Decisions Decisions

Leon calls Adele

Yvette answered the phone.

Yvette: Ello? Dees is de Bordeaux residence. My we ask who is calling?

Leon left the Prince and Aurora at the rink and got into his car. He paused for moment and then made the call.

He heard Yvette answer, "Bonjour. This is Mr. LaPoint. Is Ms. Bordeaux there? There is an urgent matter that I need to speak to her about.'

This had to be one of the more unusual calls Leon had ever made. The whole Vinny situation was odd but here was the Primogen of the Nosfartu, calling the Primogen of the Toreadors. Colette would probably be sorry she missed this.

Yvette: Oui I shall fetch her.

Then as some rustling in the background and some mumbling Adele answered the phone.

Adele: what do I owe the pleasure?

Leon responded, "I'm afraid this is far more on the unpleasant side of business. Are you, at all, familiar with a Toreador named Angel? He works mostly at a place called Club Blu but sometimes performs at Gomorrah."

Adele pause for a moment as she tried to recall who Angel was. Since they didn't work for her directly he had not talked to them. So she had Yvette pull up her roster on her tablet and look him up. Once she found him she nodded to Yvette and replied to Leon.

Adele: Yes but I have yet to talk to him. Why do you ask?

"Well, he works for a La Sombra named Vinny Ferrari. Vinny has been messing with Angel. He's been telling Angel he's giving him pig's blood and then forcing him to drink. Angel has a pet and can't bring himself to drink pigs blood. We got Vinny to confess."

Leon paused for just a moment to let all of that sink in.

Adele paused as she let the information sink in. Then she replied.

Adele: I see........And where is Angel and Vinny?

"Angel is in a secured suite at Gomorrah. Vinny is in the dungeon at the Giovanni's house. Vinny is the only La Sombra in the area, so, no Primogen. I spoke to Mr. Williams he said that Vinny's punishment was up to you."

Adele: I see............Since you have Vinny in a dungeon, that must mean he is not much of a threat to us. I do find this concerning. Since he is still alive does that mean he is Camarilla?"

"Yes, he's Camarilla and no he's of no danger to us at the moment. We though can't keep him in there forever. "Leon figure Adele probably knew that but just as a reminder

Adele: I see........and did you find out what sort of things irk Vinny? I will compensate any who aided you in this investigation so text me that information later on. Perhaps we should meet to work out the details on Vinny and Angel.

Leon thought for a moment, "He doesn't want anyone messing with his girls, as he put it. I'm pretty sure they are innocent in this though. He didn't like his club being trashed. Other than that he's a very typical La Sombra. So, I'm not sure he cares about much of anything. Maybe money and status but he really doesn't have any status. I will definitely send you that information. I can meet you just tell me when and where."

Adele: Meet me at Gomorrah in an hour then. I would like to talk to Angel first since he is under my clan.

"I'll see you then." Leon responded and hung up.

Adele then told Yvette to prepare her clothes and inform Jack and the driver they would be leaving soon after she changes. A quick text and a quick trip to the closet led Yvette to fetch a stunning female black and white suit with accessories and flat shoes. Once she was ready they loaded up in the limo and headed to Gomorrah. Adele filled Jack on on what happened and was still questioning on the best way to handle the matter. After an hour they arrived at Gomorrah and approached Jackson.

Leon made Gomorrah about 20 minutes after he hung up. He first went downstairs to check on the business, which was doing find. Then he made his way upstairs to inform the guards they would be having some visitors.

Then Leon got a table and a drink and waited on Adele and, the Nosfartu assumed, Jack to join him.

Adele was about to talk to Jackson but saw Leon in a booth waiting for them. Then Jack led Adele to the table as Adele spoke up.

Adele: You have been very busy Leon. I was under the impression you were working on the other problem (butcher) from before. Is this related or something you found turning over every stone you find?

"I am, still working on the Butcher problem, this ended up being a detour in that road. Things seemed off about Angel so this is where all of that led. But yes, it's been a busy few nights.". He nodded, then out of politeness. "Would you care for a drink before we go upstairs?"

Adele smiled at Leon then replied.

Adele: Business before pleasure. I don't think I will be able to relax till this matter is resolved. Sorry if that complicates things.

Leon nodded, "Understandable and it's fine." He slid out from the booth and led them upstairs.

Knocking on the door they were met by a Gangrel bodyguard. Leon nodded and said, "Wait outside," to the Gangrel who did what he was told.

Leon then made the introductions. "Primogen Bordeaux this Angel. Angel this is your Primogen."

The Nosfaratu then asked Adele, "Do you want me to leave or stay?"

It was, technically, Toreador business and, as such, it was protocol he asked.

Adele gave a nod to the Gangrel who left the room and then at Angel before gracefully looking at Leon to reply to his question. She gracefully looked at Jack who simply smiled at her in return then back at Leon as she replied.

Adele: Please stay Leon. You have answers I may need later. (looking at Angel) So Angel........this is our first encounter. I understand you have been troubled by your employer. Please know that such troubles should be reported to me in the future. So tell me how you feel this matter should be handled.

Adele appeared kind and composed like an angel to Angel as she waited for his answer.

Angel fidgeted a moment before pulling Pancetta into their lap.

"I don't know." they responded. "He's responsible for a lot of people."

Angel added, "So..." they shrugged. "I don't know."

Adele put her finger ever so gently to her lips as she look up at the ceiling and pondered for a bit. Then she looked at Angel and spoke up.

Adele: Curious. As an entertainer........could you not find employment somewhere else? I see reason to subject yourself to an employer who causes you suffering. If no one wants to work for such an unpleasant employer, they might find themselves out of business. As you know we are rebuilding New Orleans after the war with the Sabbat. I see no reason for me to tolerate his tactics and abuse to my clansmen. Can you think of a reason I should not have him exiled or executed?

Angel gave the squirming pig a pat. "He was the first person I knew when I became a vampire." they said.

"I don't think killing him would do much." they said. "Besides you know, killing him. It'd not set an example for people like him."

Adele gave Angel a kind smile as she listened to him. She then thought for a moment and replied.

Adele: Well said Angel. I was curious if you wanted revenge. Tis true that they Vinny crossed the line, however the punishment should fit the crime. However this situation makes me curious. Leon has Vinny committed any other foul actions to others or is it only directed to Angel?

Leon thought for a moment, "As far as I am aware, no, it's only been Angel."

Adele: Then perhaps we should look into that. After all we are creatures of habit and Vinny's punishment should match his crime.

Then Adele looked at Angel kindly and spoke again.

Adele: So Angel what will you do now that this has come to light?

Angel shrugged not sure how to answer that question. They'd never had to consider punishing someone before, at least not so much in the way they were asking about Vinny. "I don't know."

But Angel thought a moment more. "Not much rattles him. This might... for a bit. But maybe show him how weak he really is?" they suggested

"Not like roughing him up. A fight people will see. Trounce a 'champion'."

Adele rubbed her chin gracefully as she listened to Angel. Then she realized she didn’t need to decide right away.

Adele: I think we can work something out. We must set an example so others don’t repeat this type of behavior.

"I understand." they said, "I know that they aren't part of your clan, but keep in mind their are quite a few other guys like me working for him. They don't have many places to go, so just be sure your take down of him doesn't hurt them." Angel stated trying not to sound like it was an order or in a manner out of line.

Adele thought for a moment then looked at Jack then Leon as she smiled. Jack already predicted her actions before she spoke since they were together for a long time.

Adele: Leon I will require you assistance on this matter if you don't mind. Angel men like Vinny will only understand power. Leon I suggest we punish Vinny by fining him heavily and using his money for reparations to aid those he hurt or used. This way he will understand he is a small fish in the ocean and his employees will have the opportunities to leave his employment for other opportunities. If they lack opportunities, I think we can create some for them. Angel this includes you as well. Vinny's actions are inexcusable and he should be grateful for not being staked to the open road during daylight like they did in the past.

Leon nodded. "Let me go get the file on Vinny and his business. That'll have how much he's worth."

If they knew that it would be easier to decide on amounts.
Leon left the room to get the information.

Leon took a bit longer than expected to come but did arrive about back at the room about 15 minutes later with the files.

He passed a sheet to Adele.

"This is Vinny's assets, the vampires he employees. Until we talk to them, we won't really know who he's mistreated. " Leon paused, "Angel, do you if Vinny's mistreated anyone else?"

Angel shrugged. "Mistreated like me?" they asked, "Not like me no. But I don't think he did anymore then any other pimp would. He goes out of his way to not rough anybody but, he knows his strength and doesn't want to 'damage the merchandise."

Adele looked at Leon and spoke.

Adele: This will involve a deeper investigation with his staff. If they want to stay with him it will be up to them but we can offer them other options for work if they want it.

Adele looked at Jack and smiled at him.

Adele: Jack can you talk to Vinny's staff and figure out that situation for us?

Jack: As you wish Adele.

Then Adele looked at Leon with a smile.

Adele: Since this situation may take a while I'll have Jack finish it while you continue your work on the other matter you were working on Leon. Unless you have any loose ends to worry about?

Leon shook his head. "No, I leave the rest of this in your hands. The folders are for you to use. Let me know if you need anything else."

The Nosfaratu stood up, "If that's all then, I have other matters to attend to."

Leon bid them a good evening and left the room.


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