The Gomorrah club Primogen meeting- revised

Standing and walking over to his office Alexander looked at Lia "Is there any more meetings?" he asks her. Giving a smile back "no sir" she replied. Alexander walked over to his desk and look over some papers on it. "Here are some files I need you to look into this stuff let me know what you find out," he said. He handed over some files. "What is next?" He asked Lia. She looked at her Ipad "Sir, You have to leave for the Primogen meeting in 15 minutes." she replied.

Alexander paused "Is it that time already? did you convey what I wanted at the meeting?" he asks. Lia nodded and replied, "Yes sir." He turned to get his jacket "it is at the Elysium the Gomorrah club?" he asked. Lia putting the stuff done she had in her hands. She walked over and helped Alexander with his suit jacket making sure that it was perfect. "yes sir, as planned and you remembered the name that's good it shows you are getting to know this city" she says. Alexander smiled "Yes it will be quite a ride on this assignment." he turned and looked facing Lia "how do I look?" he asked. He already knew but it was always good for a second pair of eyes. She gave a smile "good as always Mr. Williams." she replied.

"Tell them to bring the car around. Also, keep any weapons in the car we will be in the Elysium we should follow the rules as well we will take you and the diver only they should have enough security because of the meeting." he said walking towards the door Lia following close behind. The elevator ride was quick and they were in the basement the Mercedes Maybach s600 Heavy was waiting with his driver standing and open the door when he saw them. He looked around first then got Alexsander got in and Lia right bided him the trip did not take long. Lia and Alexsander went over information that he would talk about at the meeting.

They pulled up to the door his driver opened the door for Alexander Lia to get out first. She looked around and stepped to one side after it was safe. He stepped out of the Mercedes Maybach s600 he paused as a man came from the door. Lia smiled at the man "Mr. Crowe, It is a pleasure to see you." Alexander just gave a warm smile and said nothing. They were lead in and placed in a VIP booth. They were seated. Jackson told them that the room would be ready shortly and enjoy the refreshments A woman walked up after Jackson left. "would you like anything?" She said with a big smile. Alexsander and Lia ordered some drinks. During the wait, Lia pointed out anyone she knew names some information on them moor of a refresher he had looked at all the files before he got to New Orleans. Alexander was glad to get to work and rebuild this great city. It was not long before some came and led them to the Room set up for the meeting. Helena greeting them and motioned Him in. They walked in and Alexander went to the only chair at the end of the table and sat. While he was sitting Lia got his Ipad set up for him as he watched others inter the room.

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