Making sense of it all

OOC: I had permission and input from Red on this post.

She looked around and came into focus. She know this place was just outside the rink. But why is it going on? How could she be here? " You're going to die" She heard. She turned around. No one was there. " What that's not?" she started. Then the world shifted. The inside of a car? Oh, Jackson was driving and she must have fallen asleep. Looking around neither Alex nor Lia were there. And the world behind the car was dark and seemed as if it were cast in a fog.

The world shifted again. " Ok I have to be dreaming," She said looking around. She could not make out any details just that it was a room. It was as if everything had been cast as a foge forcing the colors and shapes. " Ready to die" she heard that voice again. She looked for the owner but found no one. Without warning someone was holding her. But like the rooms, he could not tell who it was. " Who are.." She started and trailed off.

She looked around as the world came into focus. She knew this place that night and she had to meet Alex to say goodbye. They were alone in one of the rooms of the hotel. Slowly the scan took shape and the stranger finger holding her was gone, replaced with Alex. “Alex I have to leave soon the plane takes off early,” she said gently.

She got up to leave and he stopped her. “Or you could stay here with me,” He said. Walking towards her. Before she knew it her back was against the wall, his hands on either side of her. She was not afraid of him, she liked him. The week she had spent with him was the best in her life and a part of her did not want it to come to an end. “I can always come back to see you. '' She offered to put a hand against his cheek.

“Or you can stay here” he insisted again. He leaned in and thought to kiss her. Without warning something sharp pierced her neck. It was fangs? He had fangs? Vampire “ Alex what are you,” She said, confused as she tried to push him away and her vision started to fade.

She woke up with a started Squeak. This time she found herself back in Alex's room. " Oh it was just a dream," She said Quietly to herself. She put a hand to her head and looked around

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