A new world

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Aurora was led into a large room where Mr. Williams was sitting in a plush chair and Lia was standing near him with her Ipad in her arms. Mr. Williams looked up and gave a warm smile. Lia looked at Aurora she was wearing a cute dark blue short dress the skirt coming to an inch or two above the knee. She put her long almost white hair into a ponytail as she walked in. Lia gave a sigh. Mr. Williams stands up "Aurora, good evening." Mr. Williams said in an aplite tone. Lia walks over as the door is shut behind Aurora. Lia circles Aurora then stops. "Good morning, Aurora. you can take a seat next to the prince," said Lia. A woman comes out with a silver platter with packets of Blood. "are you hungry Ma'am?" The woman asks.

Aurora smiled sweetly at the prince though she was a little unnerved by Lia. At getting told where to sit she quickly took a seat next to Alex. " Hungary yes Ma'am I am" she looked at the blood then to Alex as if looking for some kind of que. She did not know what to do with them and was totally unwilling to make a foul of herself. She needed to be the best and that meant keeping a perfect image.

"Pick one and bite into it and drink the blood. You should buy now to be able to smell or sense the one you want or that is good to you," said Mr. Williams. The woman hands Aurora a cloth napkin and presents the plater to her.

she nodded and took her time picking one. she bit into it carefully to not make a mess. She could not have that happen. She made a face at the taste it was not quite what she expected but it was good enough. she finished and wiped her mouth with the napkin. " Thank you how has your morning been," she asked. She cast a glance at Lia.

"Busy," Replied Mr. Williams. He turned to Lia "OK I will go over what you suggested." Mr. Williams turned back to Aurora.

"Aurora, first, time does not work in the same sense as before most people think in years. We think in centuries so don't feel you have to learn everything in a week. Lia and I are responsible for your training. You only answer to us. All the vampires know this and it should not be a problem. The only one that might ask you to do something or I might put in charge of you will be the Primogen. Lia will go over that with you later. I will personally do your training for your abilities feeding things like that. Lia will teach out how to dress act in customs and Vampier edict and many other areas." said Mr. Williams in a polite tone.

Mr. Williams took a sip of blood from a gold goblet. "I welcome you to a new family. We will support you in every way we can. How do you feel today? do you need anything?" Mr. Williams said sitting back in his chair.

She listened quietly focusing on him. Questions immediately found her mind. " century, iv only been alive for 20 years" she said. She took several moments befor speaking again. It was as if she were choosing her words carefully.

" so like figure skating it can take a lifetime to master. Umm who is the Primogen and what do they do? " she asked.

" Is there something wrong with the way I dress?" She asked if there was the slightest hint she was offended by the thought.

" im ok just a little out of my element here," she admitted. She felt so much more at home in an ice rink than here and not starting the day well night practicing was just weard.

Lia sighs "Aurora, appearance is everything in Mr. William's position in the world and vampier society. let's say when in the office or working you must have the most professional look. II am not saying that when you are on your off time or in your sweet you can dress any way you wish. But I ask when you come here or with Mr. Williams, you need to have a certain standard. Like a Duchess or princess. they would not be dressed or have their hair just pulled into a ponytail." informed Lia. Smiling at Aurora "It is a lot to take in and I was the same when I was embraced."
said Lia now handing her an Ipad. "this is yours to use there is information on this." then Lia's tone changed to more like a mother talking to a child. "Do not lose this or let others touch it. The inforamtion is vary sinitive. this cell is also for you. The same applies to it." this time in a softer tone.

"So basically the Prince is in charge of his city and slightly outside of his city. Above him are the council of elders.
Directly below him is the Sheriff. Below that are the Primogens. The Primogens are in charge of the individual clans.
The Ventrue your clan tend to run their clans slightly differently than some Still they have Primogen though. In our case, it is the prince until someone is assigned that position. " Lia informed Aurora

Aurora raises an eyebrow. " I'm not a princess or a duchess, so I will need more explanation on what exactly is the dress code, also cutting or dyeing my hair is out of the question," she said.

" When we're you embraced?" She asked genuinely curious.

" thank you," She said accepting both Ipad and phone.

" please tell me I will not be quizzed about this too soon that's a lot to remember," She said gently.

Lia smiled genuinely "back in the 1950s for a city most of us are quite young to be in the position that we hold. in some circles we are but eight teen. The elders put a lot of trust in Mr. William and we are all watched carefully by them. One hundred years is but a drop in the ocean to a vampier. As for your appearance and your hair you can take that up with the hairdresser. As for fashion, we have experts. that can advise you on what will work and still keep your own taste." she said.

Walking to a chair across from Aurora and Mr. Williams Lia sits elegantly. "let me say something about the elders to start most of them are a thousand years old or more. They can kill you in seconds. They could kill everyone in this room or even the floor in a minute including the vampires. Keep that in mind when or if you meet one." Lia said with firmness. 'Now no you don't need to rush and no quizzes to day to day is shopping day for you." She said cheerfully.

Aurora was silent she just looked between Lia and Alex for a long time. " A.. Mr. Williams I the elders I..." She muttered. Her attempts to speak failed as her mind raced faster than she could speak.

She took a deep breath closing her eyes. " I...please tell me the elders don't visit often. I do know that I... Umm... I'm an ice skater that's been my world since I was three. This is just.." She posed she needed a moment to collect her thoughts. Her thoughts and emotions ran to throw her head like a storm.

" Ugg what I would not give for some ice right now!" She growled in frustration more at herself than anyone else. " how much time do I have to learn all this" she asked finally

The Prince smiles "hopefully never, relax it will take time for you to be a custom to the new way of life. I will be here for you every step of the way. It will seem unfair to you at first but you will soon like the benefits. You are beautiful and talented you will be fine." Prince said with confidence. He looked at Lia " I guess let's get things done." Prince turned to Aurora It is time you can go shopping and get some time to get shown around. Lia will be with you so don't worry." said the Prince.

Aurora's face turned red at the compliments. " Ummm... Thank you." She said. Trying hard to control her expression which was not working.

" Shopping I guess it might be fun to try being a normal person for once," she said with a slight grin.

" Weight where are you going, when will you be back. Well we get some more time to talk later" She asked.

Chuckling the Prince shakes his head. "Now I think I know how my Sire felt. Nowhere, Aurora. I have work to do and a city to run along with my many businesses. Yes, you can come and talk later. You can ask Lia too. Lia knows a lot about a great many things." He said standing. "Lia take good care of her for me. I will see both of you later.

" Now thats just not fair. You chuckling at me like that." she said giggling. She liked seeing him happy. She turned to Lia. " should we start with edict or the different clans" she said.

Lia looked at the Prince "I will look after her." replied Lia to the Prince. Lia turns and stands as answers "l little of both. We can talk as we shop." said Lia.

" right, let the way. I did not see much of the city. Not that I had the time to remember much of it. " she said. Her hand went to her neck as the memories of that week and that night danced in front of her eyes. She shook her head and refocused." Where are you from" She asked.

Lia paused "Israel really grew up in the US," answered Lia.

"There are some messed up people or cults out there that would do something like that," answered Lia walking. A man stepped out from another door Lia looked at the man in a suit he did have a gun in a holster on his hip. "J J . we are going sopping tonight bring the Mercedes s600 stretch. around it will be just I and Aurora. no other security will be needed." Lia requested. JJ gave a nod "yes Ma'am" he answered and quickly walked off. Lia looked back at Aurora. "J J stands for James Jackson he is are main driver and body's guard when we are out. anytime you leave here you will need a guard from now on. He and others on this floor are what we refer to as ghouls. They drink our blood for their benefit voluntarily most of the time. They get abilities from it and long life but it comes at a price and they have to do what we command." said Lia. she looked over to Aurora "do you want to go dressed like that or change?" asked Lia.

Aurora watched the into action curiously. " You mean some are not willing why would you force them to? Also why do we need body guards" she asked. She was a little confused and shocked.

That confusion did not last long. As though about what she had been asked. Again she still did not see the problem with the outfit it was cute and covered evrything. "Is what im wherein now ok or a shopping trip? I know there a rules about the dress code" She said.

Lia looked "nothing you can wear what you want. Just making sure you were ready to go. To answer your question Bodyguards keep us out of trouble. You will find out soon that you are stronger than before you could snap a large man's neck with no effort at all. but if you were to do that with people watching that would be bad. Also, you're a target the Prince's money makes you one. being a vampire makes you one. just to start." Lia informs her.

"So we have The Masquerade is organized and enforced by the Camarilla to convince people that vampires do not exist. The Masquerade is the cornerstone survival strategy for Kindred, without it, the kine would rise up and exterminate all the undead" informed Lia

Aurora smiled " yes im ready to go" she said.

She looked thoughtful for a moment. " you know there are quite a few well trained Athelts that can pull off similar stunts. How does anyone know we are connected to the Prince" she asked?

"News travels fast. There are eyes and ears everywhere and on everyone. so what who you talk to and say. The Prince did not get where he is by making friends." said Lia

" Understand," Aurora said simply.

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