To Tame A Pet

(First Night)

Curiosity, had gotten the better of Giorgo and he had left his casino, Cuore di Venzia, to set his own eyes on the new Prince. He had heard vampire, after vampire come to work or come in as customers mentioning seeing the new Prince at The Lion's Den. So, he left Maryann in charge and wandered off to the club.

When he arrived he spotted the Prince but also spotted Angelica looking bored and Guiseppe next to her. He made his way over to his two cousins. "Ciao, volete un po' di compagnia?" (Hello, would you two like some company.)

Angelica looked up and smiled at his arrival. "Per favore." (Please) Motioning to a seat across from her. She then turned to Guiseppe. " Giuseppe, potresti portarci qualcosa da bere? Penso che il bar sarebbe più veloce che chiamare la cameriera." (Giuseppe, would you please get us some drinks? I think the bar would be faster than calling the waitress over.)

""Io resto con Angelica. Ha detto Mario." (I am to stay with Angelica. Mario said.) Guiseppe replied not moving from his seat

The problem was Mario had been a little preoccupied and while he had given Guiseppe precise instructions all he had said to Angelica was that Guiseppe would be with her as her bodyguard.

Angelica smiled at Guiseppe, they were all blood bonded to Mario, after all, they all knew to follow his instructions but she really wanted a moment without him hovering. "Anche Mario non ha detto di prendersi cura di me stasera? Faresti quell'affare portandoci da bere. Inoltre, Giorgio è qui e tu non credi davvero che nostro cugino lascerebbe che mi succeda qualcosa, vero?" (Didn't Mario also say to take care of me tonight? You would be doing that buy getting us some drinks. Besides, Giorgio is here and you don't really believe our cousin would let anything happen to me, do you?"

Guiseppe looked at Angelica, then Giorgo, then Angelica, she seemed to have baffled him as if she had presented him with a great mystery of the world. Then again....Guiseppe stood up and headed over the bar to get the drinks.

Angelica let out a breath. "He's been hovering all night. And you know I love Guiseppe as a cousin would, he's just following orders and he makes an excellent body guard but he is certainly not a great conversationalist."

Giorgo let out a quiet and brief laugh. "Well, I think you're just stuck with him. I really don't think Mario will let you go any place without him."

"Of course, not but at least when my little project is finished I'll have someone else to speak with." Maybe, that should have been said in Italian but she was certain noone was bothering to listen to them. If a vampire overheard it wasn't a big deal; it was just if a mortal did that could be a problem.

"Ah, yes, your project. How is your animale domestico (pet) coming along?" Giorgo asked.

"molto bene grazie" (Very well, thank you.) Angelica replied, glancing back up as the new Primogens for the Toredors were sitting down with the Prince. Making a mental note of it before going back to the conversation. "I believe she'll be ready in another week or so."

"Good." Giorgo thought for a moment. "Who's that with the Prince?"

"The new Primogen for the Toredors and her assistant. Adele Bordeaux and Jack Gomez. I don't know that much about them."

Giorgo nodded. He would, probably, introduce himself to them at some point but not tonight.

Angelica's phone vibrated and she looked at it. Mario wanted to know what was going on. Angelica filled him in and he said that she was done for the night, to come home.

Angelica looked up at Guiseppe came back with the drinks. She then said. "Mario wants us home." Looking, then, at Giorgo. "Are you coming?"

"No, I'm going to head back to the casino. I was just curious about the new Prince and thought you might want some , additional, company." He smiled at her.

"Thank you. I'll see you later then."

"Yes." Nodding towards her as he got up to leave, then nodding towards Guiseppe. "Guiseppe."

Giorgo left and soon after so did Angelica and Guiseppe. When they arrived home they were met at the door by Elara. "Guiseppe, Mario said you are done for the night."

Guiseppe nodded and left the two women alone.

"Your pet is hungry. Mario said to take care of it and if you have nothing else to report you're also done for the night."

Angelica just nodded and made her way downstairs. Past the room that she didn't particularly want to think about and to a door at the end of the hallway. She opened to find her pet, her red headed, green eyed beauty, Delaney. "Laney, I had a night. Got to see the new Prince. Had some words with that annoying Quinn. Figures the Brujah would pick someone like her to be in charge."

Angelica picked up a knife from the table and slit her wrist allowing the rich, crimson blood to drip into a goblet. She looked over at Laney who looked ravenous and grinned. "Now, you are to drink all of this. If you are good we'll be able to get you out that whole contraption."

That contraption was what looked like a large wooden x, with a platform on the bottom of it. Laney was chained to it and gagged. She had been a little, uncooperative, the last time Angelica had tried to feed her. Angelica though knew that would likely happen, the last bit of free will tended to hold on, with some, stronger than one might think. So, Laney had been tied up like this for two days and not fed. It wasn't considered cruel by vampires who knew about ghouling techniques, as she was too the point her body could handle it without any damage or her being in pain from it, but, it would make her hungry, very hungry from the expended energy.

Angelica removed the gag and Laney said. "Thank you."

Well, that was pleasant but wasn't quiet there.

"Thank you...?"


"Ma'am works. Also, Ms. Angelica but we'll get to protocol after you've eaten." She walked around the ghoul, yes, she did believe she could call her that now. "Now, who do you belong to?"

"Ms. Angelica."

"Do you want to be anywhere else, with anyone else but me?"

"No, Ma'am." Laney then said. "I want only to please you, to serve you."

That was it, what Angelica needed to hear to know the transformation was complete. She unchained Laney and said. "Go drink my dear. You've earned it."

In a flash, Laney was over by the cup drinking down contents, all of them. She held the cup and said. "May, I have more please...more...please."

Angelica said. "Oh, all right. Just a little more but then we need to get you cleaned up and to begin your training. We still have a few hours before dawn." Her wrist had already healed so she cut it open again and filled up the cup about halfway then gave it back to Laney who drank it all down. At which point, Angelica said. "Come along. We have work to do."

Laney obediently followed the women that she now belonged to.

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