Getting Angel To Safety

JP with Jaxx, LaserSexPanther and Cindy

Leon drove as fast as he could without attracting attention to Angel's place. He parked, turned the car off, opened the doors, and got out of the car.

Leon got out of the car with Eddie, he looked around. It seemed safe. Then he opened the back car door and told Angel to get out of the car.

Once Angel was out of the car, Leon said, "Lead the way."

Eddie remained quiet as he looked around to see who was watching. Using his night eyes through Auspex made it easier to see any nosy types.

Angel led them to a door on the second floor. The hallway belied Angle's attire. Littered with days old garbage bags and several children's toys, the door in question had several dead bolts. "Just give me a second." Angel said unlocking each one, inside after each lock turned a more frantic squeak and tippy-tap sound could be heard inside. When Angel pushed the door open they were greeted by a tiny pig, no bigger than a weiner dog. A soft pink thing with a dark pink spot over one eye and one near its rear. "Hey sweetie." Angel cooed. "We're going on a little vacation." Angel went into another room bringing back a litter box that they dumped in the trash, and threw in a half full bag of litter and a bag of kibble. Handing it to Eddie, before leaving the room again coming back in just a moment with a small duffle bag. "I always have a bug-out bag ready." they said. "I just need to do one more thing." Angel said taking them out of the apartment and locking behind them.

Angel stepped out the door and into the hall. Knocking on the adjacent door. After a few moments the door opened. A very short young woman with poorly dyed black hair and deeply dark circled grey eyes stood in the doorway. The smell of 'alternative healing' wafted into the hall. The woman adjusted her glasses. "Oh, hi Angel." she said. "To what do I owe that visit from you and your cute little buddy?" She said scratching the pig on the head.

"I need to go away for a few days, could you maybe water my plants?" Angel asked.

"Sure." the woman said, taking Angel's keys. "How many days?"

"Not sure yet. Just got some things I need to sort out then I'll be right home."

"Okay. Be safe." the woman said, but didn't say more she just closed the door. Not rudely but like someone with few social skills.

"Okay." Angel said, turning back to them. "I'm ready to go."

Leon didn't think much of the woman that had agreed to water Angel's plants. Knowing humans or having them as acquaintances wasn't all that unknown because vampires, mostly, lived in cities. It would have been difficult, if not impossible for that not to be the case. Exceptions certainly happened like the Nosferatu that lived in the sewers but it certainly wasn't unusual for certain clans.

Leon led the group back to his car. Unlocked it. Put Angel's stuff in the trunk, then let Angel get in the back with the small pig.

They arrived at Gomorrah a little while later. Leon called to let Helena know they were arriving at the backdoor.

Leon used his key to open the door, so, the three of them plus the pig were brought inside and Leon led them to Helena's office.

By this time Hector and a few Gangrel were already waiting behind Gomorrah. They parked their bikes where Helena suggested to not bother business. They simply followed Eddie as they entered without saying anything.

It was not long before Helena appeared at the back entrance. "We will put them up for tonight, nights after can be discussed after you fill me in on details. Any help Jackson or I can provide just inquire. That man knows far more than he has any right to." Helena said before taking them up stairs to the upper floor. "Angel, you can stay in this room. Just be sure to clean up after that thing." she pointed to the pig.

"Thank you." Angel replied, "And he uses a litter box so he's not gonna make a mess." they added.

"Understood," Leon commented.

Once they got Angel settled with the bodyguards. Leon asked Helena, "Shall we go talk?"

Helena nodded "Follow me." she said, taking Leon to her office. She took the seat behind her desk. "Okay." she said. "What's happening?" she asked. "Jackson said something strange was going on but couldn't or wouldn't tell me much." she said. "So what'd that boy do to get wrapped up in needing to lay low? Leave out anything I can't or am better off not knowing but I do need something."

Leon looked at her, "Vinny, the guy Angel works for, he's making Angel drink blood he can't. Pig blood. Angel isn't safe with Vinny."

Leon figured Helena had been around long enough to know what that meant, why it was important to get Angel away from Vinny.

Helena gave a knowing but sad nod. "Okay he can stay here as long as it takes to sort it out." Helena said. "If you need anything dealing with this...situation." she rolled her jaw. "Talk to Jackson, he'll be able to help. Eye and ear and all that. Friends everywhere. He might know or be able to know something your files might now have." Helena looked at Leon. "Provided your files have blank spots. I know your files tend to be extensive."

Leon nodded, "Merci, and I will speak with Jackson if the need arises." He paused, "Are you aware of the issue with The Butcher?" Not really sure what she knew.

"Aware as any one I suppose."she replied "Vicious killer on the loose. Dark Alleys. Didn't see the report from what people are saying is it's big what ever it is." Helena thought a moment. "Keeping an eye on things I take it?"

'Yes, just be careful. And Jackson and your staff. It seems to strike in dark alleys. Attacks like an animal. I'm thinking it could take down most of us." Leon spoke seriously. "I might be calling in the Trimere for protection wards. Let me know if you want anything done."

A protection wards didn't allow anyone in without permission from the owner so for a club it might not be possible but residence, cars, things like that were often warded.

Helena thought a second. "I'll think on that." she said. "What do you plan to do about Vinny?" she asked leaning forward a bit. "I'm here to help."

Helena shrugged. "I wouldn't even know where to start as far as where to take him. Getting to him might be a trick though." she said. "His 'club' is more..." she did air quotes "VIP, then mine. Meaning the bouncers might be an issue, or more so their list. But that is something I can't help with, and not sure who could. The prince maybe. No idea. Vinny's got a high opinion of himself."

"Thank you for that info. I've not gotten to look over those files and it does make planning easier. We'll get him." That last part, Leon wasn't about to give away details.

The Nosferatu stood, "Thank you for your help."

He and Eddie needed to get going to get back to their homes before daybreak.

Leon then went to find Eddie.

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