An Unwanted Appearance

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Her eyes glanced to the door, as it opened and in walked her. Quinn jumped out her seat, with a look on her face as if she wanted to break everything in the place, and stormed over to the new arrival. The good thing about being a Warrior poet is she was able to keep her emotions in check enough to not actually do anything physical but this was a clearly displeasing development.

With a glare in her eyes and a tone as if speaking to one of the most vival creatures on Earth, Quinn said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

The one who had sold her out to the Sabbat, was back in New Orleans. The one also known as Quinn's Sire. Cora Sullivan.

Cora gave Quinn a smirk, "Nice to see you, too. My Childe."

"Don't ever call me that. I'd rather have been an orphan than have an bitch of a Sire, like you." Quinn glared at her.

Cora got close to Quinn's face. "You want to say that again."

Cora was egging her on, Quinn knew it but the Brujah in both of them was showing.

Leon had just gotten to the bar to get a drink when he turned to see Quinn and Cora going head to head and close to blow to blow.


"Hey, Jackson." Leon got the Toreadors' attention. "You might want to keep an eye on that." Pointing out the two Brujahs, "I'm going to try to keep anything from escalating but just in case."

Jackson nodded, "Not sure what I could do against those two if they went for each other's throats, but I'll keep an eye." He could already see enough to know this might turn ugly.

Before Leon walked away Jackson put a hand on his shoulder. "Send Babs over here. Don't let her serve those two. Not cutting them off from blood just don't want her accidently in the middle of something she can't handle."

Leon was more thinking Jackson could call Helena, if necessary. She had authority over the Elsium, after all.

Feeling the hand on his shoulder, Leon stopped and nodded at what Jackson said. "I'll send her over."

True to his words, Leon went up to Babs and said, "You should go over to the bar, by Jackson."

He then headed over to try to stop the Brujahs from coming to blows.

"I believe I said you were a bitch...oh, sorry I mean a traitorous bitch." Leon heard Quinn say as he walked up to the two.

The Nosfaratu could see the balled fists and the anger in the two Brujahs' faces. This situation wasn't good.

"Hey, both of you stop. If you want to fight go somewhere else." Leon thought that might be at least a way to keep them from fighting in here.

Quinn took a breath, "She's not worth it."

One Brujah saying that to another was a great insult and Leon knew that.

Apparently, so did Cora, "I'm sorry you were rescued from the Sabbat."

Leon tried again, "You both know this isn't the place for this."

It was like taking to two walls, two rather strong walls, that could destroy this place.

"Enough." Helena said in a demanding tone, as she approached.

She stood near the two. "You." She pointed to Cora, "If you can't mind your manners you can leave. Or do we need to bother the Prince with someone acting like a child in the Elysium?"

Cora narrowed her brows at Helena, clearly not happy with this development but the words had made it through to her.

The word Elysium was very clear and even if Cora didn't know Helena's position under the new prince, the Brujah knew it at that moment.

"Fine, I'll leave." Cora backed away from Quinn, began to leave, but stopped turned back towards the Brujah Primogen, "I'll see you around Quinn."

Her last words, clearly said as a threat.

Quinn watched her sire leave, she just stood there for a moment. Then said, to both of them, "Thank you. I'll be right back."

Quinn walked out of the entrance to the club. Leon followed her out the door but then stopped when he saw what the Brujah was doing.

Quinn walked across the street from Gomarrah, where there was an empty lot. Looked around twice.

Smash Her fist went into one of the trees with such power, it caused the tree to fall down.

Quinn walked back to the club and said to Leon, "I feel better now." Before walking back inside.

Leon just shook his head and followed her back inside.

Quinn headed straight for the bar, Leon was right behind.

Quinn looked at Leon, "I'm fine and you have a million other things to do, then watch me."

"A million and one," Leon smiled at her,"but they can wait."

However, that idea was shortened by one of the Nosfaratu calling him about something. He said he'd be right back and headed downstairs.

Quinn said to Jackson, "I need a drink."

Jackson nodded, "We will make sure the door men don't let her in here again." he said as he poured her a drink.

"First The Butcher, then Angel, now this, what's next?" he said half musing half making conversation.

"Thanks," Quinn said, after the comment about the making sure Cora didn't come back in.

"Oh, apparently the part about being a vampire, all the stories leave out, is that something is always going on."

The Brujah drank some of the blood, her gaze went to the door. Quinn wanted to know what her sire meant by her parting shot. She'd see Quinn around. "I get the feeling things are going to get worse before they get better."

Quinn downed the rest of her drink, "A client just came in. I'll talk to you later." With that the Brujah met with her client, and the two took a booth.


Leon came up about 15 minutes later , saw Quinn engaged in business and went to the bar to order a drink.

Jackson poured Leon a drink. "How goes the hunt?" He asked. He knew Leon had been busy with the Angel thing but knew he had others doing a lot of the leg work.

"About the main problem, not good. It seems like every bit of evidence is either a dead end or related to something else." Leon responded. "Thanks."

He took a sip of his drink. Leon was definitely questioning his decision to send Colette away, it had been for the good of the clan but it also felt a little like his right arm had been cut off, especially with so much going on.

The car pulled up to the VIP door and got out. Jackson opened the door for the Prince. Lia commented on a tree that was knocked down. The Prince knew probably what caused it. Lia walked into the club first and checked it out. Then the Prince was right behind her.

A few steps through the threshold and the Prince was greeted by the matron of Gomorrah who approached him. "Greetings Alexander. "I hope your night is going well, would you like a table tonight or are you here on other business?"

"Lia did a quiet clearing of the throat to get their attention. " Address him as Mr. Williams If you could or Prince," said Lia.

The Prince waved Lia off with his hand "Mr. Williams, will do thank you. Now to answer you both," answered Mr. Williams. "Do you know what happened outside with the tree?" asked Mr. Williams.

"My apologies. Mr. Williams." Helena gave an apologetic bow.

"The tree was the recipient of Quinn's venting after an incident, I am not privy to all the details but I put a stop to anything before it escalated to the point of needing you to intervene in matters." Helena explained.

"However, threats of furthering the issue were made, Leon made first contact and attempted to put an end to it, but I could foresee that his intervention wouldn't be enough, and that this individual's presence here rattled Quinn but don't let her know I used those words."

"Ms. Ward. I thank you. Is Quinn still around? asked Mr. Williams. looking around the room. "I would like a table if you would show me to one." Mr. Williams requested it politely.

"Right this way." Helena said, leading the Prince and Lia to a table near the back where the VIP section was. "I will be back in just a moment with drinks, and after I inquire with Jackson if Quinn is still here."

Helena gave a light dip, before seeing herself over to speak with Jackson. The Prince couldn't see their conversation but saw Jackson point to a different side of the room, Helena then returned with drinks.

"Jackson informed me that Quinn is indeed still around, she is conducting business at this moment however I informed Jackson to flag her down when she is finished. Would you like me to have him pass on a message or send her directly over?"

Mr. Williams paused "Yes I would." answered Mr. Williams. "Don't push the matter. Just I would like to ask a questions," says Mr. Williams.

"As you wish Mr. Williams. I will have Jackson send her over as soon as possible." Helena told the Prince.

"Thank you both," said the Prince. Mr. Williams sat drinking his drink and discussing things with Lia until Quinn came to the table.

Quinn finished with what was a productive meeting. Two cases of AB . Supplying everyone with blood made enough money on its own but large and speciality orders were where the money was really made.

Seeing Leon there the Brujah went back by the bar.

Leon said, "It seems as if Mr. Williams has arrived."

Quinn gave a nod and joked, "You think he's going to put me in time out for the tree."

Leon shook his head, "If it was up to me, you'd get a reward for not just punching Cora."

Quinn responded, "I was really tempted."

Quinn ordered a drink and sipped it.

Jackson passed Quinn a drink before passing the message on. "Boss lady said the Prince wanted a word when you were free." He mentioned.

"Thanks," Quinn said. "I guess I'm going to find out."

The Brujah took her drink and went to where the Prince was. While the Brujah in her wanted to just call him Alex and say, "What tree?" Quinn the Primogen certainly knew better, so she waited to be addressed.

Mr. Williams saw the attractive women walk up. Lia leaned in and informed him of "Primogen Quinn Abar." Lia said.

"Ms. Abar, I'm glad to see you again. Take a seat if you would like," said Mr. Williams seeing she had a drink in her hands.

"Mr. Williams. Thank you." Quinn took a seat. Well, he didn't sound upset but he was also a Ventrue, so it was still hard to tell

"I am inquiring about the tree outside. I have been told you have something to do with that, is everything ok?" asked Mr. Williams in an inquisitive tone.

No surprise it was about the tree. "Full disclosure, I had everything to do with the tree. Everything is alright now, thank you. I should tell you, however, my Sire Cora Sullivan is back in town.". Might as well just tell the Ventrue what he already knew or could easily find out.

Again Lia leaned into Mr. Williams explaining what she knew. Mr. Williams looked back at Lia who just nodded to Mr. Williams. "I see, Ms. Abar, was it her that you put through the tree? Is she working with the Sabbat now?" asked Mr. Williams.

"No. I put my fist through the tree, after she left. I don't know who she's working for or what she's up to." Quinn rarely knew what her Sire was up to until it fell on top of her. "I think she's sticking around though."

"Such restraint I am impressed, Ms. Abar. I am glad I was not there, it looks like it would hurt to get hit." Mr. Williams said half jokingly." Pausing Mr. Williams got a more serious expression. "If you hear something about your Sire Cora Sullivan please let Lia know." requested Mr. Williams.

"Thank you." She smiled at his quip. It had been hard to keep her control. "I will certainly let you know, if I find anything out."

Quinn had a feeling Leon would likely look into it as well.

"If there is anything you need contact, Lia. You have my support dealing with this Cora Sullivan," says Mr. Williams. "I will not hold you any longer Ms. Abar. Unless you want to stay," said Mr. Williams with a smile.

"I appreciate that. Thank you, but I believe a client of mine just walked in. So, I have business to attend to." Quinn got up. Gave a respectful goodbye and went back to work.

Back at the bar Jackson finished serving a few people before checking something on his phone, and making his way over to Leon.

"Hey, got a message to pass on to you." he said. "Guy says he knows you and might have something you are interested in. Won't tell me anything beyond that. Says not to send one of your guys, he only wants to talk to you."

"He's in the Arts district." Jackson said. "Not telling me more than that. Says you'll find him. Not in those words. I nearly had to run everything he said through a translator."

"Merci," Leon said and then made his way to the door.

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