who is sleeping in the bed?

Mr. Williams and Lia arrived back at The Lions Den hotel and club early morning just before sunrise. They walked into his office and finished any work that needed to be done. It was not long before Jackson walked in "Mr. Williams, is there anything else you will need?" he asked.

Mr. Williams turned to Lia "Lia?" Mr. Williams said asking. Lia shook her head "no". Mr. Williams looked at Jackson. I think we are good thank, you Jackson. you are dismissed" said Mr. Williams.

After Jackson left Lia made sure that everything was completed "Mr. Williams I think it is time for you to turn in" Suggested Lia as they both finished a goblet of blood.

Mr. Williams smiled "I agree, shall we." the two walked into Mr. Williams's bedroom Lias was next door but both rooms were adjoining. They both heard a little shriek. To their surprise, Aurora was curled up on a ball with an Ipad next to her. She was wairing colorful sweats her hair was somewhat a mess. as she sat up blinking her eyes " Oh it was just a dream," She said quietly to herself. She put a hand to her head and looked around.

Lia let out a growl "Aurora! How inappropriate, your dress like that in the Prince's presence and in his bed!" said Lia in an angry tone.

Mr. Williams raised his hand stopping Lia. "Aurora is everything ok its is surprising to find you here in my bed. is there something you need to talk to me about?" asked Mr. Williams

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