Uninvited Part 2

A few of the Brujah started mummering about how they'd love to fight two werewolves. Quinn was about to not have control over the Brujah and it was easy to tell.

The brown and grey wolf; said to his counterpart. "Man....I think ....I think we should let it go."

The black one, "The Butcher - Vampire?"

Quinn sighed, "Could be. Could just as easily be a wolf. Let me ask you, does making its presence known sound like something The Camarilla would be for?"

"Uhh..." The black wolf sounded almost defeated as the logic behind that question sunk in. "No."

Quinn said, "So. You two could work with us or leave us alone to continue the investigation."

Quinn at this point said to the other Brujah, "All of you. Outside now. Patrol the grounds."

The Brujah left but not before adding some comments, on their way out, about how they could have taken on the "dogs".

Quinn put the shotgun down but still held it.

Giuseppe still stood there, looking as if he really wanted to leave.

Meanwhile inside the room

Giorgio could only get the spirits to say things like attacked, monster, hurt, etc. They showed him their wounds which looked like bite marks, chunks taken out of them, bones broken - like a monster had attacked them. None had really seen their attacker.

Leon got a text, "Its all clear."

Suddenly, noises started coming from inside the storage containers. Angelica shook her head and peeked out the door to see the scene in the hallway.

"Giuseppe" Angelica said, "You helped now can you go patrol the parking lot." From inside the room the movements from inside the containers could still be heard.

Giuseppe unceremoniously left. Once the door closed behind him the noises inside the containers stopped.

Quinn asked Angelica, "Blood?"

Angelica nodded, "He's going to need a lot of it."

Quinn responded, "On it."

She texted someone. Angelica went back inside the room.

The black wolf commented, "What if we agree to tell you anything we find out, if we can stay and find out what your - group found out."

Quinn shrugged, "Sounds fair to me." Then directed her question at Eddie. "You good with that?"

Eddie and Hector were back to their human form by now. Then Eddie nodded at them with his grouchy face as he replied.

Eddie: Sounds resealable. But no funny business since the nice lady there has a no nonsense personality.

Eddie didn't really know Quinn but then again neither did the werewolves so he was playing it up to keep the werewolves unsure.

Once the Gangrel returned to their human forms; so did the wolves.

Quinn then asked the wolves, "You two have names?"

The black one nodded, "I'm Grayson." Nodding towards his friend, "That's Nash."

Quinn knew that wolves had other names, pack names but it was bad politics to ask what those were. Instead she said, "So, I can tell you we know really what's been on the news. "

Grayson nodded, "Same."

Quinn then asked, "Why are you two investigating the Butcher?"

Logical question, the city wasn't werewolf domain and the fact they had come alone meant they hadn't been sent to investigate.

Grayson, "He got my sister."

Quinn looked surprised at that revelation.

Young wolf continued, "Not wolf sister. Human."

Werewolves tended to have human families that many still kept their eyes on, even if they had to stay away from them.

Quinn gave a moment, in reverence of the dead sister, "Why isn't your pack investigating?"

Grayson took a moment, "The pack leader says its city problems. So, its vamp problems not wolf problems."

The Brujah then asked, "Whose your leader?"

"Wiley," Nash blurted out.

A knock on the door and the call out of , "Special Delivery " could be heard.

Quinn got up, answered the door and came back with a Styrofoam container. Put it down next to her and asked Eddie and Hector, "You two need any blood? We've got extra."

Eddie and Hector both nodded at Quinn since they used blood to activate their beast form. Luckily they didn't need to much since they didn't fight the werewolves.

Eddie: Yes ma'am.

Quinn reached in the container and threw a blood bag at each of them.

In the room, with not much information gathered, Giorgio thanked the spirits and started to come out. One spirit flew around him. Getting close, the spirits got in his face but suddenly was pushed away by Alice.

Alice angrily spoke to the spirit, "He's mine. Go away. "

The spirit backed off without a look back. Alice grinned as if she was proud of herself.

After thanking Alice, Giorgio pulled himself out of the trance. He had been under for a while and had used a good deal of blood. He felt weak, drained and slumped over slightly.

Colette ran to the door, opened it and said. "Blood, now."

Quinn handed the container to Colette who took it on the room, letting the door close behind her.

Eddie and Hector drank their blood pouches then Eddie had a question for the werewolves.

Eddie: Hey Nash...Grayson........what clue brought you to this place?

Grayson glanced at Nash who responded, "Greyson's sister is here."

Grayson shook his head slightly, "I thought if we could see the body, it might give us a clue. "

Eddie understood what they meant as he too lost precious family from the human and kindred world.

Eddie: Makes sense. Were you able to pick up any scents of the Butcher?

Grayson responded, "When we went to where my sister was killed; it was hard to tell. The police had already been there. There were a lot of scents. No way to tell if one of them was him."

Eddie nodded as he understood where the werewolves were coming from.

Eddie: Well from what I can understand about this butcher guy........if both of our groups are involved.......its not likely that we are dealing with a crazy human. So its best we let the smart people work out the details.

Grayson gave a nod. Quinn was starting to wonder if everything was alright in the room that held the other vampires and the dead as it was taking a long time for Giorgio to be fed.

It was slow going and took the other three in the room to get Giorgo to eat anything as he was passed out.

Once they got him eating, more like devouring the blood bags. Leon left Angelica and Colette to take care of the Giovanni.

The Nosfartu Primogen walked out the door to the room. Looked at the werewolves with just a nod before saying, "Giorgio is still coming to. He'll fill us in when he's done feeding."

Leon looked to the wolves, "You two. Do you think a few of us could have a meeting with your leader? Neutral ground."

Grayson said, "I don't know. They don't want to get involved. Besides, they aren't going to be happy with us."

"Tell Wiley to contact me." Of course, the Nosfartu would keep tabs on who the werewolf leaders were. Given the adversarial relationship between the two groups it made sense.

Grayson agreed to do that.

It took about 10 minutes but eventually the door to the room with the bodies opened and out walked Angelica, Giorgio and Colette. Giorgio looked alright but very worn, even after eating practically all the blood bags in the container.

Colette handed, the now almost empty container back to Quinn, with nothing said about it.

Giorgio leaned against a wall, "All the victims said it was dark when they were attacked and they didn't see The Butcher's face. The wounds looked animalistic. Bite marks, dislocated shoulder, they were all pretty torn up. But, ". He took a breath, "They didn't have much more information than what we already knew."

Colette's phone vibrated, she looked at the text and then texted back. She'd fill in Leon in a moment but didn't want announce about Angel leaving Gomarrah in front of everyone, especially the wolves.

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