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Summary: Himbo Street Magician

Sirius Fawkes

Gender: male

Age: 25 (84)

Group: Ravnos




Street Magician (conman)


Starting Disciplines: Animalism, Chimerstry, presence


Ravnos -Independent


Selective Digestion (A+)
Soft Hearted
Twitch (shuffles his card deck)

Tempting Fate

Clan weakness: Doomed

Physical Appearance

Average height and build. Long blond hair. Always wearing a smile and half lidded grey-green eyes. Always wears a suit jacket and dress shirt half buttoned. Switching between jeans and suit pants depending on if its wash day. and a pair of old beat up PF Flyers.

Personality and interests

A street magician conman with a fast mouth and faster hands. Though looking at him in the eyes you might not think many gears are turning. You'd be right. A golden retriever in human form, if you are a vampire and you give him much attention he'll want to be friends. Regardless of clan.


Most of his past is made up stories that couldn't have happen or he'd have had to be in two places at once. The only constant his mother was a Romani woman and his father was a French-Creole laborer.

Favourite Sayings

"Is this your card?"

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Image of Sirius Fawkes
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