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Summary: Don't let my eyes intimidate you.

Jackson Crowe

Gender: Male

Age: 21 actual (35 kindrid)

Group: Toreador


American mixed race
Born 1986


Bartender at Gomorrah and 'ticket taker' for the VIPs


Code of Honor (1 pt): You have a moral code of ethics that you follow to the T. Even while in a frenzy you will still attempt to follow your code. You automatically resist any temptation to break your code.

Common sense (1 pt): You have a significant amount of everyday wisdom.

Dynamic personality (5 pt): You exude and aura that makes people want to be near you. At the end of every session you may purchase dots of Allies, Contacts, Herd, or Retainers at a cost of 2 XP per dot.

Friendly Face (1 pt): You have a face that reminds everyone of someone. It makes people more inclined to approach you and ask for conversation. It makes it easy to turn a "mistake" into something more. This merit only functions at first meeting.

Lightning Calculator (1 pt): You have a way with mental math that is unlike most others. Extensive numerical computation of numbers is possible in your mind. There are edges to this in business for sure.




Deep Sleeper (1 pt): You sleep very deeply and are hard to awaken. You never set appointments for the early evening and may be late to those you had no hand in setting.

Fangless (2 pt): When you were embraced, you did not develop fangs. Instead, your mortal smile remained. Obviously, you now cannot use your fangs as a weapon, must find other ways to draw blood from prey lest you cause severe damage to them, and suffer a massive social stigma. After all "what kind of vampire doesn't have fangs?!" (Uses fresh blood bags)

Mistaken Identity (1 pt): You are the spitting image of another kindred. Their allies may approach you and tell you things you do not wish to hear, and their enemies may try to do you harm by mistake. Ultimately you may be able to sort out this error, but it will take tremendous effort.

Overconfident (1 pt): You have an unshakable belief in your own capabilities and self worth. Such boldness can be dangerous, as in the case that your abilities are not enough, and you charge in headlong with no thought, things are bound to go amiss. In the case that you do fail, you are quick to find something or someone else on which to lay the blame. If you are confident and convincing enough, you may even infect those around you with your arrogance. (Think Vegeta from Dragonball Z for this one.)

Phobia (1 or 2 pt): You have an irrational fear of something (animal, insect, crowds, open or closed spaces, etc) and when confronted with the source of your phobia you must roll courage Difficulty 8 to stay in the presence of the fear. Failure indicates you must attempt to flee in any direction away from the source. If unable to flee, you simply drop and cower in the fetal position until the source leaves or you are removed. As a 2 point Flaw a simple roll will not suffice, instead you must spend a willpower point. Failure to expend the point results in immediate fleeing, or cowardice. (closed in spaces)

Baby-face (2 pt): You naturally look more human. Your skin is pink and warmer, you blink, and breathe normally (even though you don't have to), and your heart will beat normally should you will it to, as long as you still have 1 blood point left in your body.

Physical Appearance

Slightly over 6 feet tall, thin but not skinny. body is covered in tattoos. Over his heart on his chest is a large sun, his arms are covered in tribal tattoos (but not like the 90's kind like real kind) on both hands on top are crowns, his fingers have intricate designs on his neck is a tattoo in Greek letters but in Latin that says 'Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te' = 'I can live neither with you, nor without you'. he has long black hair with one side shaved. black and red eyes and several ear piercing, a lip ring and a piercing near the corner of his left eye

Personality and interests

Puckish and slightly cocky pretty boy, flirtatious but knows 'no means no'. In a polyamorous relationship with Red.


Not to much is actually known about Jackson, though the tattoos on his body suggest he traveled a bit before his embrace. His confidence suggests he was some sort of performer or something akin to it making the swagger he exabits at the bar make sense. But when asked for details about his life before he tells everyone something different except for Red, but even she doesn't know if that's the true truth.

Favourite Sayings

"What'll have?"
/compliments and flirtations/

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Image of Jackson Crowe
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