Meeting Prep

Helena had known the meeting was happening almost to late.

"Jackson you stay here, make sure they Primogens arrive and are directed where to go." she said. "And mind your manners...please." she added before snagging Babs and Keele.

"Keele get ice. Babs the bags." she instructed and the two ran off to get what they were told. When they returned they found Helena in the meeting room placing buckets on the tables. "Fill those with ice, and place the bags in it like champagne going for room service." Helena said leaving the room again for a moment dragging in two extra chairs.

"Babs, you go check with Jackson to see if anyone has arrived, if they have, get them drinks whatever they want while we set up. Except for AB we still don't and won't have that so don't take that order." she added as Babs left. To check with Jackson.


Babs was gone a few minutes before popping her head in. "Some of them are here, I'll get them drinks but I thought you'd want to know." she vanished back out to serve the VIPs.

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