Mira returned to her shop and smiled. The space was hers and soon it would be up and running.

She barely got in the door when she received a call from Erykah. Her help was needed and there was no saying no. Not that she wanted to say now, this was new magic to learn. Warding was one of the thing that the Tremere did.

Wards come in different flavors.
Muto Mentum - the this is not the place you are looking for ward.
Rego imagine - You don’t see me
Muto Terram - the you can’t break through wards.
Perdo Corpus - the you are going to die wards.
There were multiple other forms and techniques that could be used to create a ward. This excited Mira as it would mean learning a new spell. Even among the Tremere spells were not normally given away freely. But with so few, it was time for everyone to pull their weight. It meant that she would help.

The Voodoo van picked her up and she climbed into the back and sat on a folding chair as they drove to where they were needed. Mira straightened her dress and brushed off the dirt as they piled out. An old book with strange writing was handed to her. She studied it for a little bit then started asking a few questions starting the translation process into her magical notation system.

First casting are always hard. They make you a bit hungry and when they go wrong. Well an upset spell casting vampire is not so pleasant.

Warding the buildings required worked out to be a Muto Terram with Herbum added to reinforce the doors, walls, and windows. This was fairly standard work. But it took a lot out of her. The next one would be easier.

Warding a moving vehicle was harder. Vehicles wanted to be seen, Perdo Imaganem would make the vehicle invisible. Mira wanted to know what the wanted the vehicle to do, Be stronger, hidden, or be ignored. It would make a difference on what spell she learne

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