Moving Information Further Up The Line

Day Two: Before Primogen Meeting
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"Are you ready to go?" Leon asked as Colette came downstairs from her room at their house. The two were dressed well but the meeting was informal so not overdone.

"Yes," Colette said as she walked into the living room and picked the folders off the table. "Carol will be in charge of the information brokers tonight." When Colette had been in charge Carol had been her second and had been the one to run things when Colette couldn't.

Leon nodded and then said, "allons-y" (let's go).

They had requested and were approved to meet with the Prince a little early. The information they had was for his eyes, no need to bring in the rest of the Primogens, on such matters, unless the Prince said to. They arrived at the hotel the Prince was staying at the asked for him and then waited for the front desk to ring the room announcing their arrival.

Just as the desk clerk was about to call Lia walked out of the elevator looking at them "Mr. Lapoint, if you would follow me, please." she said in a charming tone. Lia looked at the desk clerk "They are with me" the woman and man behind the desk just nodded "yes ma'am" they replied. Lia motioned to the elevator "if you would Sir" she said politely.

As they enter the Elevator Lia turns to them as the elevator goes up. "Just as a reminder he like everything professional and likes to be addressed as Mr. Williams. do you have any questions for me?" Lia asks.

Leon and Colette nodded to Lia's instructions. "No, no questions. Thank you." Leon replied.

Once the elevator stopped they were led through a set of doors and into a luxurious room that apparently was part of one the upper level suites.

Several nice plush chairs were set up in the room with a small round table in the middle Alex was in one of the center chairs. Lia motioned for them to sit. "would you like something to drink?" she asked.

After everyone was comfortable Alex smiled He waited a moment thinking. " If you want Just me to hear what you have to say I can excuse Ms. Avraham to step out. but she will be right next door" He said moor like a warning. "Now what can I do for you Mr. Lapoint?" almost pronouncing his name with out an accent.

Leon and Colette sat down. When they were offered the drinks they both politely refused. While being offered was polite, it was fine to refuse.

When the Prince offered to excuse his assistant it made sense. Especially, being that Leon hadn't been told of her official title, yet. "Yes, Mr. Willians, that might be best for the moment, if you don't mind."

Once Lia was gone. Leon nodded to Colette who got up and handed two folders to Alex. Leon then spoke up. "As you probably already know we, as Nosfartu, run the information broker services of the town. We have come across two cases that we felt you should know about. The folder on top is a man named Anton Lipnicki. He was charged with criminal misconduct with children. He was let go on a flimsy technicality. In the past, we, our clan that is, have had free range to handle such matters as we see fit but we thought it was best to bring the issue to you as we don't know how you would like such matters handled. "

Leon was hoping that the new Prince would just go with tradition in this but there was really no telling.

Alex pick up the file and started look it over. "I will let you deal with this matter a long a you keep me in the loop and fallow the r\ules. Let me know before you kill him as a curtsy. My I suggest using any early teens we might have to do the job I just think it would be poetic justest. I just wish I could some how get the word out If you do this in our city this is what happens to you when you do this sort of thing." He said putting the file on the table.

Leon nodded. "Understood." Getting the word out might be something that could happen but it tended to take time and few more meetings before an ending befitting them could be arranged. "In the second folder is something of a more sensitive nature. There is a killer; the police are calling him The Butcher of Bourbon Street. He hadn't limited his killings to only Bourbon Street and there doesn't seem to be a pattern. However, the information in the file makes it seem like it might be one of us. It is rather gruesome and beyond what I would think most Camarilla would do but the Sabbat, it wouldn't be beyond them. However, its probably best to not rule out any faction. Considering the nature of the crimes we are only investigating this and not going after him but we can get you in contact with someone who has access to people that can." Leon didn't explain why he was telling The Prince about the Butcher. He didn't need to, even a suspicion that it might be a vampire, was something that needed to be reported to the Prince.

He sat back looking at the file He seemed to be reading it over a few times. "Let Lia in on this one if you would or if this is my copy of the file I will brief her myself. I can trust her with this information," he says first still looking over the file. "If it turns out to be one of us the Primogen's will deal with it. This would be a big violation and the Elders I know would not have any problem with us Killing them." He said thinking. "This would be one of those left in the sun to die kind of Violation. I will make an example out of them and make it clear what happens in a matter like this," he said sternly. "If it is not one of us give the Law enforcement at tip-off if we do know where he is. Make it anomalous unless we have an informant we can use for the tip-off."

"That is your copy but if you want we can get Ms. Avraham her own copy, sent over as well. Certainly, you are at your discretion to bring her in on this. " Leon said. "Colette, " nodding towards his second. "Can also brief her if you like." Really the choice was on the Prince but time might be running short before they had to start getting to the meeting. He really didn't know how much time the Prince and Lia had at the moment.

Leon nodded to what the Prince said. "We are still collecting information on this. No one seems to be sure who he is exactly. It's more of a logical assumption. We will certainly keep you of any additional information we find out and by all means Ms. Avrahamn can be included with as much of the investigation as you would like." When the informant came up; Leon looked to Colette. "Do we have an informant? " Then back to the Prince. "I've been out of the country for a few months and Colette here," motioning towards the woman. "Was in charge during my absence, after the last Primogen was , well, done. I know we had an informant but i believe he is no longer in the area."

Colette nodded. "That is correct but we do have access to another one. We can certainly get information to the police, as necessary."

The Prince smiled. "You tare the same as my office then. I just arrived as well and with the short time, I and Lia had to get things set up. I don't have much in the way of informants or contacts yet. Besides the Primogen's are the boots on the ground here. That's why I will let you all handle most problems. I am not a dictator I just expect to be in the loop when information is found out in this city. That does not mean you have free rain either. enough of that I will save that speech for the Primogen's meeting. Is there anything thing you wish to add or other subjects that need to be addressed? We still have 5 minutes" he said in an a polite tone.

"I understand." Leon nodded. "No, I believe we have concluded what we needed to tell you." He glanced at Colette in case she needed to add anything but the nod of her head indicated she didn't. "We look forward to your leadership." Colette stood up, as she knew Leon's sign of when it was time to go. Leon then continued. "We will certainly keep you informed and will see you at the meeting. It was a pleasure meeting you. We can see ourselves out. Thank you for your time. "

Colette politely nodded towards the Prince and the two of them left back through the elevator doors.

The prince stood to his feet as they left and Lia walk-in "Thank you for your time and information looking forward to seeing you both again." He said.

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