Plans To Kidnap A La Sombra

Joint Post with Jaxx and Cindy

Quinn hadn't expected the call from Leon about helping - as the Nosfartu put it - extract someone but the Brujah Primogen was certainly willing to help.

Now, came the problem of which two Brujah to take with her. Her two best fighters weren't exactly smart and would probably just hit anything that moved, just to hit it. Her two smartest fighters weren't as tough as some of the others but listened to commands much better than most of what she was working with.

Of course, they were all still Brujah, fighting Brujah, not the kind she was. Intelligence was an extremely relative term for those kind of Brujahs. They were all prone to just deciding to go rogue in a fight, at times. The question was did she take the ones who were more or less likely.

Calculating a few things in her mind, the Brujah went with one of each. Finn, a strong, burly looking man who stood about 6'6". He had been a fighter in his human life. Not a boxer. Instead, the man had been owned, a slave, whose sadistic owner liked to watch his slaves beat each other into the ground and sometimes, death. Finn had been the one called to fight when the outcome for his opponent was supposed to be death. He was very stereotypical of the excellent fighter, little common sense Brujah. He was an easy pick.

Quinn's next choice was a little more difficult because one would go with her but the other left here, to sort of babysit, the other Brujah. She didn't normally do that but the Butcher meant Quinn didn't want her clan just running off looking for a fight.

Penny and Arthur were her two smartest. Quinn didn't know a lot about Arthur's background. She didn't pry into it either. He was about 6'2, not nearly the size of Finn but still a good fighter and fast, very fast. He was smart enough to follow directions though and that would be a good thing.

Leon had dropped Colette off at the airport and then it was home, to plan. Thanks to his eyes on Vinny's club, the Nosfartu had a good idea of a plan of action.

He left a message for Erykah, the Tremere Primogen, about the wards. Then it was the messages to Eddie and Quinn to meet at Leon's house.

The first to arrive was Quinn, not surprising as she lived closer than Eddie. Leon was not surprised by her choice of Brujah to help.

Quinn glanced around for a moment, "Where's Collette?"


"Out of the line of fire?"


Erykah was in her office going over expense reports in hopes of finding a better profit margin this time. Sadly she was burdened with prop and material costs from the voodoo show and the magic tools on top of her small Cajun restaurants. Then her phone went off and alerted her of a message from Leon. It was a job to put up wards. She smiled as she found a new income to work with. She replied she was on her way to Leon by text. Then she summoned a few of her clan and their supplies before taking her Voodoo Bus to their destination.

After getting the message from Leon, Eddie texted he was on his way. Then he drove his chopper to Leon’s place. It was a bit of a drive but he made good timing. Once he arrived he knocked on the door and came in after being invited in.

Leon noticed the message from Erykah.

Then he heard the knock on the door, Leon got the door and invited the Gangrel inside.

"Feel free to take a seat," Leon said to Eddie as Quinn and the two Brujah were sitting.

"Erykah, should be showing up soon but that shouldn't take long. I'm going to ask the her to have the Trimere put up wards. If either of you, " Obviously meaning Eddie and Quinn, "know of any place or anyone that needs a ward, let me know. I already have a list started."

"In the meantime, we should go over the plan to get Vinny."

Leon paused and looked at Eddie, "Do you have anyone else you want in on this? We could use one or two more but if not we can also make it work."

Eddie nodded and texted on his phone to get three more Gangrels to come to Leon's place.

Eddie: I asked for three of my guys to head here.

Jus then Erykah arrived outside of Leon's place and knocked on the door.

Leon nodded and then answered the door.

"Come in," He said to Erykah and stepped aside to let her in.

Once she was inside he offered her a seat.

Leon then said, "There are a number of wards that need to be done."

The Nosfaratu handed her a piece of paper. "This is the list of places that need a ward."

There were a number of places on it, including Leon's home, Lilly's home and the Giovanni home.

Leon the asked Quinn, "You want to add anything?"

Quinn thought for a moment. "My van."

Leon nodded and then turned to Eddie, "Do you have anything you want to add to be warded?"

Eddie nodded as he realized his choppers were at stake here so he spoke up.

Eddie: I guess our bikes.

Erykah looked around and realized she was going to make some good money in this mission so she smiled and nodded at Leon.

Erykah: Very well we can get started here first. So is it safe to assume you are paying for our services Leon?

Leon responded to Erykah, "Of course."

Quinn went to protest him paying for her van and Leon stopped her with his hand up before she even got a word out.

Leon just said, "No, if you want to argue with me over it. We'll do it later. No time for that."

That got Quinn to not protest and just nod.

The Nosfaratu then turned back to Erykah.

"Feel free to start here but they don't all need to be done tonight. This house, my car, Quinn's van and the bikes need to be tonight. The rest just as soon as possible."

"How would you like to be paid?"

Erykah smiled at Leon then spoke up.

Erykah: Money is the best for us right now. I'll send you a bill after our work is done.

Then Erykah left out the door and began working with her clan members on the wards that would be put on the vehicles.

Eddies was a bit concerned after Erykah left and asked Leon a question.

Eddie: How strong are these wards?

Leon heard Eddie's question.

"They are pretty strong. No one can go near the bikes but the owner. Unless the owner invites them. It works the same for everything. In the rare case that someone or something is immune to magic they won't work on that particular person but that's not a common trait to have."

Leon only knew of one vampire in New Orleans like that.

Eddie nodded at Leon as it seemed like a good deal. It sounded better than insurance.

Another door knock and Leon answered it, it clearly was the three Gangrel Eddie had texted. Leon let them in and offered them seats.

"Now, we need to discuss the plan,". Leon began, "The club is small with only one door, a front door to get in and out. Vinny apparently has several bodyguards, 5. Catiff but tough. Vinny, himself, is a La Sombra so , of course, they tend to fight dirty. He used to be a boxer.

I was thinking just go in, take out whoever you need to, grab Vinny and get out.

I have someplace to take him."

Leon then paused to allow anyone else to speak up.

Eddie then spoke up.

Eddie: So you want to kidnap Vinny, but what do we do with his guards? Do we leave them or secure them?

Leon thought about Eddie's question, for a moment, "I'm not thinking securing them is going to be an option. Just get Vinny. It's unlikely the guards will do much beyond the club considering we have three Primogens involved with this. "

Eddie nodded at that option. It was a lot faster and easier to just knock out the guards rather than capture them.

Eddie: Sounds doable. Anything else to worry about?

Leon responded, "There might be some customers at the club. Try not to engage with them, unless it's necessary. I doubt the clientele that frequents this kind of place will care too much that Vinny is being grabbed."

"Any other questions or anything anyone wants to add?" Leon added

Eddie and the Gangrels shook their heads no since they had a good idea on what to do.

Quinn, glanced at Arthur who shook his head, then at Finn who looked at Quinn a moment.

Finn, for reasons only known to himself, decided to add, "We go crush heads now."

Quinn rolled her eyes and shook her head, "Soon."

Leon got up,"Let me make sure the wards are ready."

He went to the door and outside to check on how Erykah was doing.

Erykah smiled at Leon as he came out to check up on her.

Erykah: Yello Leon. We ave just finished tha wards on yer vehicles. We will work on the rest ov da list now.

Leon returned the smile: "That was fast. We'll probably be leaving before the house is done."

That was the plan, anyway.

Quinn came outside and went to her van. She came over to Leon and Erkyah carrying a styrofoam cooler and put it down on the ground.

Quinn then spoke to Erkyah, "I think you might be able to use this. It's on the house, but don't tell anyone I did that or everyone will want freebies."

Erykah nodded at Quinn with respect.

Erykah: Aye. After a snack we vill get back at work.

The the Tremere opened the cooler and began passing out blood bags since using blood magic was taxing.

Quinn nodded, then turned to Leon, "You want me to bring some in?"

Leon shook his head, "No, I have some inside and we might need it later."

The Brujah and the Nosfartu, went back inside.

Leon spoke to the assembled group in his living room, "Does anyone need to eat before we go?"

Avoiding Frenzy was important, if they were going to pull this off.

Eddie and the Gangrel shook their head no as they fed before coming.

Eddie: Naw we good.

Quinn and the Brujah also said no.

Leon nodded, "The wards on the vehicle are done. Everyone can follow me. There is a parking lot about a block from the club. Let's stop at that lot before heading there."

He texted the address of the parking lot to Quinn and Eddie, just in case.

"I think then we're ready, let's go." Leon added.

Eddie and his crew left Leon's place and hopped on their choppers and let them idle a bit before taking off to the destination. The Gangrels were in high spirits as they got to knock some heads around without being concerned about pissing off the Prince. This time they had support from the other clans which was a bonus. Feeling the cool breeze on their faces and hearing the roar of their choppers made them feel like it was the old times before the war.

Quinn got into her van with Finn and Arthur in the back.

"We go knock heads, now?" Finn asked.

"That's where we're headed." Quinn responded as she pulled out of the driveway.

Leon gave a wave to Erykah, before getting into his car and leading the group down the road. He really hoped things would go smoothly.

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