Vinny’s Punishment

Meanwhile Jack had a long and weird conversation with the Malkavian known as Inque. Inque has a thing for Jack and often comes to his aid with information that could help him. As it turned out Vinny has been a very bad bad boy as his offenses increased during Inque’s investigation. She informed Jack that Vinny had indeed messed with the blood of his employees on more than one occasion for his sick hobby of tormenting others. He also tried to save money by buying questionable blood from a third rate blood service, which was known to steal blood from hospitals, blood banks and human victims. To make it worse the third rate service didn’t confirm the quality of the blood and sold tainted blood that was supposed to be destroyed. It was also Vinny discovered that Vinny brain washed and took advantage of his employees. So after Jack gave this information to Adele she quickly decided Vinny’s punishment. Vinny would be fined heavily for messing with the blood of his employees as well as buying tainted blood from the third rate service. His employees would receive monetary reimbursement and offered new employment if desired. Vinny would also spend a month in prison and only allowed rats blood during that time in order to re educate him. This was sent as a text to all the Primogen and the Prince. Adele apologized for not meeting in person but knew they were all busy at the moment.


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