Questioning Angel

JP with LaserSexPanther, Jaxx and Cindy

(Takes place same night as Lilly's party)

The abandoned amusement park was used by the vampires in the area for a number of reasons but it was usually empty and when something big was happening there the Nosferatu knew about it.

Eddie just sat quietly as he listened to Leon speak. Since he have a small clue of what was going on he kept his mouth shut. He thought he should play it cool and come off as dependable when needed instead of bugging Leon with a lot of questions. He was also worried that Angel in the trunk might hear them speaking, especially after Leon was speaking in some code.

The drive to the abandoned Amusement Park took about 10 minutes. Mostly because Leon took a lot of backroads to get there.

The amusement park had gone through a variety of owners; the first idea 'Jazz Land' being the most popular. The last owners, who own a number of Amusement Parks throughout the country, decided to not rebuild after Katrina. Which sucked for the humans but was perfect for vampires and other beings.

As they pulled into the parking lot, the remains of the roller coaster and Ferris Wheel could be seen from the parking lot.

The gates were overgrown with vines and several signs that read, large red letters, No Trespassing. Smaller lettering gave information on what the penalty for ignoring the sign might be.

Leon then said, "The only humans that come here are during the day. The ones that go looking for the paranormal are far more interested in other places in the city." Which was ironic considering what was actually going on at any given time at this park. "Keep an eye out for others. Wolves, Mages, and Hunters but usually it's pretty quiet. It's supposed to be completely neutral terrotory but just good to know who's around.".

Leon barely missed a beat before saying. "We're going to get him out. The offices are near the entrance. We'll bring him there.".

With that, he pulled out, from the center console, a small device that almost looked like a beeper from the early 90s. He didn't explain what it was. He then also took out a small leather case. Then he got out of the car and walked around to the back, popping open the trunk.

He looked down at the gagged and bounded Angel. "Just come quietly. If you don't make this a problem for us, then it won't be a problem for you. Understand?

Eddie just stared at Angel to intimidate him with his normal scary biker face. He didn't say anything since he was just there to quietly help and look scary.

Angel had the look of someone who had been forced to ride some of the rides that used to be here, but they just looked at Leon and weakly nodded. Rolling themselves up into a sitting position and swinging around a bit knowing the 'muscle' was going to lift them from the truck and Angel planned to make it easy for them, it wasn't the first time this had happened and they were frankly too weak and tired to do much in the way of adding any 'sass' to the situation.

Leon didn't show it but he felt, kind of bad, for the Toreador. Still, he wasn't out to harm him, just to get answers.

"Let's go." He let Eddie deal with getting Angel out of the trunk.

The walk to the gate was quick. There were backways in, Leon knew all of them, but going through the gate was quicker.

The gate was locked. Leon was prepared for that. He pulled out the small leather case, and opened it, revealing a small lockpick set.
The Nosferatu made quick work of the lock, then pushed the gate open. He stood aside allowing the other two vampires to go ahead of him. Once they were all through the gate, Leon closed it behind him.

He then led to a building not far from the entrance. The door to the building was just a slight push to open. He lead them down the hallway to a room on the right, whose numbers seemed to have fallen out.

The room had no electricity but Leon made his way to a closet, pulling out two battery-operated lanterns. He turned them on and placed them separately in the room to give some light but not enough to be very noticeable from the outside.

The room looked like a large office, possibly a smaller meeting room or possibly a break room. It had a rectangular wooden table against one of the walls. A few chairs scattered around; some wooden, some metal. A corkboard with the remains of long-forgotten announcements hung on one of the walls.

Leon pointed to one of the wooden chairs, "Sit him over there, on that chair.". Explaining to Eddie what to do with Angel

Angel saw what was being asked and obliged taking a series of wobbling steps over and taking a heavy seat in the chair. Taking in the room more than making eye contact with the two men who'd brought them here.

Leon noticed Angel taking a seat and just left the Toreador to it.

Pulling out the beeper-looking device, the Nosferatu stood in the middle of the rooming pointing the device at various spots in the room. When nothing happened, except a beep or two, he put the device away.

He then walked over to Angel, and took off the gag but left the other vampire with his arms bound.

Leon said, "Sorry, for the unpleasantness. I didn't think that you'd be willing to come with us. I needed to speak with you someplace we couldn't be overheard."

Leon's cell vibrated. He looked down at the text and then at Eddie, directing his next words at the Gangrel, "Delivery is here. Can you wait here, keep an eye on our guest?" Giving a nod towards Angel.

Eddie nodded as he moved to the side of Angel and looked menacing and he stared at Angel. He didn't want to say anything since it might mess up Leon's plans. So all he had to do was look scary for now. Worst case scenario they could call Adele and Jack to scare the life out of Angel. Eddie was not about to lie to either of them since they were both scary and Adele was his financial backer. It was an awkward silence as they waited for Leon to return.

It didn't take long before Leon was back carrying a cooler. He put the cooler down

Speaking to Angel, "It's full of a variety of human blood bags. If you want one, ask. You really look like you could use one but I'm not going to force it."

Angel looked at the cooler. "You're not lying to me, are you...It's really human blood?" they asked in a skeptical tone. "He's not putting you up to tricking me?" Angel questioned, their glance shifting from the cooler to Leon and then Eddie's faces. "If you can't be sure I don't want it, I don't want to be tricked again."

Leon didn't know who the "he" that Angel wasn't talking about and he had to wonder if it was Vinny. "It's human. I can guarantee it. It comes from a very reliable source."

Leon paused, "What do you mean you've been tricked before?"

Giving a vampire the wrong kind of blood was normally more than a matter of preference. Most vampires, even Toreadors, aren't just picky about their blood. There are reasons why vampires drink the particular blood they drink or don't drink. To mess with that can be considered akin to almost a form of poisoning if the reaction is severe enough. It's forbidden by many Princes though Leon didn't know the views about it of the current Prince. Given Mr. Williams, as he liked to be called, was a Venture, Leon couldn't imagine the new Prince would take too kindly to it.

Leon looked at Angel, "I'm not going to force you. If you want some it's there."

The Nosferatu then moved on, as he untied and bounded Angel's arms, it was clear there was no danger from the Toreador. "Who messed with the blood they gave you?" (edited)

Angel slowly took one of the blood packs, smelling for all the good it did it seems to put them at, at least a bit of ease. "My boss," Angel responded, taking a tiny sip like a child testing what a veggie tasted like. "He thinks it's funny to give me..." they paused. "You won't tell him I told you right?" they asked, finding the blood to be the real thing guzzled it letting out a breath of relief. "He thinks it's funny to get me to drink other blood," Angel said, still unsure how much to give away.

Eddie raised an eyebrow after hearing that. Even he knew that was a taboo subject to go into. He wondered what would happen if Adele found out about this. He could easily imagine Jack educating Angel's boss much like he was educated by Jack when they first met. Since Leon was already aware of Adele and Jack he remained silent as Leon used his charming words to talk to Angel.

Leon took a chair and sat in front of the Toreador. "We won't say anything to him. As I would ask you say nothing about our little meeting."

Back to the questions, "Is Vinny your boss? What kind of other blood, does he get you to drink?"

Leon was well aware of protocol upon finding out such information. Which would be to tell Adele as Angel and Vinny were both Toreadors. However, in the midst of an investigation, such as the current one, the investigation usually trumped such protocol. It wasn't an unknown thing, just what was. Leon would have to figure out what to do about that later.

"Yeah." Angel said, "Vinny is my boss." they finished, Angel then opened their mouth to say what kind of blood but snapped their mouth shut. Seemingly rolling the words around their mouth trying to find the best way to say them. But was unclear why they were being choosy with the words. The truth was it was trying to find a word for it that didn't make them ill thinking about it. "Could I just write it? I don't want to say it out loud."

What could be so bad Angel wouldn't say what it was? Write it? It wasn't as if Leon had prepared for that. The Nosferatu walked up, went into the closest, where he had gotten the lamps, and looked around for a moment. He seemed to reach up and then kneel down and then rummage around a bit before coming out with a notepad and a pen.

He opened the notebook, making a few scribbles with the pen. It even worked. The pad and box full of a few other supplies he had a feeling was Colette's doing but he couldn't be sure.

He handed the pen and notepad to Angel. "Here," was all said before waiting for the Toreador to write out what he couldn't say.

Angel took the pad and in large letters that took up the whole page wrote three simple letters P. I. G. and slid the pad back to Leon, not looking back up at him eyes glued to where the pad once was.

Leon looked down at the pad. The P.I.G. the way it was written indicated it meant something other than the animal or maybe it did mean the animal.

"Is this an acronym or do you mean the kind that live in the barnyard?" Having to ask because it was unclear.

Slightly choked Angel mumbled "Barnyard, like the animal. But its more than that. At least to me its more than that." they added. "I have a pet, it's a teacup pig, and Vinny thinks it's funny to make me drink pig blood because I'm sentimental enough to want a pet. He doesn't feed me that pigs blood just pig blood. He thinks it's funny to force me to drink blood from something I care about."

Leon understood that. He nodded. "Just because I have to be clear about it. You can, technically, drink the blood? It's not that you can't drink it at all?"

Angel pondered that question for a moment. "It makes me sick but I don't know if it makes me sick because I find it repugnant or if it truly does make me ill. Either way I can't keep it down." they said, "It makes me feel like I'm hurting him and not just some random pig."

It did matter, in the sense that one was a poisoning of sorts, the other wasn't, usually, considered as severe. Still, if Angel couldn't keep it down it
was bad enough and could be considered a form of abuse.

"You said he forces you. Does he get violent?" Leon's voice was deliberately made softer when asking that question.

Eddie simply listened and watched as they talked about how twisted Vinny was. He knew some kindred were picky about their blood, but he knew it was a matter of time before they had to tell Adele what was going on under her nose.

"Sometimes." Angel said, "But only when I get out of line." they paused "I need to know the things I should and shouldn't do."

Leon now wished he had Colette send him the file on Angel so he'd know if Vinny was Angel's sire. Angel had used "Boss" and not "Sire" when referring to Vinny but that didn't mean anything, really.

"Does he become violent when getting you to take the blood?" Leon asked.

Actually, a vampire who had another in their charge was allowed to do most things to their changes as long as healing could take place. However, mixing with the blood and with the Butcher on the loose more questions would have to be asked.

Angel looked down. "And here I thought the Nos knew everything there is to know about people with a bit of power." they chewed the thought for a moment. "He's what he is, of course, he does. But sometimes you put up with a bad situation to improve your own." Angel added. "We all have to be the people we don't want to be sometimes."

"We probably have a file on Vinny but I've not looked it over," Leon spoke matter of factly. Vinny wasn't a higher up in the Vampire world. Not a Prince, Sheriff, Elder, Primogen, so really, unless necessary he wouldn't have concerned himself with Vinny or what he was doing.

"Have you ever noticed him acting odd? I mean from his normal way of being?" If the man was just normally a jerk then bring a jerk wasn't unusual but if his personality had changed any in the past few months, it might be something.

"Maybe?" Angel replied, "Not dramatic shift but the clubs been falling on harder times lately." they said. "It's why I sing at Gomorrah sometimes." Angel wasn't sure what this had to do with anything but kept trying to help with the little they could. "He's pushing those that are left around a lot harder but he's still the same ol' Vinny."

To be honest, it didn't really sound like Vinny was anything more than run of a mill jerk that might have forgotten his place or the rules about blood. Still, it was worth looking into more. And Leon was going to do that tomorrow night but, for the moment, they only had so much moonlight left and they needed to stash Angel someplace.

Leon turned to Eddie, "We're going to need extra muscle. Do you have anyone that could guard a door? Maybe a ghoul for during the day but definitely Gangrel for at night."

Eddie nodded at Leon.

Eddie: Yeah I got some people.

Eddie then made a phone call to accommodate Leon.

Leon said, "Have them meet us at Gomorrah."

He then made his own called and waited for someone to pick up at Gomorrah. Leon hoped the answer would be yes or he'd be scrambling to find another place.

At first it was Jackson who answered but upon hearing the question he asked Leon to hold, a few moments later Helena spoke "Jackson said you needed a favour?"

It wasn't long before a few Gangrel were leaving the old bar and revving up their choppers. They then began the long trip to the bar known as Gomorrah. Since they had GPS on their new smartphones it was not a problem for Hector to instruct the others how to use it and get to their locations faster.

Leon responded to Helena: "Yes, I need someplace to stash someone for a few days. I've got security for them. It can be put on my business account."

"Send them over but come see me talk about the situation in person. I'll get something set up." She responded, "I'll let Jackson know people are coming."

"Okay, thanks. I think this is a back door delivery.". Leon just wanted to make sure that Helena knew that's where they'd be entering.

With that taken care of, he hung up and turned to Angel. "You'll need to come with us. You can't be seen in the backseat.". Leon thought for a moment. "Can you stay down or is trunk the better option?"

He didn't want to put the Toreador in the trunk but if that's what it took.

"I can keep my head down...but I need to get some things from my apartment," Angel said concerned. "I don't care if he shows up and does damage but he might kill my pet if I'm not there and he is."

Eddie then spoke up.

Eddie: Should I have some of my boys pretend to break in and rob the place? Just leave a list of what you want them to take.

"Can't someone just take me?" Angel asked. "If you just let me get the few things I need I won't make a fuss. Vinny's never going to know. He didn't live there. Or he won't know till I don't show up but he won't have eyes to connect the situation. Just send me with one of your guys or ladies it'll just look like work."

"We'll take you," Leon said. "You'll have to be quick but we can do it."

He didn't wait for a response, instead he put the lights back in the closest and pocketed the notepad and pencil.

"Let's go, "Leon said. And started walking to the entrance, grabbing the box of blood and the empty to take with them. Never leave a was definitely something to always be cautious about.

Leon lead the out of the building, back through the entrance, he relocked the gate as if it had never been broken into and then it was into his car. He had Angel get into the back and get down. Leon then went into his trunk, grabbed a blanket, and gave it to Angel.

"You can cover yourself with that if you need to," Leon told Angel.

The Nosferatu proceeded to put the container of blood in the trunk and then closed it. He then got in the driver's said and asked Angel, "Where do you live?"

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