A surprise for the Prince

Aurora had a feeling that Alex did not enjoy his job much. She also got the impression that he did not have fun very often either. She paced in her room thinking. She had been home from the ice rink for a few hours at most. She wanted to do sumthing for him and surprise him with sumthing but what.

She smiled as the idea came to her she quickly chose a comfortable and not exactly appreciated outfit. Well, Lia would not approve. She asked one of the goals to have blood ready for Mr. Williams when he returned.

Now to waght, she decided to Whit for him in his room. She had her iPad and chose to read what she could about the vampires in the area. After a few hour hours had passed she fell asleep. Still holding the pad curled up on Mr. Williams's bed. Lai would not approve. Not that Aurora cared. She was too busy dreaming to be bothered by what Lai would think.

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