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Once Leon got where the vampire was he needed to speak with, the Nosfaratu was out the door.

It didn't take long to find the contact. "Bonjour, Sirius. What's going on?"

"Leon, podna. Lemme ax ya sumtin." Sirius started in his draw with the smile plastered on his face.

"I got sumtin you needa see." he reached inside his half open blazer and pulled out a crumbled but folded piece of bright red paper.

"Can't read it, but it's sumtin." Sirus unfolded it and handed it over to Leon. it was some strange flyer. A symbol in the center he'd never seen and writing in strange script. "Can you read that?"

Leon looked at the flyer, studying it for a moment. "No I've never seen anything like it."

Leon paused for a moment, "Where did you find it?"

"Phonepole." Sirius answered.

"Stranger in all black, face all covered hung it." he added.

"Seent'em when I was doing a show. So didn't git a good look." Sirius explained. "But reckon if your podnas can figure that out might help, only started getting hung after that new of the butcher went up."

Leon gave another look at the poster. He had no idea what he was looking at but it didn't bode well that something like this started being hung up after the butcher started his attacks.

The fact the one hanging them was in all black seemed to add to the whole thing. This was likely not a good development.

"Have you seen more than one of these posters?" Leon asked

"A few." he replied, "but I've my kin pullin' em down when we see'em."

"Do you know where the others were found?" Leon wondered. He was trying to figure out if there was any sort of pattern or maybe places to investigate.

"Nah really." Sirius replied.

"All over the district." he added.

"Strange though its like they got some Gree gree on 'em. Like normal folk don't seemta notice." he mused aloud.

Upon hearing that normal folks don't seem to notice them. Leon got an idea of who might be able to tell him something about this.

"I'll have to look into this more but if certainly sounds like their might be more to it." The Nosfaratu said.

Sirius paused for a moment. "You might?" he said waving his fingers a bit.

"Figure it'd be kind ta ask for I did anything but I can put a picture in your head of 'em." he suggest. "Know what you keep your peepers out fur."

"That would be appreciated." Leon responded. It would be good to have an image of who he was looking for.

Sirius nodded. "Take a look." he said, before projecting a small set of images in Leon's head.

In modern terms it was like seeing a GIF. One showing a skinny woman in all black, a hood up and face mask obscuring any features, looking around to see if anyone was paying attention before stapling a flyer up. The second was a fairly average sized man, approaching the telephone pole and by body language was frustrated the flyer had been torn off and he replace it with a fresh flyer.

"Weird right?" Sirius commented, letting the clip show drop.

Leon let the images sink in. "Yes, that is strange."

Leon was now thinking it was a group of some sort but he needed more information. "I'm not sure what it means but there is definitely something to this. I'll have to look into it more."

Leon thought for another moment, "Is there any other information you have?"

Sirius pondered the question a moment. "All'em follow the same path. East ta West. Never seen'em from the other way."

That was also strange. Leon didn't know what to say about any of this.

"Interesting. I appreciate the information. If you find out anything else, let me know."

"Will do." Sirius said, "If ya want I'll pass around word to let your fellas work and you can keep some of your eyes around 'ere" he suggested.

"I would appreciate that." Leon had to go, this information had just given him more to do. "I have to go but merci. Au Revoir." With that Leon was gone.

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