Knocking Down The Front Door

The parking lot wasn't particularly busy this time of night. The group assembled in it, probably looked a little interesting to any passers by.

Leon said. "Ok, we need to show force. Vinny won't like why we're there. Be ready for a fight."

Then he realized he probably didn't need to say that last part considering who was on this mission.

Quinn asked, "Are we throwing Vinny in the back of my van?"

"Yes, you," meaning Quinn and the two Brujah with her. "Should be able to keep him under control."

So, that was it knock their way in there. The group got back on their vehicles and moved closer to the club.

Leon went first, with the others close behind. The doorman practically fell off his seat when he saw who was coming.

Quinn quipped, "I'm guessing we're not on the guest list." She then moved closer to the doorman, "If I were you, I'd run."

The doorman took Quinn's advice and moved quickly away from the door.

Leon looked at the assembled group, he pointed to Finn and the largest Gangrel. "You and you, knock the door down."

It was overkill, which was exactly what Leon wanted.

The Gangrel mentioned to go on three but, as if figuring Finn might not make it to three, both of them went on two.

Crash. The door fell in, taking a good portion of the front wall with it.

Leon made his way in the door with Quinn and Eddie right behind him and the rest of the group following the Primogens.

Vinny was easy to spot, as the group proceeded to approach.

“Welcome…” Vinny said invitingly, stretching out his arms across the back of the sofa, but switched to a much more serious tone. “Now I gotta ask what the fuck it is you think you’re doing?"

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