The Gomorrah club Primogen meeting Introductions

Alexander watches everyone closely as they enter the room he gives each person a nod if they acknowledge him. To see who might get along and who may not. This will help in gauging how the meeting might go and problems that might come up. Lia stood behind him with her iPad looking through information. She will nod or smiles and says "good evening" to anyone that acknowledges her as well.

The prince waits for a little to let Primogens talk some to settle any last minutes things before standing. He addresses the Primogens and others there at the meeting.

He gave a warm charming smile. "I am Alexander Williams the new Prince of New Orleans. I prefer be called Mr. Williams and to be thought of as the CEO of New Orleans and the Clans the reside here in this great city. Most of you have met my assistant Lia Avraham. We are both here to help this city and Clans grow and get back on track. To help you to succeed here. I am not a dictaor. I like the participative management style. We here in this room are farly young and the council know it. To be honest makes them nervous. So let us prove what we can accomplish togeather as a team and make this city the best in the nation." He pauses and looks at everyone in the room.

"let me go over a few things. During our meeting when I talking wait until I am finished to ask questions. I will ask each of you to give reports of your clan and areas of operation and any other business that need to be taken care of. My assistant Lia Avraham answers to me and me only. If she says or gives you information know it comes from me and she is communicating it to you. If you mess with her or treat her poorly I will take it as you are treating me poorly." He says with a stern look and tone.

His stern look melted away to a smile "Now we got the unpleasant part out of the way. I plan to run this city like a Business and you are all my department heads, managers however it makes sense to you. You answer to me and I answer to the council and elders. If you did not know you the Primogens have access to me when you need it. All you have to do is contact Lia and she will get you in touch with me as soon as possible." He says looking at everyone.

"I have a message from the council and elders. You and your clans are pardoned from what happened with the old Prince and his minions. Nothing more needs to be said about it. Now I have been giving authority to execute anyone that stands against me or the path forward. I don't need to ask the council or elders for permission I can give out discipline anyway I see fit. The Masquerade will be inforced fully you bake the rules and you will be dealt with severely." he says looking at the Primogens in the eyes making his intentions clear and straightforward.

"I will say this to all Clans there are a few things I will not tolerate. Prey that's off-limits, feeding grounds for all clans. One, if it interferes with the Masquerade, don't do it. Two for now on schools grounds from K through 12 are off-limits. Killing or feeding on kids attracts too much attention. If I ketch anyone or get a creditable report I will kill them. It is that simple. there will be more to follow on that subject as I get more antiquated with this city. He says looking around the room.

"anyquestions so far?" he asks with a charming smile.

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