(Mild Content Warning. Be Advised)

Club Blu was a dingy brick box, as nondescript as any other building save the gaudy neon signage. A bright blue lit marquee read Club Blu, above a blue metal door, to either side were vertical signs one the left LIVE, the right XXX. Outside this windowless structure sat a large man in all black, and everything looked two sizes too small and sunglasses even though it was night.

The man was doing something to occupy himself on his phone when Vinny’s limo pulled to a stop and the door swung open. A pair stepped out first, very much like Angel but at the same time different. Clearly Vinny had a type. The two stared back into the car longingly as Vinny took a long step out and placed a hand on each person’s back, they in turn placed a hand on his lower back.

“Ey boss.” the man at the door said, taking the velvet rope away and letting Vinny enter. The club was basically empty, and frankly that was the usual day to day. Something he’d never fully admit was the club was basically an excuse for his own entertainment and a place to rub shoulders with ‘friends’.

“Make the list shorter tonight Cory, I don’t want a lot of distractions.” Vinny ordered as he and his entourage entered Club Blu. The flash of lights and blaring music spilling into the streets for a brief moment before the door closed with a heavy clunk.

As he stepped into the threshold his eyes narrowed slightly and a Cheshire cat grin spread across his face as he inhaled deeply of the sin. “Dakota, Kris… find us a seat.” Vinny said, giving them each a swat on the rear. “Daddy needs a drink.”

The two took a seat at the only place they ever sat, a horse-shoe shaped sofa right at the edge of the catwalk stage. Each taking a spot to either side so they would flank Vinny when he sat down.

It wasn’t long before Vinny returned from the bar, the two moved and allowed Vinny to fall back onto his spot before leaning back against him. “You two are lucky I’m so good to you.” he said, grabbing a knee on each one, before running his large hand on their inner thighs moving up. “And if you are really good…” he gestured his head to the blood bag on the table, AB negative. Quite rare, quite expensive. Before either could say anything Vinny pulled Dekota into his lap in a lying position, spilling half way into Kris’ lap.

“Now. Be still.” he ordered but gave Dekota a come hither smile, and they batted their eye lashes, bit their lip and just nodded at Vinny. “I mean it.” he said, taking the blood bag in hand and biting a small hole near the top.

Vinny pulled the bag away from his teeth and Kris leaned up and kissed him, getting the little blood that had spilled with the bite, before kissing Dakota to share. All the while Vinny’s eyes were glued to the dancer on stage. Disrobing with a teasingly graceful movement, moving their hands down their side, hooking their underwear in their thumbs in an elegant motion sliding them down, kicking them off towards Vinny. Who caught them, giving the underwear a whiff before tossing them on the table grinning at the dancer. As they made their way back across the stage, Vinny took the blood bag in hand again, pouring a body shot into Dakota's belly button, slurping it up before licking it clean. As Vinny prepared to make a second blood shot, a crash at the front door interrupted him as the door burst open Cory stumbling through falling to the ground. The real thing that drew Vinny’s attention was the group letting themselves in. Vinny slowly pushed Dakota upright as his eyes filled with an intense interest.

“Welcome…” Vinny said invitingly, stretching out his arms across the back of the sofa, but switched to a much more serious tone. “Now I gotta ask what the fuck it is you think you’re doing?"

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