Follow and Retrieve

JP with LaserSexPanther, Jaxx, and Cindy

(Takes place the same night as Lilly's party)

Once Giorgio filled everyone in, the werewolves left. Leon could only hope the two young wolves kept their promise to speak to their leaders but he also understand the hesitation to do so. Wolves were known for rather strict discipline methods of their own.

The Giovanni left slightly after, needing to return to their home and fill in Mario.

That left Leon, Eddie, Colette and Hector, and Quinn at the morgue, and a group of Brujah outside.

Colette pulled Leon aside, "Jackson texted me. Said Angel was on the move."

Leon asked Quinn, "Can you get Colette home?"

Quinn nodded, "Of course."

Colette furrowed her brow at her Sire. "You're going to go tracking, aren't you? I could come. "

Leon gave her a stern look, "No, you can't."

Colette swallowed and sighed, "I've been in worse danger than some crazy manic running around, killing people, before."

Leon shook his head at her. "I'm aware but I've decided. You know, you're not supposed to argue with me.'

Colette rolled her eyes, "Have you met me?"

Quinn snickered at that last comment and then said, to Colette. 'Well, it's two Primogens to one second in command. I'm siding with Leon so you're outranked and outnumbered."

Colette realizing she couldn't win this, threw up her arms in defeat, "Alright, alright."

With that, Leon turned to Eddie, "You up for doing some surveillance with me?"

Eddie nodded as he was asked to do some tracking for Leon. This mission was adding to his achievements rather quickly. He was glad the werewolves were willing to listen to reason and he could talk them down from a war. Granted they were going to have to deal with them later on, he was glad his clan was being recognized and useful to the Nosferatu. If he could gain respect and support from the Nos on top of the support of the Toreadors, his clan had a strong future to look forward to.

Eddie: Sure man. Is it just me or did you need Hector too? Also, are we taking separate rides?

Leon nodded at Eddie's reply, it was good to have muscle backing him even if he had techniques to not be spotted.

Leon replied, "Just you. It'll be easier for there to be just the two of us. Do you have something to do with your bike; if you ride with me?" Or some idea on how to keep it safe."

The Nosferatu would prefer to have the Gangrel ride with him; it was just easier.

Eddie nodded as he looked at Hector and spoke up.

Eddie: Call some of the boys to pick up my ride and take it back to the bar. I'll get a ride from Leon.

Hector: Sure boss.

Then Eddie looked at Leon as Hector was making a phone call. Eddie popped his neck and spoke up.

Eddie: Whenever you are ready man.

Quinn turned to Colette, "You ready?"

Colette said she was and the two said goodbye to the others and left. They got outside, Quinn put the container in the back of the van, let Colette in the front passenger side, then signaled the rest of the Brujah who wasted no time getting back to the van. Once ready they left.

Leon got a text, he took a second to read it, then said to Eddie, "I've got a location, let's go."

Angel stood under a street light, as a cream and back 1970's Rolls Royce Phantom pulled up. Even in this light, you could tell it was polished to a mirrored shine. The trailing Nos was too far to hear what was said to Angel as the suicide doors swung open, but they could see them flinch before hurrying into the vehicle. But never the less they shot off a message to Leon about the car to look out for.

Leon pushed the button on the key fob to unlock the doors, to his car, then got into the driver's side.

He waited for Eddie to get in before saying. "We're looking for a 1970's Rolls Royce Phantom, cream and black."

Letting the Gangrel see the picture of the vehicle before hitting a few buttons on his phone and then a few on his dashboard connecting his phone to the computer in the car. He started the car and off they went.

"We weren't able to get a tracking device on the car, " Leon explained, "but Constance is one of the best trackers I have." Which said a lot coming from the Nosferatu Primogen.

Leon made a few turns and a few more, driving quickly but not unsafely. The streets were practically empty for the first few blocks but the closer they got to the more tourist areas with the bars, nightclubs, and casinos the more cars they came across still, it wasn't what anyone would consider busy. Another text came in and was read off by the computer in the car. It simply gave the street and Angel was on.

Leon made one more turn, then said, "The car should be around here somewhere." (edited)

The car turned off the main street and onto a series of backroads. Driving very slow, not in a way that indicated being followed but like someone who was in no hurry. The darkly tinted windows made it impossible to tell what was going on inside the car. But it was clear something heated was going on.

Leon got another text, he kept driving. Pulling onto the back roads, a car was in front of them.

"That's the tail, " Leon explained.

He then told the car to message Constance. "Behind you. Will take it from here. You can go."

A return message simply said, "Got it.". With that, the car in front of them pulled off going down a side street.

With Constance gone, Leon looked ahead, the Rolls was the perfect distance ahead. Not so far that it would be hard to follow but not close enough that Leon and Eddie's presence would be particularly noticeable.

"When they stop; I think we should track on foot. I can make you invisible but I know you can also camouflage. Which would you rather do?" Leon asked Eddie.

Eddie thought for a second then replied.

Eddie: Try camo first and if need we can do invisible. I am not sure if it will mess with my auspex.

The car ahead of them continued to slowly roll down the street. After what felt like forever at that snail's pace the car slowed to a stop and the door opened at the speed it did before, a blood-covered Angel was kicked from the car. Chin and chest soaked, the door slammed shut behind them and the car tore off as Angel stumbled into the nearby alley.

Leon needed to make a decision and fast, try to follow the car, which could potentially give them away, or get to Angel. He had already taken note of the license plate and he now knew the make and model of the car, so he left the Rolls to speed off.

Leon stopped the car, near where Angel was and then turned to Eddie, "Change of plans." Nodding towards the bloodied Angel. "Can you help me get him in the car?" (edited)

Eddie nodded at Leon.

Eddie: Do you want him inside with us or in the trunk?

Leon glanced at Angel. The Toreador didn't look in the best shape. Probably, wasn't a threat of any kind but screaming could be a problem.

Leon reached into his glove box and pulled out handcuffs and a gag. "Trunk. We'll use these to keep him quiet and from getting out."

Leon popped the trunk, "Let's move." Quickly getting out of the car.

Eddie got out and aided Leon cuff Angel and tossed him into the trunk gently to not get blood all over the place. Eddie didn't talk while dealing with the bloody Angel to not spook him anymore. He waited till they got back in the car and began driving before he would speak again.

Leon had doubted there being much resistance on the part of Angel. The Nosferatu was pretty convinced that Angel wasn't the Butcher but Leon needed answers about who Angel had been within that car.

He was also gentle with the Toreador. Really, didn't want to spook or hurt him any more than Angel already was but the trunk just seemed like the safest option for the moment. Leon made sure Angel's cell was taken off of him.

Leon was the last to enter the car at which point he took off.

Leon then contacted Quinn, "Where are you?"

"At your place," Quinn responded, "What's up?"

"Need blood, a container full."

"Any specifics?"

"Human but beyond that just bring a mix." Leon then said. "Bring to the offices - abandoned park."

"On it," Quinn responded and disconnected the call.

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