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Summary: Club Blu owner

Vincent Vinny Ferrari

Gender: Male

Age: mid 30's

Group: Lasombra




Owner of Club Blu

Potence, Dominate, Obtenebration

Judicial Ties.
Night Club.
Police Ties.




Glowing Eyes
Short Fuse

Physical Appearance

Tall man strong man, with sharp features, messy slicked back hair. strange eyes a scar across the bridge of his nose and one across his eye

Personality and interests

A slimy jerk, power hungry, things his value is more than it is. cocky arrogant self-centered narcissist.

Pretty boys like Angel


Vinny Ferrari, AKA Domino was a boxer some time in the 1930's unbeknownst to Vinny the man fixing his fights for a rise to the top was a vamp. During the championship fight Vinny was told to take the dive and agreed but then went for the knock-out. Rather than shatter every bone in his body and leave him hung in an abandoned meat freezer the mobster turned Vinny to act as a body guard. He was strong after all. Eventually Vinny got a leg up on his 'boss' and made himself a free man. Vanishing into the night with over a century worth of cash.

Favourite Sayings

none right now

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Image of Vincent Vinny Ferrari
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