Skating with the Prince

Aurora looked to Alex. " Thank you I needed this." She said hugging him. She looked up at him. " Will you come to skate with me?" She asked.

Alex hug Aurora back I think I can as he looked back at James "Can you get me a pair of skates Mr. Jackson" requested Mr. Williams. James looked surprised and shocked at the Prince's request. "Oh sir, skates? is that a good idea?" asked James almost confused at the request.

Mr. Williams's body tensed some his tone went from asking to almost commanding an intense presence even the air seems to get heavy. "Skates Mr. Jackson, now if you please." requested Mr. Williams more sternly this time.

Jackson gave a nod "yes sir." he answered turning and walking off.

Mr. Williams relaxed "yes, Aurora I think I have some time to skate. I am the boss I get to make time." said Mr. Williams with a smile.

She smiled a bright happy one. " Why did Mr. Jackson look so surprised," She asked.

"Some of my position would not do this normally," answered Alex. "People with my type of money normally drink wine have an expensive dinner or party or race around in a very expensive sports car. Ice skating is not on a normal list," explained Alex.

Aurora giggles "That's a little silly don't you think and they will have to get used to at least me Ice skating," she said with a bright smile.

She thought for a moment. " So how many different clans are there," Aurora asked. After a moment of silence

Alex smiled "There are 13 clans, not all Camarilla at last count. Do you know what clan you are a part of?" asked Alex.

" No what clan are we part of," She asked.

Alex watched as Jackson was walking back with some skates in his hands. "The best clan in my opinion Ventrue. The most organized of the vampiric sects, an elite club that favors tradition and control of the mortal populace from behind the scenes. Across are domains, we enforce six major Traditions, chief among them being the Masquerade." Alex bosted.

" That the one about keeping Vampires a secret right," She asked. She smiled when Jackson came back. "Thank you," she said.

Alex smiled "the most important thing yes the Masquerade." He answered. Alex took his time putting on his skates. "I can see you are learning this is good for your survival.

" umm... What kind of danger could I possibly be in you have guards at my bedroom door and I can't even set foot outside without permission" She said genuinely confused.

Alex looked around "in time you will have more freedom. No, I don't have a guard at your door but down the hall. If you violate the Masquerade my Sire might kill you herself. Most Vampers that violate the Masquerade normally end up in a pile of ash. The Masquerade should never be broken even if it means your life." Alex said somberly.

" close enuff," she said with a shrug. " I don't think I ever want to meet your Sire," she said an Anxious look crossing her face. She stepped backwards out onto the ice and weighted for Alex to join her.

Standing Alex gracefully made his way to the ice. "Aurora, you know I have ice skated before. but don't tell anyone I am not good at it." Alex said quietly to Aurora.

" you have, and the point of a king you to join me is so I skate with you," She said skating backward in front of him. She smiled thinking about this.

"You're not a figure skater no one expects you to be perfect. Me on the other hand" She said shrugging. The way she moved and the look on her face showed she was totally at home and extremely happy.

" I love this," She said quietly after a moment.

It had been maybe 50 years since that last time Alex had ice skated. "Just don't ask me to go backward," said Alex with a big smile.

" no I won't, so when did you go ice skating" she smiled.

Alex looked around. knowing Lia was watching he looked up and saw Lia at the top watching. " In France a long time ago. I guess I could learn can you teach me to skate backward?" asked Alex.

" Are you sure?" She asked worried about all the things he could ask her to teach him. " You know you might fall on your butt if your want to watch closely." She said festering to her feet. She showed him and the essayist the way to skate backward. " It's like for words just not," she said and weighted for him to try it.

Watching Alex turn and started going backward on his Ice skates. He could keep his balance really well. Alex looked into Aurora's eyes and lost his concentration and slipped. Alex tried to regain his balance as his skates went in different directions. Alex knew he was going down. Alex reached out to Aurora's hands. Alex grabbed them and both fell Alex took Aurora with him to the ice. Alex looked up at Aurora who was on top of him. "well that did not go as planned." commented Alex.

Aurora was caught completely off guard. she did not have the chance to do anything to stop them. she gazed down at him her face turning pink and she leaned in to kiss his cheek. " no that did not what happened you get distracted" she asked.

Alex let out a laugh. "I must apologize for this," he said with a smile as people came out onto the Ice. James walked up and then slipped himself landing on his back next to Alex and Aurora.. Alex laughed again. "Mr. Jackson nice resue. I can see I have to work with my staff and guards it seems all you need to defeat them is some ice," he said with a chuckle.

Lia walks upholding her shoes. "Mr. Williams, could you get up now this is embarrassing," Lia said with a smile.

Alex just smiled "yes ma'am, You Just had to ruin the party, Ms. Avraham," said the Prince. Others helped up Aurora and the Prince.

" oh but I was quite enjoying this," She said. Brushing the people away who were trying to help her.

" I'm fine to take care of Mr.Williams I fall on the ice all the time," She said getting to her feet herself. She shook her head. " Get bit by a vampire and audibly everyone thinks I'm fragile," she said with a smile as he straightened her clothing.

When Mr. Williams was standing he started to wave people off. "I am good besides you all know vampires bounce. We like to land on our feet right?" said Mr. Williams jokingly.

Aurora giggled shaking her head." Do we really" She asked?

Mr. Williams smiled "only on the ice," Mr. Williams said with a chuckle.

Aurora giggled again "Are you all crazes going to put skates on or just stand there on the ice in your street shoes" she asked.

Looking at the people Mr. Williams shook his head "Ok people I am good now." said Mr. Williams.

Lia Looked around "Back to your stations! leave Mr. Williams to his skating." ordered Lia. as the ice was cleared Lia turned and walked away. "Mr. Williams, we only have one more hour left." Lia reminded Mr. Williams.

"thank you, Ms. Avraham," replied Mr. Williams.

" so you want to try again?" Aurora asked as she stared skating circles around him. she would stay on her feet for now. spending time with Alex was worth not doing all of her fancy jumps.

Alex was happy to spend the time with Aurora it got his mind off of the day to day running of the city. Alex was starting to skate backward more and more and faster. "So, Aurora do you think I am ready for the hockey league?" asked Alex.

" Hockey? Really, Hockey players are so ruff with each other. " Aurora said. Shaking her head. She speed off to do a jump and then rejoined Alex. " Do they think your unable to get up after a fall?" She asked finally?

"No, they know better than that. You do not get to a position like mine being fragile," answered Alex.

The hour went by and the two skated together talking and skating and having a good time. Before they knew it Lia was standing at the edge of the ice "Mr. Williams and Aurora, sorry it is time to go." said Lia. Soon they were driving back. The Prince trying to have the last bit of fun before he had to do some work.

" that was amazing we need to do that again," Aurora said with a smile. She thought for a moment. " Why were Lia and the others so umm.... tense it's like they don't know how to have fun," she said.

"yes and no" was the Princes answer.

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