Be Safe and Dealings

Colette waited until Jackson was done giving all the information before speaking but she nodded occasionally to let him know that she was listening. She lowered her voice when she spoke. "Ooh, those are both very juicy pieces of information. I'll have to see what Leon wants to do with it. The first one might be easily taken care of but we might have to hold back until we know what the new Prince is like. The second, hmmm...that might be trickier, especially, if it's one of our own. Maybe, it's a Sabat, it certainly seems like something one of them would do. In that case, we might be able to just sent Quinn after them." Quinn wasn't exactly secretive about how much she hated the Sabat. However, Colette's comment about it was half said in jest; once again, a lot depended on how the new Prince was about such things.

"Oh, before I forget. Leon needs a new card so it says Primogen on it." She paused. "You know formalities and all of that. Anyway, thanks for the information, it's very useful. I should get downstairs." With that Colette left to speak to Leon.

Jackson nodded "I'll get that to him soon as I can. He can check in with me before the nights over. Have a few things to take care of before I can do it but it'll get done. And tell Leon, if you have anything on the 'Butcher' don't send any of your people to do on location information gathering." he looked serious at Colette. "I'm serious on this one. When you see those pictures, you'll see what I mean. I don't want you sending out good people to die for this. I've got some people to do the search once we know what we are dealing with." he told her. "And yeah. Good luck as always."


Quinn arrived back at Gomorrah a few minutes after Jackson and Colette were done speaking. She went up to the bar. "Hey, Jackson. I need a drink." That talk of the Sabat with the Prince, even though she had brought it up, had set her on edge. "Also, I'm taken orders tonight if you need any supplies." Supplies, of course, meant blood.

Jackson nodded, putting down the glass he was cleaning. "How's it Quinn?" he asked, though it was more of just a general 'Hello'. "I could uses so O- and some A+." he said, "I got this guy pestering me for AB-. But that's not worth the price." he said as he finished her drink. Though it was almost entirely blood, he dolled it up to look like a real Bloody Mary. His short tenure as a vampire he still clung onto a bit of the esthetic of making this feel a bit more human, could be to blend in could be nostalgia could be any number of things. "I'll take what juice boxes you can get me, you know the boss is good for it."

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