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Summary: A ruthless biker of fortune

Primogen Eddie Guzman aka Machete

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Gender: Male

Age: 81 Looks 40

Group: Gangrel


California, Los Angeles


El Diablo Biker gang leader
Street Brawler

Advanced Animalism is a Discipline that brings the vampire closer to their animalistic nature. This not only allows them to communicate with and gain dominance over creatures of nature, but gives them influence over the Beast itself.

Advanced Fortitude is a Discipline that grants Kindred unearthly toughness, even to the point of resisting fire and sunlight.

Advanced Protean is a Discipline that gives vampires the ability to change form, from growing feral claws to evaporating into a cloud of mist.


The Gangrel are one of the thirteen vampire clans found in the World of Darkness.

The Gangrel are considered the most feral and predatory of the Kindred, and because of their reclusive natures, animalistic tendencies and loose organization, are the least social of the Cainites, preferring solitude to society. They also tend to be extremely territorial and possessive and to enter a Gangrel's territory without permission is certain death. They do have their role and reputation among the kindred as fierce warriors, but to get a Gangrel to agree to work with others, even other Gangrel, can be a difficult, if not impossible, task.


Due to their inherent clan weakness, Gangrel are very close to the Beast within; as they succumb to it, it leaves its mark on their bodies. Every time a Gangrel Frenzies, they gain an animalistic feature. This feature is determined by the player; it might be tufted ears, a pelt, a tail, catlike eyes, a snarling voice, tusks, even scales or feathers. Every five such features acquired permanently reduce one of the Gangrel's Social Attributes by one.

Physical Appearance

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175lb
Build: Muscular

Personality and interests

Eddie is stereo typical male biker with a mean streak. He loves blood, money, women and cutting loose.


Eddie was a poor kid on the streets who joined a few gangs till he was badly wounded in a gun fight. He was rescued by his sire and joined the El Diablo Biker gang under his Sire who was the leader of the gang. They committed a lot of crimes and made a lot of money till they settled down in New Orleans where the Sire became the Gangrel Primogen of New Orleans. Then after a power struggle the Sire was killed and Eddie took over the gang. Eddie is a freelance security service now and is only loyal till the paycheck stops. He earned the nick name Machete since he kills his victims with one.

Favourite Sayings

Eh homes!

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Image of Primogen Eddie Guzman aka Machete
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