Happenings at Gomorrah

Jack looked at Adele and nodded as she gave a delicate smirk in reply. They have been around each other long enough to understand such simple gestures. Jack then looked at Lily with a charming smile before he spoke up softly.
Jack: This may be rather uneventful and boring, so if you wish to attend other business or simply wait it is up to you Ms. Foster.

Lilly understood that as Adele's and Jack's polite way of saying it was Prince/Primogen business and not, likely, for her ears. "I do have other business to attend to." It wasn't a lie; it was just her other business had to to with going back to Gomorrah and finding a Toreador to take home for the evening. "It was a pleasure meeting both of you. If either of you need my assistance again please feel free to contact me." She then did the gracious nod of someone at a lower place politically. "Primogen. I look forward to your leadership." With that she took her leave of The Lion's Den.

Back at Gomorrah:

Jackson nodded "I'll get that to him soon as I can. He can check in with me before the nights over. Have a few things to take care of before I can do it but it'll get done. And tell Leon, if you have anything on the 'Butcher' don't send any of your people to do on location information gathering." he looked serious at Colette. "I'm serious on this one. When you see those pictures, you'll see what I mean. I don't want you sending out good people to die for this. I've got some people to do the search once we know what we are dealing with." he told her. "And yeah. Good luck as always."

"Thanks. I'll be sure to pass on the message." She was certain if it was bad enough that Leon wouldn't send out the Nosferatu, anyway. They had lost enough in the uprising against the last Prince; between that and their being a new Prince they weren't sure of, yet. Things might have to be a little more cautious for the moment. Besides, Nosferatu weren't known as fighters as much as they were for their other skills. "Let us know if there is any development on either from your end. We'll be careful."

Colette headed downstairs to the area where the Nosferatu ran their information bank. There were the Nosferatu on the computers; those were either doing straight research or hacking to get more information. There were a few more standing around those were the field agents, so to speak, they would go out and do more of the work as going directly to places, people or tailing someone, things like that. The Nosferatu , that had honed that particular skill, could go undetected which made them extremely useful for that kind of work.

"You were up there a while. " Leon said to Colette as the woman took a seat near him behind a big table.

"Jackson had some information to pass on." She put the folder in front of her for the moment without opening it, she'd get to that in a moment. "Anton Lipnicki. He convicted of criminal misconduct with children, released on a technicality. According to Jackson it was a technicité de merde from what he could tell." (bullshit technicality).

Leon nodded and then called over three of the Nosfartu. "Amir, Tammy and Chris, Could you come over here?" Amir had been at the computer. Tammy and Christopher had been sitting at one of the tables. They all came over to the table. Leon then said to Colette. "Fill them in."

Colette did as asked and then Leon said. "Amir I want you to find out any information you can about Anton Lipnicki. Tammy and Chris once you get an address and a picture of him, find him and tail him. If he's about to harm another child, take care of it. Other than that don't engage, just report back to me or Colette your findings. "

The three Nosfartu went to their spots and now it was just for the waiting on more information. Once that was done Colette pushed the folder in front of Leon who opened it and looked through the files, what he saw was more than troubling. Colette gave Leon a moment before she started speaking. "They are calling him Le Boucher de la Rue Bourbon though he apparently hasn't limited his killings to just Bourbon Street. Jackson was very admit about telling me we shouldn't go after this guy. I think the files speak as to why. He said he had other people to do the search once they find out more, which, of course, is where we'd come in."

"Well, I'm in agreement with Jackson. We don't need people dying over this." He continued to look though the folder. " Leon commented. "There doesn't seem to be a pattern."

"There isn't one, not in any of the killings." Colette affirmed Leon's conclusion.

"That'll make it harder. It could be one of us but it would almost unheard of the have a Camarilla to go so off track, unless something happened to cause it." Leon's observation was very accurate. It wasn't a common thing for a Camarilla to be like that and the ones that were tended to have been turned by the Sabbat or something was wrong with them. There had been a few cases of Malkavians who couldn't handle being a Vampire, at all, becoming killers but even those weren't that common. There was the Giovanni with their clan curse; the deadly bite but that wasn't this and the Giovanni tried to be very careful regarding that. Leon thought for moment. "With Carnival season only a few weeks away. We need to get on this." He then looked around the room. "Stella and Jordan. Could you both come over here?"

Stella and Jordan were two of their best computer people and the bigger, more complex and more urgent the case , the more likely they were to be put on it. The two women walked over to the table. "I need one of you to make two copies of everything in this folder, then give the folder back to me. This is to not go outside this room. I'm going to warn you that the information in this file is disturbing, so, let me know it's too much for either of you."

Both women looked over the folder as Colette filled them in. They looked horrified but they also took deep breaths and said they could handle it. The Nosferatu had a kind of clan curse and blessing in that they weren't as far removed from humanity as some of the clans but in cases like this it made certain things hard to deal with. as requested the copies were made, two new folders were created and the women went to work on their computers trying to find out more.

Leon then decided to send out a message; to the Prince. Asking for a private meeting. Even the Lion's Den was too public to pass on the information he had. That wasn't uncommon for information brokers to do as much of what they found out was senstive information.

Back upstairs at Gomorrah.

Jackson nodded, putting down the glass he was cleaning. "How's it Quinn?" he asked, though it was more of just a general 'Hello'. "I could uses so O- and some A+." he said, "I got this guy pestering me for AB-. But that's not worth the price." he said as he finished her drink. Though it was almost entirely blood, he dolled it up to look like a real Bloody Mary. His short tenure as a vampire he still clung onto a bit of the esthetic of making this feel a bit more human, could be to blend in could be nostalgia could be any number of things. "I'll take what juice boxes you can get me, you know the boss is good for it."
Quinn recognizing it was a general hello and not really wanting to be cliche and spill her stuff to the bartender, despite the fact that Jackson was pretty cool, just answered with a "Good." She got an interested look at the idea that someone had requested AB blood. That would be a lot of money for her. "Well, if that guy comes back send him my way. I'll get him hooked up." She took a sip of her drink. The blood tasted good going down but she was able to sip it as she wasn't overly hungry. Quinn did appreciate the way Jackson made it look like a more human drink, it was a nice touch. "Sure thing." She responded to his order. Making a note of it mentally. She was very good at keeping orders straight in her head. "i'll be delivering at the usual time."
Deliveries were usually made 2 days after orders were placed; she needed time to acquire the supplies, after all.

Lilly came back to Gomorrah and instantly spotted a Toreador with long strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and an incredible body. A woman that was almost as beautiful as she was. Lilly looked around and was to see the Nosferatu had gone downstairs, especially, one Nosferatu in particular. "Hello, Gillian" Lilly said to the other Toreador.

"Hi. I know that look. So, your place or mine?" Gillian smiled. The two weren't new to each other and Gillian thought that Lilly was almost as beautiful as she was.

Lilly smiled. "Mine. I have my car out front."

Gillian nodded and the two of them left together.

Quinn noticed the very quick exchange between Lilly and Gillian and almost laughed but didn't. She couldn't help but wonder if the two of them ever have had conversation where they just discuss how beautiful they each obviously were as Quinn knew that that's how both women saw each other.

With that Quinn spotted a group of Brujah come into the club. She made her way over to them and said. "Any trouble and you all know you'll be answering to me." That was the only warning she would give them. They didn't want to have to answer to her. One of them said. "Ok." As the rest shrugged a whatever at her. That was enough for her as it meant they weren't there to cause problems. "Now, move over and lets have some fun." Quinn said and the others smiled at her. There was a, sort of, higher archy in the clan but at the same time they all considered Quinn their friend and family as a member of the clan. Where in some clans the Primogen might act better than the clan that they ruled, Quinn knew, with the Brujah that was a good way to get killed. So, she set the minimum rules they had, she laid down law when needed but over all she was pretty easy to get along with.

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