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Summary: Club Blu performer

Angel Calloway

Gender: Male he/they pronouns

Age: 20's (turned 1980's)

Group: Toreador




Works at Club Blu

Blush of Health
Calm Heart
Double Jointed



Celerity, Auspex, Presence


Absent Minded
Guilt Wracked
Phobia (heights)

Physical Appearance

short, thin, blond hair, freckles, feminine.

Personality and interests

To nice for their own good. Loves their pet pig Pancetta. Preforming dance and song numbers.


Angel's real name is not Angel but they aren't talking about that. Angel was a hopeful with stars in their eyes living somewhere in the middle of the US, not a grand place for someone like them. As fate would have it they one day encountered Vinny, claiming to be a talent agent looking for a star, and Angel fit the bill. Vinny isn't even the one who turned Angel and they don't even know the man's name. Vinny simply 'gave' Angel to them for the night and they woke up a vampire.

has a pet tea cup pig name Pancetta

Favourite Sayings

none right now

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Image of Angel Calloway
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