she will not harm you. yell some yes but not harm you. " Alex said gently. He smiled and the atmosphere changed to a very calming one.

"I had a great time skating too it was fun. I hope to have more fun like that I have not laughed like that in a long time. I felt almost alive again." Alex said holding her hand. "As for Lia, I will talk with her about how harsh she is with you. Aurora, she does not hate you in any way. she really does like you." said Alex trying to ensure Aurora.

Aurora settled back on the bed. " I don't believe that. Alex, it will matter what I do. I won't be good enough for you. Like this morning or on the ice. Then just now what the hell did I even do wrong this time " She said

Aurora reaches up putting her hand against his cheek " I'm glad what's the point in living forever if you don't enjoy it. Alex, there's more to life than running the city. Just like you showed me there's more to life than nice" She said.

Alex likes how she talks about her ideas or views on life. It just proves more that he made the right decision embracing Aurora. There was the truth about what she said. He liked her touch. "It has been some time since I have had fun. I know you are right about that I will try to remember that," said Alex with a smile on his face. "Have you had enough to eat?" asked Alex.

Aurora looks a bit embarrassed she knows she had not eaten again since that morning." I was hoping to eat dinner with you but you never came, and well I fell asleep waiting for you and had that crazy dream" She said quietly.

Alex got up slowly "Just wait here he said then walked through another door. it was just a minute or two. Alex walked back in with two goblets in his hand "You will have the urge to drink the blood fats try not to." Alex said stetting back on the bead and handing her the other goblet of blood.

" Thank you," she says taking the cup a small sip. then she covered her mouth looking like she may be sick for a moment. As her mind tried to tell her blood which tasted good was discussed. She took a deep breath. " A part of me still doesn't believe I'm a vampire," She said more to herself than to him. Aurora stares at him " The blood what?" She asked confused.

"what about the blood? it is good. I would say you like the taste of strong dominant male blood." replied Alex now sitting next to her.

" Yes, it is good, is the personality of the person it came from really that important," She asked. She took another sip.

"Drinking the wrong blood can make you sick. I think every vampier will develop their own taste. Even a Clan can affect what blood someone might choose. I prefer professional women. said, Alex.

" Is that why you decided to bite me?" She asked.

Alex just looked into Aurora's eyes "you are a professional, stunning Ice skater, who looks beautiful in everything you do. Do I need to say more? Call it selfish I wanted you to myself and to be around forever." answered Alex with a charming smile.

Aurora smiled she leaned in and kissed Alex's cheek. "Thank you, the week before was one of the best in my life," She said and leaned into him.

Alex let Aurora lean into him. He gave her a hug and kissed her head. "It makes me happy to hear that," Alex whispered to her.

She smiled reaching up to touch the side of his face. " how long have you been alone" she asked. Something in the way she asked made it clear she was not talking about his friends or the people that surrounded him on a daily basis.

Alex was shocked by her question no one has asked that question in a very long time. " Not sure how to answer that. Romanticly, in a long time," he said. Alex had not thought about that in 20 or more years the last woman he was somewhat with was Lia. "The last time I was in love was back in the 50s." Alex finally answered.

" You don't have to be alone ever again," she said. She reached over and set the cup of blood down. " I am excited to learn more about you," She said looking up at him.

Feeling a little variable at that moment. It seemed all too easy. Alex was not sure what to feel. Alex could feel his body tense some out of being nervous. "Don't make promises you can't keep," Alex said unsure. Just hoping a little that it could be true. Just realized he had no one to share what he had built over the years.

" I'm as immortal as you aren't I," She asked. She looked up at him. She had picked up his tension. " Before you, my life was on the ice it's all I lived for. I spent most of it alone. Yeah, there were the crowds and fans even the rest of the people I worked with. But none of them ever saw me or even tried, but you did" She said she moved as if she might kiss him for real but stopped inches from his face. She started in his eyes. " I'm not going anywhere I promise, I'll stay by your side for however long you want me there," She said.

Leaning in and trying to kiss her for real if Aurora lets him. "That could be a very long time and yes and you are as immortal as I am. Centuries of Passion and devotion are you ready for that?" He whispered to Aurora.

Aurora lets him kiss her "I come this far what makes you think I would turn back now. Or have I read you wrong how do you feel about me about the US" She asked. This time she leaned in and kissed him.

Alex let the kiss linger longer then answered "No, I know you just don't run away from things. I don't think your turn and walk away," He had to tell her why he had a hard time trusting. "Do you remember I told you that being around me can be dangerous? for over 60 years others have tried to use me for my wealth and power. and sometimes wanted to kill me because of how I do the right thing. Others have tried to get close to me and when I thought they cared and trusted them. Then they tried to stab me in the back sometime littery. That's when my Sire told Lia to guard me after the last time someone tried to kill me. Lia had messed up a few times so I took her in so that she could have a second chance at life. So she is to guard me not only physically but my emotional state."

Alex paused to think. "But she could be out of a job with the emotional job part. If we keep this up," said Alex "I hope you understand why I am so guarded and don't trust easily."

Aurora smiled she could understand him. She smiled sweetly " I understand people wanting you for your money or power. I was a popular Ice skater I have had to deal with crazy fans, jealous coworkers, and people wanting to be with me just so they could say they had a figure skater. My life may never have been in danger but I still understand. " She said she curled up against him again.

" So many guys and not one of them I liked not one who could see me for who I was. Until you, you came and pulled me from the frozen world that was my life. You showed me what a joy it was to share with someone, thank you" She said.

" I think Lia should but out of the emotional part altogether I'm better suited to handle your emotional needs," Aurora said. Something in her voice made it clear she did not like the idea of Lia being intimate with Alex.

Alex smiled at Aurora "I am sure Lia will have no problem with that. Just know when it comes to my safety she will not bend. but now I think she has to protect you too." Alex said with an evil grin. "I am sure she will love that," he said with a sarcastic tone. Alex kissed Aurora. "I ask when it comes to the office you listen for now to Lia. She is still my chief of staff and knows proper edict. Even if you are my girlfriend or become more. she will help you navigate the new world you're in." requested Alex.

She returned his kiss. " If she yells at me for what I do behind closed doors I will not be nice. I refuse to be treated in such a manner. Can we agree that behind closed doors I'm free to act and dress as I wish" She asked? She smiled before pushing him back so is in laying down. " So much more comfortable," She said curling up against him and resting her head on his chest.

Alex instinctively resisted at first then fell back. It had been a long time since anyone was like this with Alex. He got a big smile "yes behind closed doors you and I are safe I will have a talk with Lia. This just happened faster than I thought it would. I had no idea that you felt this way about us. It warms my well, cold heart." said Alex. He rolled onto his side to face her. "OK I feel nervous about this but you can call me Alexander even in the office," Alex said looking into her eyes almost reading Aurora all the way to her soul. then kissed her.

Aurora kissed back enjoying the moment. " Thank you, Alexander, are you happy? Are you ok with this with us?" She asked sweetly. There was some clear anxiety behind her question.

" It will take time to get used to. Yes, I am happy. If I was not do you think we be laying here talking?" asked Alex.

" No, I think I would be in a lot of trouble. Though it is funny how much confidence you seem to have lost" She said with a smile. It was clear she was just teasing him.

" We could lay here until night and see what trouble starts," He said with a quiet laugh.

" Sounds good to me," she said reaching up and running her hand throw his hair.

Alex gave a smile enjoying the touch from Aurora her fingers running through his hair relaxed him. "I am not one to sleep in a suit so I will be right back," said Alex.

Alex slowly got up and walked through a door that looked to be a closet. He left the door open "so what does this make us?" Alex asked from the closet. Knowing the answer but want to hear it from Aurora.

" Umm... I guess we are dating ofishaly now" Aurora said with a smile. She sold on the bed and weighted for him to return.

Still in the closet, Alex was changing into red silk pajamas. " Dating officially now, do I need to ask my lawyer about this?" He said jokingly. He walks out in his blood-red silk pajamas. walking back over to his bed and Aurora. "I hope it is official if you stay the night here with me," Alex said laying next to Aurora.

" I'll stay it's definitely better than going to bed alone," She said with a smile. She curled up against him. Red looks nice on you" She added.

It had been a long time since he snaggled with any woman he put his arms around her. "You are spoiling me. Most of the time I would get annoyed with comments like that. But I know somehow you mean it. And you look good even in sweats not a lot of women can do that." Alex trying to give a compliment to Aurora.

" No i think it is you who spoil me," She said curling up against him quite happy to be held.

Alex some some "I will surely try to Aurora" said Alex.

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