Shopping with Aurora

JP with Redsword, Lily and Cindy

"What do you think of this one? Or that's all wrong. " Lilly handed her ghoul Hope another outfit to put back. "Put that on back the rack. I want this outfit but in green. No - black. No - the silver one. That's it get me it in silver."

"Yes, ma'am. " Hope scurried off to find Lilly the outfit in silver.

Lilly glanced over at her other ghoul. Bodyguard, driver. "What do you think, Harold? You think I look good in silver?"

"You look good in anything Ms. Lilly.". Harold stated

Oh, how Lilly loved having ghouls to stroke her already inflated ego.

From out if the corner of her eye something or more like someone caught her eye. Lia had arrived at the store with someone in tow.

Being a Toredor, Lilly was drawn to all beauty like a moth to a flame. She looked at the young woman, who must be a vampire for a few moments.

Whoever it was was quite attractive with beautiful hair. Lilly's curiosity was definitely peeked.

The Toredor maneuvered over to Lia and this mystery vampire in a graceful subtle movement.

"Ms. Avraham. It is good to see you. I do hope you and Mr. Williams are doing, well." Anyone with any knowledge of Toredors would certainly know Lilly was doing this out of protocol but also for an introduction to the new woman.

Aurora did not notice lily until she spoke. She was currently looking at a pretty blue dress. After picking it up and feeling the weight of the fabric she shook her head and put it back . Aurora smiled at Lilly as she turned to face the two. " Do you two know echoer?" She asked a cereus exasperation on her face.

"Ms Foster, Good to see you to. doing some shopping as well?" asked Ms. Avraham.

"Why, yes," Lilly responded. "With Holidays and Carnivale Season upon us. I have several obligations to which new outfits are a must."

Was the Toredor bragging,? Maybe, a little but it was done so elegantly that it might have been hard to tell with an untrained ear.

Aurora lesions quietly. Her question has been answered by the new conversation.

Lia smiled "I do agree. Let me introduce Aurora Korray, She is new and Mr. Williams youth." Lia uses the word youth because child sounded wrong in public. "We are getting her new clothing for the office and other social occasions. Do you have any recommendations, Ms. Foster?" asked Lia politely. Lia knew this would be Aurora's first interaction with Vampires and showing the right Etiquette was important interaction.

Lilly smiled at the blonde. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Aurora."

Giving a nod as Lia explained why they were there. The Prince had a new child, how interesting. A look crossed her face as if she given a gift when Lia asked for clothing recommendations.

"Of course, " Her eyes glanced at the rack they were looking at. "Not this rack though. Come with me."

She led the other two vampires to a different area of the boutique. Several racks held clothing in a variety of colors and styles. "This area has elegant but youthful styles. Look around a bit, see what you like. I'll be here if you need help."

Hope came back over with the silver outfit. Lilly turned to her, "Oh, Hope. Put that back."

Hope hurried off again.

" Hi it's nice to meet you too," She said with a smile.

Aurora looks a little confused but follows where Lilly leads. She looks around a pretty dark blue outfit caught her eyes. She picks it up. " does this meet the dress code" She said quietly.

Lilly walked closer, looking over to the dark blue outfit.

"I'd say, that would be nice for you. It's not too formal. So, perfect for meetings or around the office." The Toredor looked over the young Ventrue. "What other colors do you like? "

" Umm.." She said. She had not had much chance to think about such things. " I like Purple, and red, I also really don't like clothes that restricts movement if that makes sense" she said.

Lilly nodded, though she thought the young woman would look amazing in a tight fitting outfit, she'd go with what Aurora wanted.

Hope came back and Lilly said,"Oh, Hope, you remember Ms. Avraham."

Hope gave a respectful nod to Lia. "Ms. Avraham." As one would greet, someone clearly of a higher status than themselves.

Lilly said, to Hope. "This is Aurora. She is with Mr. Williams. Can you find a few purple and red outfits for her to look over? Nothing restrictive."

"Yes, Ma'am" And with that Hope was off again.

Lilly said, to Aurora. "Hope is my - assistant." The woman certainly couldn't say Ghoul.

Something caught Lilly's eye, she walked over and picked up a dress in a shade of royal purple. It was clearly for a formal occasion. Flowing, about tea length.

What do you think of this?" Lilly asked Aurora.

" Hello Hope," she said creating the newcomer. She was a little surprised when hope hurried off.

Aurora nodded in response to Lilly's explanation.

" Oh that's so pritty," she said her eyes lighting up.

" where are you from miss Lilly" She asked.

"Oh, I'm originally from NY. But I've lived in New Orleans for many years, now." Lilly answered Aurora. "I consider myself to be far more from New Orleans than anyplace else."

Lilly seemed to checking out a few accessories, to possibly go with the dress. "You should get Mr. Williams to agree to have my jewelry person come to the suite. Far better than anything here.". It was said outloud but probably understood it was information to Lia to tell The Prince than it was for his newly minted childe to.

"Where are you from?" Lilly returned the question to Aurora.

" From Texas-San Antonio but if seen most of the states," she said.

A confused look crossed Aurora's face at the mention of jewelry. " Umm... I'm never really ware jewelry it can be a safely hazered on the ice. I was a figure skater when I met the Prince" she said.

" How did you get so good at this fashion thing" She asked.

Lilly looked at her, "I leave the decision of the jewelry to you but just a thought. A figure skater?"

That was a little surprising but considering how beautiful this newly minted child was, maybe not.

"That is a fascinating career.". She paused, looked around, leaned in, and whispered. "It's not advisable to use his rank where mortals might hear."

She then spoke normally. "Oh, I suppose it's an offshoot of my artistic ability."

" Yes, it's how I met him. He came to see the show I was in" she smiled.

Her face turned bright red with embarrassment. " I'm sorry im not sure what to call him." She said quietly.

" Oh are you an artist" She asked?

Lilly pieced a few things together in her mind. She didn't know exactly what had occurred between The Prince and Aurora but it didn't take much to figure it out.

The Toredor was surprised, that The Prince hadn't explained about what to call him. "Well, Mr. Williams is what everyone calls him, at his request. So,that should be fine."

She could have just said Mr. Williams but she was a Toredor.

"Yes, I draw, paint, sculpt. Things like that. Though lately my talents have gone more to the collecting rather than the production of art." Lilly stated. "Are you interested in the fine arts?"

" Thank you," she said with a smile.

" I can appreciate Art but all I've ever wanted was to skate. I love it. I could find some videos for you if you would like to see what I can do. I would love to see some of your work, sometimes" She said as a dress caught her attention. She had no clue what kind of even it would be appropriate for but it was a floor-length flowy fabric it was light purple with pink flowers around the wast and on the off-shoulder straps. " oh look at this" she said.

"Yes, I would like, very much to see those sometime. And of course, you can see my work. We must set something up, in the future. " Lilly saw the dress and looked it over. "Oh, that would be perfect for you for Carnivale Season. Especially for one of the balls."
Hope came back over carrying about 5 outfits each either some shade of purple or red.

"Oh, Hope. There you are. Show those to Aurora."

Hope said nothing and started showing the outfits, one at a time.

Lilly said to Aurora, "Let me know if you like any of these."

" I know this must be silly but what exactly is Carnivale Season? Is that like that big party they do in Rio?" She asked. There was a slightly embarrassed tone to her voice she had never paid much attention to social gatherings.

Aurora studied the outfit and picked out several that she liked. " Thank you Hope you are amazing," She said.

" Miss Lilly, when you mentioned balls do those are like big parties right. I studied a lot but social gatherings were never high on my list of things to do" she added.

"The big party you are referring to is what we here call Mardi Gras but other places call Carnivale. That occurs on Fat Tuesday which is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. For many, including most of us, it's just a huge party rather than having any actual religious significance because we do not practice Lent. The weeks that precede it, starting on January 6th is what are referred to as Carnivale or Mardi Gras season. Though I prefer the term Carnivale Season but it is a personal preference. It is a time of many gatherings, parties,balls and smaller parades. Which leads to the main event - Mardi Gras. Which is a large parade and party. It is the biggest celebration, in this area, for the year. And important because of that." Lilly responded.

Hope gave Aurora a nod and smile and stood there for a moment

"Hope, you may put the ones Aurora picked out, there." Pointed to a place to hang them without getting lost. "And put the others back."

"Yes, Ma'am,". Hope responded, then went back to work doing as she was asked.

"Yes. Balls are big formal parties. Some have themes. Masquerade balls are popular here. But many do not."

" Oh, now I know what you're talking about. How embarrassing I should have known that. " She said with a grin.

" Is she shy, she doesn't seem to talk much?" Aurora said she was a little confused by Hope's behavior.

" Oh, do they have rules of conduct as well, I would heat to do sumthing silly and make a fool of myself." She said.

Lilly gave a nod. She hadn't been, overly surprised by the question of Carnivale Season. "Well, New Orleans is quite different than other places and Carnivale Season is one of the best differences.

Lilly had been a vampire for over a century, she had had ghouls, it seemed, almost as long. Maybe, not herself, at first. Her first exposure to them had been her Sire's, but soon enough the Toredor had made her own.

It had been long enough that she honestly did not think much on how ghouls behaved or the idea that another vampire might not know about them.

Aurora posing the question about Hope didn't surprise nearly as much as the new vampire being taken out without being told more about ghouls.

Lilly looked around before answering but truthfully, no one was near them as the place wasn't that busy, and the only ones shopping here, for the moment, where other vampires.

"Hope is my Ghoul." Keeping her voice low. "So, is Harold."

Lilly nodded towards the attractive man that had been standing near but not too close to them. He screamed bodyguard with his language.

"I believe you will probably be educated more in ghouls but there is much to how they should behave and such things. It does vary slightly depending on their maker. "

"Ghouls are controlled soley but the one who made them. They have their own thoughts and ideas but will not express them other than to their owners that allow such things and only in private. Hope speaks freely but only in private , with me."

"In our society, Ghouls have no rank. They are below even the youngest of us." Letting her gaze land on Hope, who was still busy putting things away. "They will not and should speak much to other vampires, beyond a greeting. It might seem controlling and cruel but they are not as powerful as any vampire and more powerful than any human. It protects them to be controlled by us."

Aurora just stared at Lilly. This was over her head and her understanding. " I ummm... Rank you mean like Mr. Williams" she said. She had dropped all questions related to gools at this point. She was unwilling to touch that subject further.

"Something like that. Mr. Williams' rank is above anyone else in the city. But every one of us falls some place in the order of our society. For those without a title, age is usually the second factor. I do not have an official title, you also have no official title in the political system but I am older than you therefore I outrank you. However, you are the youth of Mr. Williams therefore you will be treated with more respect than perhaps a new youth without such a prestigious sire." Lilly wanted to go on but this particular topic, well - "The way our society and political system is designed is very detailed and requires a great deal of training to understand it completely. Just keep in mind you will run into almost none of our kind, here, currently that you outrank. Just be respectful to all and the rest, I am certain, will be explained to you."

There was so much to know about all of that especially with Aurora being the child of the Prince. Lilly was certain the Ventrue would be well schooled in all of that, in time.

Aurora listened intently determined to memorize the information miss lily was giving her. " I see thank you for explaining. I only had maby an hour with Mr. Williams this morning where I was quickly informed this outfit was apparently and apparently, ponytails are not appropriate." She said shaking her head.

Lilly smiled at the young woman, that did explain a great deal.

"I am sure you will be given a great deal of lessons in everything you need to know "

Of course, the Toredor knew that a Ventrue Sire, let alone one that was a Prince, would have it no other way.

"You don't need to learn everything in a day or a month, it takes a while. You have a very long time to be what you now are. Get use to it, savor it. It is an amazing gift Mr. Williams has bestoyed upon you."

Lilly firmly believed that becoming a vampire of the Camarilla was the greatest gift someone could receive. Despite which clan they belong to - well - maybe not the Nosfartu. Rats - it's never a gift to be turned into a rat.

" He may have been the only one who could have convinced me to leave the ice. The problem is I don't know what to do know you know" She said shaking her head. She looked around. Where had Lia gone? She did not see her.

Lilly knew how, persuasive, vampires could be. Some more than others. So, she understood the comment.

"You will learn everything you need to know. For now, just remember to eat and don't go out in sun." Lilly paused. "You will, likely, be able to return to figure skating but maybe not in the same way. All of us have things that are important to us. We don't stop those just because of the change. It just can be that it takes a little time to get back to it."

Aurora nodded, " hopefully not to long I might start climbing the walls," she said with a grinn. It was just a joke. " So are there a lot of us here in this city," She asked.

Lilly gave a nod with smile at the girl. She did understand that her art didn't have to stop for a time after being turned because it could be pursued in private but, if it had she would have greatly missed it

"We are rebuilding so not as many as there once were but quite a few. Some clans more than others.". Lilly supposed, that was somewhat normal.

Aurora nodded. She was quiet a long time. " So what do you normally do beside clothing, shop" she asked with a smile.

"I have many interests. I collect things of beauty. Antiques, art work, things like that. I do my art work, when I have the time. This time of year, though, my time is mostly taken up at parties and formal occasions.

Lia walked from behind a clothing rack with some dresses of her own. One red and dark blue dress. Lia gave a warm smile "Ms. Korray I see you are still looking take your time." said Lia. turning to Ms. Foster "I Thank you for your instruction to Ms. Korray. I think it is good to hear from other people." Lia said appreciated the advice she gave Aurora.

" Umm I prefer Aurora Ms. Lia," she said.

"As you wish Ms. Aurora." Lia gave a playful smile. "ok Aurora, so have you decided on anything? We do have more stores. If you did not like anything here." Lia suggested.

Lilly gave a polite nod to Lia, "It has been my pleasure."

Of course, it had Aurora was beautiful and the childe of the Prince, as far as Lilly was concerned helping the young woman went into her things she must do column.
"I can get one of the salespeople, over here, if you would like." The Toredor added.

" I have picked outs few " She said and pointed out the outfits she had picked.

Lilly told Hope to get them one of the salespeople. Hope brought back a woman not much older than Aurora, with brunette hair, which was currently pulled back. She wore a name tag which said Chloe.

Chloe said, "Ms. Lilly. It's good to see you again. How can I help you today?"

"Can you help this young lady?" Lilly was obviously responding to Aurora.

The Toredor figured she was about done here.

" Chole will take care of you. I must be going. It was good seeing you again, Ms. Avraham. And a pleasure meeting you, Aurora. Please give Mr. Williams my regards."

She gave both women another nod and left with her two ghouls close behind.

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