Fights and Flights

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The sliminess seemed to ooze off of Vinny as he spoke. It was very noticeable to Leon and frankly he was a little surprised the La Sombra had managed to not get in trouble before, at least not here.

Leon stepped closer to the table, "Vinny, interesting place you have here. We would hate to have to destroy it. So, you can come quietly with us or we can do this the hard way."

Vinny cocked his head, "And why would I come with you?" He asked, eyes widening a bit as he flashed his toothy grin. "I ain't caused any trouble. In fact you seem to be the ones making trouble scaring off my door man, and breaking an expensive door." Vinny started poking the knuckles on his fingers with his thumbs as he spoke. "So again...Why. The. Fuck. Are. You. Here?"

That response was what Leon had expected. "Apparently, you are causing problems, last time I checked, messing with blood was a pretty severe offense." That should explain why they are there. "So, you can deal with us or I'll just come back with the Prince." A little bluffing never hurt anything.

Vinny threw up his hands, "I think you've been lied to." Vinny said, letting his arms fall back to rest. "Why would I mess with blood, huh?" he questioned. "It's not worth the effort."

"No, I know I wasn't lied to. It was from a reliable source. So, is it just pig or do you screw with anything else?" Leon clearly wasn't buying what Vinny was saying. "But if you're so innocent, and I use that term lightly, come with us. Once you can say, under Domination, that you have never tampered with or forced anyone to feed on blood they couldn't eat, then we'll let you go."

"Reliable source?" Vinny questioned. "Oh really?" He raised an eyebrow. "And what little birdy told you that?"

"That's privileged information." Leon responded.

As a Primogen he really didn't have to tell Vinny anything. As a Nosfartu, it was very unlikely he would reveal his source.

"So, which is it, because I don't think my friends here," Leon motioned to the group behind him, "are long on patience."

"Is that so?" Vinny asked, sitting up straighter now. "Well mine ran out the moment you interrupted me. Now get the fuck out of my club."

Quinn snapped her fingers and pointed at Vinny. Finn walked up to the table the La Sombra was at.

Quinn stepped beside Leon, and spoke to Vinny but loud enough for the entire club, which had gotten very quiet, to hear.

"Last I knew you didn't trump a Primogen, let alone three. I'm going to start counting and you have until five to either come with us or we'll make you come with us."

Quinn held her hand up and at one a bunch of people left nothing but dust in their wake as they scrambled to leave the club.


The numbers coming slowly. With Finn looking like he was going to just love crushing someone's head.

Eddie moved to the other side of Leon and the other three Gangrel and the one other Brujah proceeded to surround Vinny's table.

Vinny popped his neck and stood, the two feminine pulled his suit jacket as he stood. "Go wait in the back." he told them and the two crawled over the couch and made for that backroom. "Last I checked I didn't ask if you did." he said while rolling and re-pinning his sleeves. "Five." Vinny said, landing a devastating fast right straight jab. Cracking one of the three Gangrel between his eyes and the bridge of his nose. The punch was strong and the lack of room for the Gangrel to take a step back caused him to sprawl to the floor. In the confusion Vinny took a jump back over the sofa.

Standing in a much more open space now he threw a few low warm up punches, his muscles flexed against this dress shirt as he squared up.

Quinn said to Finn, "Go"

Finn quickly made his way to Vinny and hit him with a left hook and then a right uppercut.

Quinn yelled out to Finn, "Try not to kill him."

The Gangrel all went into animal form and started knocking things over on their way to help with Vinny.

"Good." Vinny said. "You've made this fun." He chuckled.

Vinny started matching blows, and wrestling free of anyone who got close. Making it clear was good in a fight and wasn't just going to go down.

"Thought you Gangrel were supposta be good in a fight, but you cowards need back up." Vinny said a little winded, putting his hands back up in a blocking stance. "Well...I didn't hear a bell."

Quinn and Arthur made their way towards the fight. Quinn would step in, if needed, but her level of potence could practically level the place which isn't what anyone wanted.

Finn was doing most of the hitting while the Gangrel were surrounding Vinny attacking him from all sides.

Vinny popped back a step and dug in his footing, reeling back the right hook that started him down this life path, but before it connected with Finn's waiting jaw. Finn connected with a straight jab, causing everything for Vinny to go white. "You cun..." but before Vinny could utter the word from each side, arms wrapped under him and he felt the ground leave his feet. His back connected first with a table that exploded into a mess of chunks and splinters and then the solid concrete floor, the carpet doing little to dampen the fall. "Fucker." Vinny wheezed.

Finn, who was still in fighting mode, started walking towards the La Sombra.

"Oh, crap" Quinn said as she ran over to Finn. "Finn, stop. We got him."

Meanwhile, Eddie told the three Gangrel to grab Vinny. They pulled the La Sombra as far up as he'd go and began dragging him towards the front of the club and outside.

Leon took note of the damage to the club and followed behind the rest out.

Vinny was thrown in the back of Quinn's van where his arms were quickly tied behind his back and his mouth gagged.

Finn and Arthur sat in the back, keeping an eye on Vinny. While Quinn got into the front of the van.

With Leon leading, the Gangrel next and Quinn bringing up the rear the group was off to their next destination.

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