Decisions Before Daybreak

Leon had decisions to make, a lot more of them than he had thought he would when this night had started out. The Nosferatu had dropped off Eddie wherever the Gangrel needed to go before daybreak and was now headed home.

He pulled his car into the driveway and glanced at the home he shared with Colette. The investigation into the Butcher was going to become dangerous and likely soon.

The files of Vinny, Angel and Vinny's business, were in the backseat. He knew, without looking at them, Vinny was likely to be dangerous. He seriously doubted that the Toreador would go quietly when they went to get him.

Leon knew what he had to do but Colette wasn't going to like it. Still, as her Primogen and her Sire it was the correct decision.

The Nosferatu went up to the house, glancing around the whole way, he'd be glad when the wards were in place.

The door opened and of course Colette must have heard him pull in because she greeted him at the door.

"So, what happened? Did you get Angel?" She started asking questions before he barely got in the door.

Leon shook his head, "I'll explain what happened but first, can you get me 2 blood bags. It's been a long night."

Colette nodded and went off to get the blood. Leon took a seat in the living room and Colette was back in moments with the bags. She took a seat and waited as the man finished the bags.

The woman was trying to be patient but she had been waiting for hours, what felt like an eternity to her, to find out what had happened. All she really knew was Quinn had left to deliver blood.

Leon knew how antsy his progeny could get. He would tell her to breathe - but - vampire and all of that.

Once he had finished eating, he started speaking, explaining what had happened with Angel and about Vinny. When he mentioned the blood, Colette was shocked and disgusted. That was bad. Really bad. She felt awful for Angel. Though finding out Angel was currently safe was a good thing.

Leon gave Colette a moment to digest all of that. She ran the information network along with him and was probably better at keeping secrets than almost anyone. So, telling her made sense.

"I'm thinking the more we get involved with the investigation into the Butcher and now everything with Vinny, things are going to escalate, get much more dangerous." He paused, "I'm going to hold a clan meeting. Allow anyone that wants out of this investigation to get out."

It was a very Nosferatu thing to do, to allow others to save themselves. It was also a Leon thing to rule his clan with more of a guiding kind hand than a firm one.

"I can get it set up," Colette responded but was surprised by Leon's response.

Shaking his head, "No, I want you out of here. The city. You need to be someplace safe until this is over."

Here it comes, Leon knew Colette wasn't happy with that proposal.

"What? You think I can't take care of myself?". She was more than upset at him for even suggesting the idea. "Leon, I'm not that 17 year old girl you saved from herself. I'm over 100 years old. I helped bring down the crazy lunatic otherwise as the last Prince. I did that by myself, you weren't even here for it. When are you going to stop being so damn protective?" She stared directly at him. "I "know as well as you that none of the clan is going to want out. Why would I? And you're not going to even give me a choice. "

Well that went as well as expected, Leon thought. She was partially right, he did tend to be overly protective of her but this wasn't even about that. Well, maybe a little about it.

Letting Colette calm down, Leon spoke again, "I know you did. I know you can handle yourself. I do owe you an apology, for not seeing how capable you've become."

"Adsila," Leon softened his voice to say her actual birth name, the one from her native Cherokee. He only ever called her that in private. "You are second in command. If something happens to me you'll need to take over. I need you someplace safe because of that. We won't always have the luxury of making your safety happen, it's best to take advantage of it. Once everything is done, I'll let you know."

The logic of that sunk in with Colette. She didn't like it but, now, understood his decision more

"When do I leave, and where am I going?" She quietly asked

"You'll go to Seattle, there is a large group of Nosferatu there. Henry is the Primogen." Henry was an old friend of both of them. "He agreed to have you stay with him. You'll leave tomorrow night. I have booked you a flight."

The Sire stood and said, "You can pack tomorrow, you'll have time before you need to leave. We should go to bed now, it's almost daybreak."

With that the two Nosferatu went to their rooms to bed. It wasn't exactly an easy decision for either of them but it had to be done.

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