The Big Boss Man

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As long as Adele and Jack were ready to go, Lilly and she escorted them to the Lion's Den where they arrived a few minutes later. When they got there Lilly noticed that her instincts had been correct and the Prince was talking with Quinn. The three of them were shown to a table and once they were seated. She turned to Adele and Jack. "The woman speaking with the Prince currently is Primogen Quinn Abar, she's the leader of the Brujah. She's also in charge of the blood trade." Her reasoning was simple for saying this; it would be a good indication as to why they couldn't just interrupt them as Quinn was also a Primogen. And it was always useful to know who was in charge of the blood trade in an area. "The other woman with him is Lia Avarham. She is always with him and anything goes through her. Would you like me to send a note requesting a meeting for you?" Lilly wasn't sure if they wanted to send the message themselves or they wanted her to because different Primogen's worked differently. It didn't take very long for Quinn to finish with the Prince and she got up and left. Now all was for the Prince to invite them over or at least Adele and Jack.

Lia waited until Quinn was gone she could be seen looking over the room then bent down and talked in the Princes ear. He nodded several time as she showed him the Ipad. They talked for a minute. Then Lia called the waitress that had been severing them, and gave her a note and what look to be instructions. There was a nod from the waitress. The waitress walk over pored some Blood drinks walked over to Adele and Jack. "Ma'am, Sir, Mr. Williams would like you and your associates to join him at his table", she said with a polite smile.

Jack looked at Adele and nodded as she gave a delicate smirk in reply. They have been around each other long enough to understand such simple gestures. Jack then looked at Lily with a charming smile before he spoke up softly.
Jack: This may be rather uneventful and boring, so if you wish to attend other business or simply wait it is up to you Ms. Foster.

Then Adele and Jack rose up and followed the waitress to where Lia and the Prince were sitting at. After the routine of polite gestures and introductions commonly used in the Camarilla, Jack pulled out a chair for Adele before he sat down next to her with a simple smile. Adele then looked at Lia as she assessed her before looking at the Prince with a charming smile. Then Adele nodded at Jack who put an envelope on the table and moved it to Adele. Then Adele simply waited till the Prince spoke up to initiate the conversation.

The prince smiled at them as they sat "I am happy that you could join me. I hope you are having a good time Ms. Bordeaux and Mr. Gomez it is good to meet you both. If you did not know I am Alexander Williams." said the Prince in a cheerful tone. Just above the noise of the club. Lia watched carefully the two as the envelope was passed. The prince did not seem to be bothered by it.

Inside the envelope was a list of businesses Adele was connected with and her plans to help develop New Orleans financially. It included a plan to make shelters for the homeless financed by the Prince and run by the Nosferatu to strengthened the Camarilla, there was also plans for the Toreador to run some hotels, clubs, museums, Carnival, Mardi Gras, Halloween events with Elvira, some tourism busses of haunted places, a TV show with Elvira showing bad monster movies, supporting local music, supporting local theater, and other promotional events.

Then on a separate page was a plan to get the Gangrel to play nice by giving them a better outlet for their talents other than local crime. Then plan for the Gangrel was to set up a Gator Farm to bring in money legally since the current prices for alligators are $20 per foot for a 9-foot or longer gator, $17 for 8 feet, $13-$15 for 7 feet and $13-$14 for 6 feet, according to local hunters and processors. There was also a plan to set up and run a biker rally called the Rocktober Biker Rally in October as well as the March Rumble Biker Rally in March. The biker rallies will have several tattoo parlors, larger stalls for food, a few cheap hotels and the barns will be where the performances, bars and accommodate up to 750,000 people. The main issue of the plan was winning over the Gangrel since they were loose cannons currently so Adele wanted to use a “Duel” to win them over.

Adele: As you can see this is what I plan to do unless you object to any of this. As you know many of the cities have been taken down due to the corruption of the Sabbat. This is my plan to help strengthen our resolve in support of your position. Since it is a lot to deal with I am hoping you will handle the plan regarding the Nosferatu clan. I will handle the plan regarding the Gangrel. From what I have seen the Tremere could use some minor support by purchasing their special products. However the Giovanni and Brujah will require a lot of politics which is your wheel house.

Adele then looked at Jack before she spoke up again.
Adele: So how do you feel about this series of plans to strengthen this city?
Alex looked it over placed it back in to the envelope and handed it to Lia. She took it and placed it behind the Ipad. He looked at everyone there "looks like a good start. I will support the Primogen's any way I can this is a team effort not a dictator ship. As long as we stay within the rules of the elders and council I will help out. I will study your plan and let you know if I see a problem." He answered.
Adele gave Alex a smile and a nod.

Adele: Thank you for your support. My contact information is in there as well. You can reach me personally or through my staff at any time. Since you have approved of my plans so far I will begin implementing them starting tomorrow. So since you are a busy man I won’t take up anymore of your precious time.
Jack got up and helped Adele with her chair as she stood up. He then took her hand and put the chair back and he calmly nodded to her. Adele looked regal like a princess the way Jack treated her. She then gave Alex a curtsy and bow along with Jack who bowed to the Prince.

Adele: Till we meet again dear Prince.
Then Adele and Jack left the room and slowly made their way towards the exit of the building. Luckily their driver followed them on the way to the Lion’s Den and was patiently waiting in the parking lot.

Jack: Well that went well. What is next on the agenda?

Adele: Hmmmmmmm………perhaps a tour the night life would be in order.

Jack: Very well then.

After telling the driver to tour the busy nightlife in New Orleans they got into the limo and took in the scenery as they looked out the window of the moving limo.


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