Quinn's Nemesis

Warning: Disturbing Content.

Once Leon called and told Quinn that she and Eddie could take their clan members and go because Vinny was secured and he really wasn't sure how long everything with Adele would take. Quinn passed the message to Eddie and left with Finn and Arthur. She went home first to check on things then said she was headed to Gomarrah, it was still a business night after all.

Once changed into something more acceptable for the club, she headed out. Quinn was glad tonight had gone, pretty much, as suspected it would, no real surprises. Vinny was a slime but, damn, the La Sombra had some willpower.

While the Brujah knew Leon never would have invited her along if it had been a Sabbat, she was grateful that that information hadn't been wrong.

Leon, Collette her friendship with them had been formed in one of the worst times of her existence.

The torture by the Tzimisce had been going for what seemed like an eternity. When one would get bored another would take over, interspersed with the Malkavian antitribus attempting to break her sanity.

Quinn's own bone and flesh no longer belonged to her as they were manipulated into various positions. Sometimes allowing her the slightest bit of healing before beginning the process all over again. The amount of pain, even for a vampire, was incalculable.

Images tormented her brain, as the feeling of every bit of sanity leaving could be stopped. Sure this would end in her final death.

Then it all seemed to stop, the sounds of a fight, familiar voices. "She's over here." A male voice said.

"Quinn, we got you." Her mind was not comprehend what was happening. Then she passed out.

It was a while later, the Brujah awoke, and was instantly fed blood which she gulped down. A snap, a shift, she felt herself being held down, then bounded. The pain was horrible but her body was going completely back into place. She could feel it.

Her mind went blank and then dark.

It took several hours for her body to shift back to its normal state. Around a month for her mind to do the same.

That month was spent in a cabin, away from everyone, everyone but the two vampires who had volunteered to stay with her and see her through this. The two vampires who had found where she was being held, brought the Brujah in to rescue her. Leon and Colette.

Quinn had been taken by the Sabbat because she had been rather outspoken against the last Prince and tyrants don't like that kind of thing. The fact that she frenzied upon a Sabbat being brought in, didn't surprise Leon or Colette. It was the how the Sabbat had gotten to her, that was the part that caused Quinn to feel nothing but betrayal.

As the Brujah entered Gomarrah, it was first a stop at the bar and then sliding into a booth as she waited on her business to start showing up.

Her eyes glanced to the door, as it opened and in walked her. Quinn jumped out her seat, with a look on her face as if she wanted to break everything in the place, and stormed over to the new arrival. The good thing about being a Warrior poet is she was able to keep her emotions in check enough to not actually do anything physical but this was a clearly displeasing development.

With a glare in her eyes and a tone as if speaking to one of the most vival creatures on Earth, Quinn said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

The one who had sold her out to the Sabbat, was back in New Orleans. The one also known as Quinn's Sire. Cora Sullivan.

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